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Jarrad Wright


6/28/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 216
  • from R*h*o*n*d*d*a B*o*y ( T*r*e*b*a*n*o*g )
  • I am Married
  • Profile views: 26,261
  • Last active: 5/11/10
  • www.bebo.com/jarradwright
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About Me

:) jarradjaffawright@hotmail.com :)
Me, Myself, and I
pяεss play

( YouGuзssзdIt ) )
← ← ,,TнαтѕMз in grззn ;]
name; Jarrad
gendah; Male
on the map; Trebanog
Age; ;)
attends; porth county
Gels; brown hair
Looks thru; blue/green eyes
Walks on: size 10
Status; Single :P
Works: Ge Aircraft Engine Service (GEAES)

porth boy born&bread
strong in the arm
but thick in the ed.
who are who are who are we
we are porth footie team
we dun lose an we dun draw
we jus win wif a bangin score
The Other Half Of Me
I LoveeYuu

I LoveeYuu

Loveyouu x x x (:

like a bit of everything except rock
favorite Film's
Wrong turn, die hard with a vengance and all the american pie's
Football is the main one but i like to do all diffrent kinds of sport
Msn addy
If u wana chat add me on jarradjaffawright@hotmail.com
Little bit of neville in our lives
a little bit of giggsy down the sides
a little bit of ronaldo just what we need
a little bit of rooney with his speed
a little bit of rio in defense
a little bit of vidic he's immense
a little bit of singing from the fans
a little bit of FERGIE he's your man
a little bit of scholsey he's pure class
a little bit of evra kick your ass
a little bit of smithy over here
a little bit of carrick cant be beat
a little bit of ronaldo with his quick feet
a little bit of united carnt be beat
Ryan Giggs Sed Winning The Champions League Is Like Winning Chocolete Orange Its Not Terris Its Mine

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  • I LoveeYuu
    luv I LoveeYuu

    dur ur still mii other half babeee :) x

  • EmJaybee

    was appanin mucca u can start giving me a lift to football now

  • SnogMarryAvoid

    new group, become a member and picture up please? x

  • Katie S
    Katie S

    Lng time no see. Ow u x

    7/1/09 via Mobile
  • Shannon Lent
    Shannon Lent

    jarrad u magotee xxxxxx

  • Shannon Rowley
    Shannon Rowley

    wayhey jarrad my main man was up bruva!

    6/20/09 via Mobile
  • I LoveeYuu
    luv I LoveeYuu

    hey babesss Yuu Oriiteee??..xxxx

  • AmmieRoberts.

    ive cryed 4 a week made me feel like a bad friend!!, soo im still waitin 4 my 2mc flurrys & Car!!!!

  • Gavalar.
    luv Gavalar.

    Oii Wrighty Whats Appening With These Presentation Photo's Ern Kidd Shape Up Will Eww :L x

  • -
    luv -

    iyuuh:] just incase i aint on here tomoro; happy birthday chick. have a good day! see you in the week xxx

  • -

    jarrad wright(: oritee? x