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B Ouksean

Be the man shes wants you to be.. cause all she want is nothing but the best for you.

6/7/10 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

I wish I could find the strength to dig my out
Me, Myself, and I
My life???
Well...im jus a guy who lives his
life one step at a tym...
Treasures the moments where
life is at its peak of perfection!
Sacrifice anything if its feels
its needed fo da greater good!
And jus takes thingz as they come...

ρчяσ saiит_______"o.0 GuiLty 0.o

_________THE BLACKLIST___________

1. Threating
2. Tutting
3. Waving
4. Freezes
5. Portfolio
6. 21st Blow Out
7. Change
8. Canon 550D
9. New room layout
10. Be the man she wanted me to be.

In the face of true love, you don't just give up.. even if the
object of you affection is begging you to. Chuck Bass

Find her
1. Optimistic 2. Modest 3. Genuine

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  • my tagline

    i want to let yu knw on a lil secret
    im not hu yu think i am
    in fact my disguise is so thin
    im surprised u havent seen ryt thru me
    im d guy of ur dreams masqueradin as ur bestfriend

    0 Comments 202 weeks


    you know i was sitting here thinking today about why girls always expect guys to do the right thing with out the girl having to tell the guy what to do...like guys, when u ask ur girl what they want for their birthday and they always say "i dont really want anything" and so u have two options...you can either...get them nothing and get in trouble OR you can attempt to get them something they will hopefully like but still have a chance of gettin it wrong and gettin in trouble....now im not say ALL girls are like that...but those guys that are out there that are havin this kind of problem i think i have found the reason why

    i have found that the female mind is the most confusing and complex thing ive encountered...and there in that statement lies the answer...i think the biggest reason why girls leave us empty handed when it comes to givin us advice on what they want is quite simple...they jus want to be understood...that need to be reassured that their man knows them...and that they are understood and appreciated...cause i mean lets be honest...who would like to be in a relationship where u arent understood.

    goin bak to the "birthday scenario" i think the reason that girls leave it up to us to figure what to get them is that they want to see if we understand them...they need to know that we understand what they like and what to get them. but girls let me jus say that i understand how u feel...and i agree u deserve the right to be understood bt i must say...they way u do it is FUCKING CONFUSING...there are easier ways to find out if we understand you or not...for example jus stragiht up talking about it...sit us down and talk about it...wait till ur partner is in a good mood and not distracted by anything...and jus sit them down and talk bout it...cause us guys are simple creatures...we judge things as we see them...by whats in front of us...we dont assume things with out good evidence...its like u expect us to read your mind...as childish as that sounds...its true in sum scenarios...you randomly test us to see if we will do the right thing or not with out first giving us your opinion or advice. and if you do that of course there is a big chance that a guy is gonna mess up and it will lead to a fight.

    now guys...girls arent all to blame for this problem...we can help make things a lil bit easier, first things first....actually LISTEN to ur girl...take in what she is saying and make sure it registers. if your girl takes the time to sit u down and talk to u about something serious you should acknowledge that they have taken time outta there day to make time for you and that they respect you enough and value ur opinion bout the subject so you shud return the favour by actually listenin and givin ur honest opinion ( u dont HAVE to agree with them. but give ur honest opinion) another way to make those annoying "TESTS" go a lil smoother is...if you are really needing her opinion is jus talk to her...i knw ive said that already but lack of communication is a huge reason why couples fight. sitting down and tellin your girl that you dont know what they want and you want there opinion is the first way to go. and i know some guys find it hard to do that, but remember, you dont gotta do some HUGE mushy romantic scene jus to talk bout your feelings man...geez this aint the movies LOL. you can give her a call, a text or jus wait till u see her next... theres no huge pressure that u have to be all sweet and romantic...jus tell them straight up what the situation is and what you wanna know from them and then jus take things from there and jus discuss it calmly.

    in conclusion i think us guys can do a lil more to make things a bit easier...and that goes the same for u girls.

    guys jus be a lil more understanding...if a girl does something that SEEMS like shes jus doin it to give them a reason to be mad at you...think twice...sit them down and talk it out...find out what they want and put a bit of effort into tryin to understand them

    4 Comments 250 weeks

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  • Chevaugn.
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  • Lynxx

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  • Newton.

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  • Miss-Understood
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  • Miss-Understood

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  • Krishelle
    luv Krishelle

    fine dont reply. =/ jokessssssssss. have love.

  • Krishelle
    luv Krishelle

    I DO NOT HAVE HAIRY ARMPITS WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ON ABOUT? LMAOOOOOO me in a caveman voice? lol are you on drugssss? but it would suite me i rekon. give me that manly feel.. i wouldnt mind... ive always wondered what it wud be like having a beard. >=|D <-(that was supposed to be me in a beard btw) ==" lol gzzzz. you were the one who'd dance and do summersaults iff the diving bear with mr bear while he wore a tutu. OMG u freaks! swear that was NOT normal. but watever your into i guess? dot dot dot... how is he anyway? havnt heard from that old fart in ages. hes snobby these days. and hows da wifeyyy? you two needa get some lovey dovey pics up man.. seriously. =]

  • Krishelle
    luv Krishelle

    B. Ouksean, fine then. gosh. il just talk to you on here. and as ive said many times. your doing my dream career. one that il never have enough courage to get outa nursing to do. i hate you... you bastard! also dont use dat penguin slap on me! ur flipperz probably smell as bad as you STINKY FEET! haha dws... one day i will buy you spray. itll have to be expensive though to match that stench of yours.. LOL

  • Krishelle
    luv Krishelle

    no one uses bebo anymore bowifff. u should make a facebook. now do it. do it now. den go to add krishelle miaco as a friend and then maybe we can communicate on der. stuff bebo bro LOL bowifff: so demanding krish. me: listen to me earthling... i am the mighty penguin queen.. ruler of all flippers. so do as i say and make a facebook. =P NOW DO IT!

  • Fraser Allan
    Fraser Allan


    7/1/09 via Mobile