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Rebecca Holohan

god i'm so BORED

12/5/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 25, Luv 125
  • from a child of the wild west!!!
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  • Member since: August 2005
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The Other Half Of Me


"I'm not experimental with my cheese"

yes people..these are extracts from an actual song..thank you god for robbie williams.i'd laugh if it wasn't so tragic.

"Ok then back to baseheads dance like you just won at the special Olympics
I got the rudebox of the back of a spaceship, so sick I just had to take it
The R.U.D.E.B.O.X. up yer jacksy, split yer kecks sing a song of semtex, pocket full of durex body full of mandrex
Are we gonna have sex (yes) will you wear your knee socks (ohh) back to the rude box.
Ok then check the tan line, make your body shape like you're stood on a landmine
call me on my mobile not the landline and the jack the mainline at the same time

Ok this is what we do, got a jam so fresh its nice for you
Ok give it what you got and dial 808 for the bass to drop
Ok then whats the fracas grab your cardy your lead hat and your bus pass
you don't sweat much for a fat lass grab your rudebox cos your box is righteous"..righteous robby!!RIGHTEOUS!twat.
Death list:
the guy who puked on me in Doyles.
oh when i find you...oh no, i'm gona make you wish you..well, that you hadn't puked on me.
people who hack into my bebo account
ha hmm. DEE.
i think the evidence will speak for itself.
My favourite person is
dee. isnt she hot?sexalicous deedee i loove you
lucy, lucy, lucy...
a restrainig order is just another way of saying "i love you".

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  • Aidan H
    Aidan H

    hmm, still nothing

  • Aidan H
    luv Aidan H

    bet you wont be expecting THIS. thats right iam leaving this comment on bebo not facebook. should we try and start a counter move back to this? BEBO wha? funny stuff. iam sharing the love and everything. I wonder how long it will be before you read this. the swiftness of your response will directly corelate to how sad you are. I have begun the experiment........

  • Sarah Jane Garvin
    luv Sarah Jane Garvin

    wow, i didnt even know you had left the country. your going to have to tell me all about it over tea and crumpets when you come home. I am on facebook. I use both. I get emails when people leave comments and stuff. how are you anyway over there. i want to go away. im stuck finishing off 4th yr.

  • Sarah Jane Garvin
    luv Sarah Jane Garvin

    I was beginning to wonder the same about you. where are you these days? and what are you latest wild plans

  • Aoife Holohan
    Aoife Holohan

    miss you x

  • Aisling
    luv Aisling

    im not expermental with my cheese? what??

  • Aoife Holohan
    Aoife Holohan

    to hell with them!,. perhaps i'll see you this weekend!!!not sure what the story is yet tho!!

  • Aoife Holohan
    luv Aoife Holohan

    haha your profile survey thing was HA-larious,but dude people are still getting over that whole nazi think,keep it in the closet!

  • Aisling O'Leary
    luv Aisling O'Leary

    my mistake about said shoes dee gave you that i suggested riona owned first haha riona was wearing hers today, same ones hehehe last night was brilliant!! we better still be on for thursday! xxx

  • Timmy D
    Timmy D

    I'm through with flixster, if you try to contact me on it again, your cries will fall on deaf ears... got it! Just bustin your chops..... but not really

  • Shelly Belly

    Yep,were just trying to get are stuff together so we can go into town and get food and christmas shopping:)

    12/21/08 via Mobile
  • Shelly Belly

    Are you going to fie's party?

    12/20/08 via Mobile
  • Aisling
    luv Aisling

    rebecca my darling, i wont be around for a while. you see the thing is, i have to meet my relatives and go to ... mass.... *shudder* before i can come down. i would like nothing more to work up an apetite, because as it stands, i'll have alot to eat that day. (or those days should i say) oh by the way, have fun with nana and grandad from monday onwards ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ..... ahh....... so tell me. who did you get in the secret santa? and its not 'jew' off,... its cock off. as ham face puts it. well im just going to go back to doing what i do best,.. following dictatorship and murdering orphan children and puppies.

  • Aisling
    luv Aisling

    you were talking like an american because of the 'like' every two seconds. needless to say, i did not go to nanas. did you?