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Blink 182

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
TOM DELONGE(vocalist, guitarist) MARK HOPPUS(vocalist, bassist) TRAVIS BARKER(drummer)

want (+44) to play?

Studio Releases:

Chesire Cat, Febuary 17th 1994
Dude Ranch, June 17th 1997 (Platinum)
Enema of the State, June 1st 1999 (7x Platinum)
Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, June 12th 2001 (2x Platinum)
Blink-182, November 18th 2003 (2x Platinum)

Live Albums and Compilations:

The Mark, Tom and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back), November 7th 2000(Platinum)
Greatest Hits, November 1st 2005 (Platinum)


They Came To Conquer Uranus, 1995
Wasting Time, 1996


Fly Swatter, 1992
2nd Demo, 1993
Buddha (Original Version), 1993
Buddha Promo, 1994
Buddha (CD Version), 1998


Probed Unauthorized, 2000
The Urethra Chronicles, 2000 (Platinum)
Man Overboard/Adam's Song

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(Blink182 is back!!!)- Presenting at the 51st Annual grammys

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  • quotes

    Tom and Mark have all the small things, I have all the big things." -Travis Barker

    "Travis wears Victoria's Secret vanilla perfume. He is seriously the best-smelling dude in the band. Tom and I used to make fun of him 'cause he always burns candles and incense, but we stopped because we relized we like the scent." - Mark Hoppus

    "Frank Sinatra. It would be cool to actually sing on key for a change." - Mark Hoppus

    "My moist, sexy, muscular body! Some people think that the drooling and flatulence is sexy too....Oh, and we also play some songs!" - Mark Hoppus

    "And if you have three boobies then I get really really horny." - Tom DeLonge

    "If I see boobies, I play that much better.
    Boobies?" - Tom DeLonge

    "I think I might get laid more...by my dad." - Tom DeLonge

    "Do I look feminem when I stand like this?" - Tom DeLonge

    "I met Christina Applegate this morning. I think she looked at my butt." - Tom DeLonge

    "Lets here it for blowjobs people." - Mark Hoppus

    "I've been abducted and probed in the anus.
    On purpose." - Tom DeLonge

    "If your like me, you like to wait till your parents are having sex and walk in on them and act like its an accident, and then ask if you can join in." - Mark Hoppus

    "Travis has just informed us that it is his nephew's twelf birthday today." - Mark Hoppus
    "Finally, someone with a dick smaller than mine! And how often can I say that???" - Tom DeLonge

    "We have lots of games. There's gay chicken. And there's one called gay prison where Toms always
    the new guy." - Mark Hoppus

    "In four months, I'm becoming a girl." - Mark Hoppus

    "I'm tired of standing over here all by myself, I'm gonna come over here by Mark!" - Tom DeLonge
    "Stay on your own side of the stage! What did we talk about before the show?" - Mark Hoppus

    "When I get drunk, I call my dad and say:
    Dad, what are you wearing?" - Mark Hoppus

    Mark: "In some areas of the world, I'm considered good looking. Starndards are different all around the world."
    Tom: "Ever been to kenya?"
    Mark: "Well that's not a place where I'm considered good looking."
    Tom: "The Himalayas?"
    Mark: "Tibet! I go off in Tibet. I'm considered very good looking there. Cuz it's either me or they fuck a yak."

    "How did we meet? Travis and I were having anal sex in a bathhouse, and Tom walked in and asked if he could
    join in." - Mark Hoppus

    "No, I walked in and pulled the fire alarm." - Tom DeLonge

    "Tom pulled the fire alarm and Travis and I ran out. You
    know how dogs have sex and can't get disconnected? The penis swells inside the victim? Well, Travis took off and I was stuck in him." - Mark Hoppus

    "Come on, we need a better story than that." - Tom DeLonge

    "We all met skydiving. Mark's chute couldn't open, so I flew up to him and kicked him in the nuts hoping it would mess him up so he couldn't open his chute. Well, he figured it out, and on the ground he came up and wanted to fight, but once he realized he was gonna get his ass kicked, Travis showed up and backed him up and then I just kicked both their asses." - Tom DeLonge

    "I like the anal sex one better." - Mark Hoppus

    "How about skydiving during anal sex?" - Tom DeLonge

    *Mark and Tom on how Blink 182 met*

    "My family is very religious and conservative. My mom does
    not like to brag about what we say onstage. She saw a show and when you open up with 10 minutes of cussing and talking about how good your mom is in bed, it's not a good thing. Mark was talking about how his mom gives great blowjobs and his mom was there going, 'Yaaay!' She thinks it's
    funny. But afterwards my mom walks in and says, 'I have never heard a person with such a foul mouth in my entire life,' and then just goes." - Tom DeLonge

    "FUCK you!" - Mark Hoppus

    "FUCK you, you FUCKING bastard, and she kicked me in the nuts. She said, 'Even though I am proud of you, I just can't listen to those things you say,' and then I threw a bottle at her

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  • bring back blink

    Help spread the blink 182 smilly and bring happiness everywhere and bring back BLINK 182

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