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Rhyn Williams

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life is taken for granted

12/13/11 · me too! · Reply

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trust no one
Me, Myself, and I

Trapped inside a rusty cage,
An animal, Screaming in pain
Take my hand I beg of you
For I am not a thing of rage.

You hold me in your open arms,
I trust you, then I give you my heart
Why do you see it as such a burden
You pierce my heart just like a dart

Back inside that rusty cage
Forgotten and left to bleed
Listen to me hear my plead
I am alone, set me free


Tool, Metallica, Marilyn manson, pendulum, otep, turmion katilot, bob marley, david bowie, hans zimmer, pink floyd
donnie darko, solaris, lord of the rings, through the mind of malkavidge, 2001: a space oddasy, Bill hicks on stage shows
opening my mind to see a place that always existed yet not viewed physically
Happiest When
Freinds.... drinking.....watching comedy....painting.
thinking about
whether we exist or not, how Incredible that we have evolved from comet dust, Trying to understand from all these years we are now starting to think why are we here, is there a reason to life and, where are we going??????? and why, is someone out there guiding us, or are we guiding ourselves, am I the only one preseving all creation or are there loads of people out there, who is creating their own paths??

I breathe a new page and grow to love my life, the Future is bright I will close my eyes and open anew a fresh new start :D
The Other Half Of Me
Martha-Kate Davies

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  • I Got The Sweetest Love
    luv I Got The Sweetest Love

    hey there brother...... hows life going dude. long time no hear aye well hope all is good on ur side of town take it easy darls

  • Brian Mountford
    Brian Mountford

    Sorry dude i got your message off of kyle and everything but i just got distracted with work and that, still a bit rough for me at the moment but im pulling through, should be doing fine by like next year lulz :/ its got its perks though dont get me wrong. Im sure we'll hang out sometime sooner or later :)

  • Brian Mountford
    Brian Mountford

    Yeah man go for it :D Tudweiliog isnt far from Dinas so yeah for sure. Ill have my new pc sometime next month too :D :D :D Its gonna be a beast <3

  • Brian Mountford
    Brian Mountford

    Im not too bad, Starting a new job tommorow in nefyn in the nanhoron arms hotel. Ill have a new pc rig hopefully by the time you come down :D (my audio workstation) and hopefully ill have made a tune on it by then :)

  • Brian Mountford
    Brian Mountford

    Yo dude hows it going. Nia's seen the ufos with me now too :) ;)

  • Freddy

    lol yh i love dat name yh u

  • Brian Mountford
    Brian Mountford

    Seen it :) Hes alright like. Could have been better. Nice circumpunct on the forehead right ;)

  • Wendy Scrivener
    luv Wendy Scrivener

    Thanks, Rhyn, for the add. It looks like we both have a love of art.... Wendxxxx

  • Brian Mountford
    Brian Mountford

    Everything breaks down ultimately into information. DNA is just a physical substrate, an illusion to carry that information. We already are the digital mind.

  • Brian Mountford
    Brian Mountford

    Nothing comes close to what i saw dude.. Ive been up close and personal with whatever they are on a level a camera just couldn't capture. It seems legit to me though. They are just making themselves known, its 2009 after all. (its an important year numerologically) Im glad to see they are still trying to draw some attention to their presence and gently let us know of their existence.

  • Brian Mountford
    Brian Mountford

    Howdo, not so bad. My dad died last month but im ok considering. Hows you? whatcha been up to?

  • EmMa

    wwww groooovy lol!! and wow u remember me lol!! wats my name ¬¬ oh yh u can see it on my bebo shit . . ah well i tried lol yhh im ok i gt a curved spine though :( :( haha !!! wbu?? x

  • EmMa

    RHYN!!! eloooo u remember mwah !! haha u ok ?? x