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  • Female, 23, Luv 202
  • from Glasgow
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  • Member since: August 2005
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About Me

Greetings from the depths of Ninaville
Me, Myself, and I
Hey you crazy kids! XD

I go by many names...but you may call me Nina!

I tend to rant but heres a condensed update to signify that less is indeed more... X)

My life pretty much revolves around music.....
When I'm not studying or working I'm either listening to, singing/dancing along to, playing (check out my band UNKNOWN METHOD!) or writing about MUSIC! And if its live its even better.... X)
Within five minutes of knowing me, my obsession with Muse will become extremely obvious XD They are literally THEEE best band....EVER! Let no one tell you otherwise...

Over and out, comrades!

\m/ (>_<) \m/
~Moozik~ (couldn&#39;t live without it!)
MUSE, The Dresden Dolls, The Badass Miss Amanda F**king Palmer!, Weezer, Nine Black Alps, P!nk, Janis Joplin, Foo Fighters, The Strokes (proper aquaintences! shook jules' hand!), Rage Against The Machine, System Of A Down, Ida Maria, The Doors, The Switches, Sum 41, Detroit Cobras, The Arcade Fire, Glasvegas, Sons and Daughters, The Pixies, Emilie Autumn, Mindless Self Indulgence, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly., Pendulum, Ok Go, Mogwai, Spiderbait, Fake Gimms, Flobots, Three Days Grace, Ash, Bitch Alert, Travis, CSS, David Bowie, Thea Gilmore, KT Tunstall, QOTSA, Aerosmith, Queen, Alanis Morissette, Avenged Sevenfold, Radiohead, We Are Scientists, Grandaddy, Brand New, Feeder, Blur, Wolfmother, The Cranberries, Willy Mason, The Killers, Maximo Park, R.E.M, Manic Street Preachers, Regina Spektor, Danny Elfman, Philip Glass, Interpol, Kyo, No Doubt, The Offspring, Patti Smith, Tenacious D, Murder By Death, Amy Studt, The Vines, Billy Talent, Mad Capsule Markets, Anti-Flag..
~Moooore Mooooozik~
Papa Roach, Jack Off Jill, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Kills, Blondie, Plain White T's, Bright Eyes, The Automatic, T-Rex, The White Stripes, Gabby Young and Other Animals, Ten Kens, 3 Doors Down, Alien Ant Farm, Be Your Own Pet, Paramore, Biffy Clyro, Avril Lavigne (the Sk8er Boi dayz...), Counting Crows, Elliot Minor, Fiona Apple, Florence and the Machine, Missy Higgins, The Hot Melts, Garbage, The Distillers, All American Rejects, Foxboro Hotubs, Gogol Bordello, Led Zeppelin, Idlewild, Jeff Buckley, Julliette and the Licks, Lightning Bolt, Spin Doctors, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, The Fratellis, The View, The Zutons, The Like, The Raconteurs, James Morrison, Newton Faulkner, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sex Pistols, Wheatus, Evanescence, Creed, Smash Mouth, The Feeling, Vampire Weekend, Smash Mouth, Jimmy Eat World, Liam Lynch, Green Day (earlier stuff), The Clash, Siouxsie and the Banshees...and the beat goes on XD
~Movies & TV~
MOVIES: JUNO! XD, The Science of Sleep, Wall-E, Amelie, Edward Scissorhands, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Girl, Interuppted, Across The Universe, V for Vendetta, I'm Not There, The Dark Knight, Donnie Darko, 10 Things I Hate About You, Casper, Burn After Reading, The Truman Show, Never Been Kissed, GamerZ, The Princess Diaries, Transformers, Romeo + Juliet, Lilo & Stitch(1&2), California Man, Beetlejuice, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Machinist, The Jacket, Shrek (all 3), The Crow, The Hot Chick, Hocus Pocus, Over The Hedge, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Stardust TV: Heroes, That 70s Show, Ugly Betty, The Mighty Boosh, Pushing Daisies, Friends, Scrubs, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, Later with Jools Holland, My Name Is Earl, Still Game, Father Ted, Vicar of Dibly
~Books & Magazines~
BOOKS: The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson by Louise Rennison, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by The Legend that is Hunter S Thompson, Wicked by Gregory Maguire, The 'Just' Series by Andy Griffiths, "Feeling Sorry for Celia" and "Finding Cassie Crazy" by Jaclyn Moriarty
MAGAZINES: NME, Play Music, Kerrang, Rock Sound, Mojo, Total Guitar, Rhythm
~Scared Of...~
wasps, the dark (sumtimes), being struck by lightning, things that get ur adrenaline running like rollercoasters and scary movies, creepy people that you think/know are following you, gettin into major trouble (im a wuss), losing people very close to me (awww :( ), Pete Burns, gravity in space and we all go hurtling into infinity (i.e. falling forever!) and also TRIIIIIIDENT!!
~Happiest When...~
I'm at a gig (preferably Muuuuse), I'm having a gr8 laugh with my hilarious friends and family, I'm talking to Liam about the Adventures of Domcat and Chris Tortoise, I'm driving whilst singing along to some very loud rocking tunes, I'm not stessing over uni work, I'm not at work, I get offered great interviews for Brig, my radio show goes well, I'm looking at fractal art and pictures of nebulas, theres lots of chocolate in the house free for nina to munch away (we'll worry about sickness and guilt later...) and when I'm snoozing :D
~Heroes & Heroines~
HIRO NAKAMURA! XD Matt Bellamy (of course), Amanda Palmer, P!nk, Brian Viglione, Hunter S Thompson, Julia Hardy, Zane Lowe, Alex Wrekk, Elphaba Thropp, Edward Scissorhands, Edward Monkton, Louise Rennison, Inventor of chocolate, the guy who discovered broken Ipods could be fixed with a piece of paper (REVOLUTIONARY BREAKTHROUGH!), Ben, Jerry, My dad (coz he asked to be in this list) and Bob XD

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    Hey guys!
    Unknown Method have loads of gigs lined up and you're more than welcome to come along, have fun and rock your little heads off!!
    We've had two gigs so far at Maggie Mays and Pivo Pivo and they both went down really well and everyone including the band had loads of fun!
    So if you haven't seen us live already or you have and just want more then here are our upcoming shows!!

    18th - Box (FREEEEEEE ENTRY!!!)
    23rd - Ivory Blacks (Tickets £6)
    28th - Maggie Mays (Tickets £5)

    20th - Barrowlands 2 (Tickets £6)

    And many, many more to come!!!! :D

    So If you're at all interested in coming along, just let us know and we'll sort you out with tickets (expect for BOX of course) and we'll see you there!!
    In the meanwhile, check out www.myspace.com/unknownmethod

    Later! XD

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  • Info for forthcomin fanzine ;)

    Ok, so basically its gonna be this crazy lil self published booklet filled (hopefully) with some crackin material and you lucky people are all free to contribute! :D
    I've got some rough ideas of the kinda stuff I'd like to include but one of those is a misc section that we can throw any old random stuff into, sound good? Great ;)

    Nina's area of expertise ;) (ye right)
    In this rather prominant section theres gonna be alotta different music news stories and reviews - gigs, new single/album releases - and some features on upcoming bands. Also, I'm hoping for some interviews, fret not, I have my contacts ;)

    Next tis Art :D So for all you arty types, send your sh*t in! I'm talking all forms, from painting to photography, sculptures to fashion! Anything you can think of, just send it on into me and you can write a wee bit about it if you want :)
    Also, CALLING ALL CARTOONISTS :D I would love, love, LOOOOOVE if someone revealed a talent for comic strip drawin/writing :) If this sounds like you, do not hesitate to click 'post a comment' and type 'HEY THAT SOUNDS LIKE ME!'.
    You will not be disappointed ;)

    So speaking of comic strips, this bring me on nicely so to some good old fiction :) Not dreary boring old 'this happened then they all died' sorta fiction. I need some really quirky writers with a bitta spunk, y'know? So if you're a writer and you wanna get your stuff out there but dunno how? Send it on my way and all will be goood :) Short stories, extracts from longer pieces, anything like that would be awesome ;) Genre wise, anything from crazy epic fantasy to random blog style stories would all fit snuggly into my ass kicking little booklet :D

    Also, although not always fiction, I'd love to include some poetry and song lyrics :D So if you're a budding poet or lyricist, I'd love to hear what you got to offer man!

    Lastly, as mentioned, there will be random miscellaneous topics such as opinions (where we all get to rant about what we love, what we hate and wtf is wrong (or right, if anything) with this f*cked up world we live in :D )
    And, for you more simple types (and I mean that in the most loving way), we have some nice quizzes to apease your easily pleased little brains :)

    I'm also thinking of having a little news/politics section somewhere but I don't wanna turn it into a newspaper so might just stick to what I have here and anything else you crazy punters can conjure up, sound good? Plus, politics could probably be covered in the opinions page under an article entitled "THE WORLD IS RUN BY MONEY ROBBING, WAR MONGERING COCKSUCKERS!"

    So.....if anyone's interested at all please dont hesitate to leave me a message. Once we get the ball rolling it's gonna be awesome fun but I'm not the most motivated of people so I need inspiration to keep me going, and thats where you guys come in coz hopefully we could start something very very awesome.

    If nothing else, its always something for the CV no?

    Rock on and peace out comrades!

    \m/ (><) \m/

    x x


    Just a wee point or two I missed out....

    These so called "sections" sound awfully strict, especially for such a fun, carefree project run by someone who never takes herself seriously :P
    So basically they're just set that way up there ^^^ so that it's easy to understand the basic content of the zine buuuuut the layout is gonna be, as well as subtly structured so people dont get confuzzled, quite random so theres sumthing new on every page ;)

    So am not lookin for "PAGE 1 - FRONT COVER, PAGE 2 - CONTENTS, PAGE 3/4 - MUSIC, PAGE 5/6 - ART" n all that......coz altho that is alot easier, it just looks toooo formal and a bit laaamo maximo

    and hey its not like am gonna name a page 'MISC' ¬ ¬ how stupid would that look? All your wonderful random work will be consistent thoughout our glorious work of artistic media....or mediated art?

    so yes, that is all i wanted to say....plz plz plz keep voting on the ti

    7 Comments 266 weeks

  • How to write a blog in 10 mins.......Nina style

    So basically blogs are e-diaries? But I sorta jst type wotever im thinkin and after reading it (if he does) bob will know why sumtimes i say im not thinking anything when i actually am.....and if he doesnt then.......surprise, surprise.....we will jst leave it at that

    I have been going crazy over the past week or so (well sum would say the last 18 years but those ppl will be dealt with...) for a number of reasons and the main reason is exactly that, all the differnt reasons mergin into one big pussbucket of a shambles - i.e. too much responsibilty for the girl that doesnt wanna grow up...

    what am tryin to get at is damn uni n work and the combination of both. it aint pretty...its pretty damn scary is what it is!! but ill get by.....sumhow


    Its like when I was sayin to Bob last night about tamagochis (or however u spell it) and how feckin guilty i felt when mines first died/ran away. I mean, wtf? The guilt was INCREDIBLE! How the hell did I feel that bad about neglecting a lil computer chip in a plastic egg on a key chain????? I was quite young so maybe that had sumthin to do with it? I dunno....maybe it was jst me???


    Blogs drawin to a close now

    I'd jst like to express my extreme delight in announcing I will be witnessing one the most inspiring heavy metal bands of the generation sliiiiightly outwith my own.
    that is....indeeed



    i weally weally cant wait :) plus itll be bobs first t in the park and theres SO MUCH TO SHOW HIM!!!!! That wee festival virgin of mine:P

    so ye....more crazy blogs comin soon

    betcha cant wait ;)

    (yeah right)

    i have a badge that says 'no matter how much you try, you can never say 'yeah right' without it sounding sarcastic'

    "yeah right, as if you could fit all that on a badge" i hear you snigger

    well ye be a fool if ye dont believe coz alas it be true!!

    bye XD

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  • Ronalda Randazzo

    You have to check this out http://is.gd/TjuuvL

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Kimmy

    I racked in $682 in 3 days doing simple things online! All thanks to - http://x.co/KTHA friends help friends!

  • Andy Cuthbertson
    Andy Cuthbertson


  • Laura Main
    luv Laura Main

    Hey =) hows u? hows things with the band going? xx

  • Maggie McQueen
    luv Maggie McQueen

    Things are fine, just getting ready for a couple of re-sits in a couple of weeks n starting honours in September, what you been up to? Saw Mick on the bus yesterday, he was telling me about the gig you did at the weekend! Yay!! x

  • luv Kimmy

    oh my! soundhaus wil b amazin! il defo come see the next gig i can cu 2moro! x

    7/22/09 via Mobile
  • luv Kimmy

    i thot maggie mays was the 31st! i mustv got my dates mixed up :( 2moro wil b good! x

    7/21/09 via Mobile
  • Maggie McQueen
    Maggie McQueen

    Nanoo!!! How is Bobina these days?? I miss the fun times we had!! Rembember stitch at Disney?? x

  • Bob
    luv Bob

    hey neeny :) sorry took so long to check my comments, i should really check this more often hehe :P As I'm sure u know i haven't heard anything from interview yet, though still got a week to go b4 the start date so still a chance. Love u v v v much :) xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Laura Main
    luv Laura Main

    gd stuff i'm glad it going well =) awwwww hehe hope it goes ok u looking forward to going back? how many years do u have left to go? hehe =) we are going to call her Alex =) unless she doesn't look like an alex when she arrives we haven't came up with anything else seems to have stuck =) i'm taking my wee cousin to see Iceage 3 today i'm hoping it will be jut as funny as the others =) xxx

  • luv Kimmy

    awww ur brill!! just wait till ur lp goes nationwide then u mire even get the odd psyco giving themselfs home made tatoos with your song lyrics :D Kareoke will happen... even if it only involves myself and a hairbrush... however i am known to do an ear bleeding version of its raining men the garage hates me :D I thought i mite be able to make it to ur gig in box on wed but im actually doin a 19 hour shift on thursday so for sanitys sake ill need to give it a miss but ill defo be at maggie mays... i'll be the one with bells on!! xx

  • Laura Main
    luv Laura Main

    Gd stuff =) i haven't seen it myself it had very mixed reviews i'm glad u enjoyed it =) hows the gigging going? hehe when is it u go back to uni? I've just been getting last min bits and bobs organized for the wee one coming along don't have very long to go at all rather scary!! xxx

  • Kimmy

    yay... itll be great to c u! and say to bob too!! im devistated the best years of my life are over... it feels like im celebrating a tragedy and im insisting that i be reffered to as twenteen! kareoke will be on the agenda... wether we find a place hosting one or not lol im looking forward to ur gig, iv not been to see u guys in a wile and ill defo be gettin me a cd... u must have diehard fans now that come along and sing along x

  • luv Kimmy

    Hey luv, Howv u been? Im gonae try my bestest to make it to ur maggie mays gig... ur doin so well!!! Im havein a wee get together on the 22nd of this month in firewater for my bday... its nuthin big, just a few drinks with some mates... it would be great to see u there if you can make it xxx

  • Laura Main
    Laura Main

    i'm very well thanks =) hows u? oh i never even saw ya =/ must have been going about with my eyes shut =/ i was maybe getting some stock or something hmmm what film did u go and see? any good? what have you been up too? speak soon xxxx

  • Xtaylore

    im good thanks :) . do you have msn :D lol :P

  • Xtaylore

    hello :)) my cousin is in the same band as you :B loll hows you :P ? wb x

  • Sharron Lipsett
    luv Sharron Lipsett

    Hi nina, Just came across stephanie's 1st xmas video. U and nicole r in it i,ve got u singing to the spice girls remember u were in to them lol only kidding :L :L Lve auntie sharron

  • LauraxRyan
    luv LauraxRyan

    Hey hows you? xoxo

    5/17/09 via Mobile
  • luv Microcuts

    nina im sure thats not a sin its a cafe, an expensive and badly run cafe!