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xXx soph-lvin-johno-4eva xXx

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  • Female
  • from StAnMoRe n wat
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  • Last active: 11/12/08
  • www.bebo.com/SoPh_LvIn_JoHnO4eva
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
ġŤĂ ŠÃŸ ĨŚ À ∫üķįЙĞ ЂÍĜ şĤǿŪŧ őÚţ ‡ò ฿ĨďС ĐÁ Б∫ť ġ@Ĺ ĨŇ ĐД שּׂгĺď ř.Í.ρ ģáĻ Ĺטνź ỷαż 4ẻעà ẀθŇŢ ỄVVÅ ∫ðŘĜẺŦ ỹĂζ!!!!!!!!!!

x to AlL mA gIrLiEs x
xx kaz, katie, jacks, frankie , ami, n da holbury gals lv yaz xx
║║╔☆╦╦╦═ ║╚╝╠☆╦╦╗
║╚╣║║║║╩ ╚╗╔╣║║║║
╚═╩═╩═╩═☆ ╚╝╚═╩═☆

............,/¯../ /
.........../..../ /
../'/.../.fuk ebk.../.....:^.¨¯\
('(...´...´.... ¯_/'...'/
..'\'...\.......... _.·´

»x..I..x« αм ωнα »x..I..x« αм »x..I..x« ∂σ ωнα »x..I..x« ∂σ
[x..& ιf уυ gтα [x..ρ я σ в ℓ є м..x] ∂єи »x..вιт¢н..x« вℓσω уυ!
[x..ѕσ fυк ωнα уυ нєя∂..x] & [x..я є
october wreyy!
Loves to chat. Loves those who love them. Loves to takes things at the center. Inner and physical beauty. Lies but doesn't pretend. Gets angry often. Treats friends importantly. Brave and fearless. Always making friends. Easily hurt but recovers easily. Daydreamer. Opinionated. Does not care to control emotions. Unpredictable. Extremely smart, but definitely the hottest AND sexiest of them all.
ahh any vodka, wkd, red square, u give me it il drink it !
Happiest When
i wit me girlz havin a laugh meetin new peeps gettin recked!

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  • sxc bunni

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    _ `:;;;;;;;;;;;`, , _______, :;;;;;;`ý
    ___`:;;;;;;;;;;;;_______, ;;;;;;;;;;
    ___________`ýý:;;;;ý., .ý;;;;;;ý
    ____(`*ý.ý (`*ý.ý ý.ý*ý) ý.ý* )

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  • wreeyyy

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    ____________00000_0__00000 _____

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  • xxxxxlovexxxxxxxx

    ... ThErEs SoMeOnE sOmEwHeRe ...

    ... WhO tHiNkS oF uR sMiLe ...

    ... WhO fInDs In Ur PrEsEnCe ...

    ... ThAt LiFe Is WoRtHwHiLe ...

    ... So WhEn Ur AlOnE, ReMeMbEr ItS tRuE ...

    ... SoMeOnE sOmEwHeRe ...

    xXx ... Is ThInKiNg Of U ... xXx

    ...ℓσνє ιѕ ωнєи уσυ мιѕѕ нιм вєfσяє нє'ѕ єνєи gσиє, ωнєи тнє ѕσυи∂ σf нιѕ νσι¢єѕєи∂ ¢нιℓℓѕ ∂σωи уσυя ѕριиє,αи∂ уσυ ѕєє нιѕ ѕмιℓє,тнє ѕє¢σи∂ уσυ ¢ℓσѕє υя єуєѕ...

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  • Karen

    is this soph rightin this msg now!?x

  • X Sophi X
    X Sophi X

    hiya m8, jus to say i hope ur keepin well nd howz u feelin? i no u aint on much but hope to hear frm u soon lol wb luvz yhoo xxxxx

  • Angel X Eyes X
    Angel X Eyes X

    Who are you? You added me on bebo? x

  • Teri Wheeler
    Teri Wheeler


  • Teri Wheeler
    Teri Wheeler

    wtf u chattin bout ???

  • Dani D
    Dani D

    awwww a lil boy lol i wanna b a god mum lool onli jks bt u cnt w8 lool im xcited 4 ya yh im gna try cum dwn soon hopefully lol!!!! its ma bday 4th may was ment 2 b avin a party bt cnt find ne1 cuz no were rnd ere duz it 4 16 or 18s takes da piss lol!!! isit year fuckin hell lol missin u lot loads 2 wb loveyaxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Karen

    Ello ello! Yh i no mate, tel me bout it fukin silly init! Out of al the ppl in the wrld ad 2 b me tho dint it! Arrgh! Me n leanne were runnin dwn the ramp (burstin 4 a piss) lol but she was sober so she managed 2 hld er balance, der was me fuked out me ed n ran down n lost me balance str8 on me leg mate cained lke nefin! Ad leanne n andy up hosp wid me al nyt makin me laff me tits off!! Haha!! Feel lke a cripple now tho!!! Nooooooooo yh need 2 c u soon neways aint goin rnd ur dads on me own need u der get me jack!! Biatch! xx luff ya xxxxxx

  • Dani D
    Dani D

    dats k lol!! yh il giv ya a txt i bin gd fanx how bout u cnt believe ya pregnant lol whens ya bby due? na same ere aint gt no goss bin norin dwn ere lol awww bless wat dya wnt a boy or girl lol wb lvyaxxxxx

  • Dani D
    Dani D

    hiya uk wuu2 2mo cuz i fink me kate n nikki r cummin dwn dya wanna meet up i cnt ring ya aint gt ya new numba lol wb lvyaxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Scotty

    hiya babe aint spoke to you in tym so just seeing how you iz really?!! you been upto much den?? wb in a bit love ya x x x x x

  • Karen

    Hiiiiiiiii Soph!! Ow u doin mate? Im wel bord atm sat at hme on me lnch break! Wot u been up2 den?? U doin ot at the wknd if nt i fink u shud cum ot on the pissup wid us lot?? Wb soon ly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Dani D
    Dani D

    uryt m8 aint spoke 2ya in ages howz u wubu2 av ya gt msn wb lvyaxxxxxx

  • Naomi Walker
    Naomi Walker

    r ya hun fair play well i gt ya no i will give ya a txt or sumin we will have 2 meet and get wrecked after baby is born luvz ya x xx

  • Naomi Walker
    Naomi Walker

    i havent spoke 2 ya in fckin ages wot ya been up 2 we have 2 meet up and get pissed soon wbxXxXxX

  • Katie Lawrence
    Katie Lawrence

    Hellllllllloooo u alryt? Hows things wit u n john then?? Hope ther ok! Wubu2 then n e fing gd? W.b wen ur nxt on lol xxxxxxxxxx

  • Fran Reay Xx
    Fran Reay Xx

    its alryt on wk ends!! was u on beans last nyt! i iant dne em in 2lke 2 weeks! haha!! ye just get ecked on friday ill b wit every1 m8! stanmore lot winal lot n week lot prpbs m8! usual peeps!! wot time u gona b out m8? wb xxx

  • Fran Reay Xx
    Fran Reay Xx

    eya m8! didnt do fuckall last nyt m8! just wen tout in stanmore! was fuckin shit!! yea def goin in pubs on friday m8! start off in da jaior m8! wers john goin den? does he no ur comin yea? wb m8 xxxx

  • Fran Reay Xx
    Fran Reay Xx

    eya m8! aint seen or spoke 2 ya in awhile m8! well prt frm in twn da otha day but i wasa avin a ryt old day m8! lol! went 2 slinkys actually ogt ma ticket! ad a wkd nyt! wen u gona cme wit me n get beaned up?? ay?? lookin 4wrd 2 john gettin bk!! x o x Wb x o x

  • Naomi Walker
    Naomi Walker

    hi havent seen ya 4 ages wot ya been up 2 we have 2 meet up and get pissed lol