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luvin it pard! x

7/31/09 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 20, Luv 108
  • from M-twn xXx
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 8,159
  • Last active: 3/28/10
  • www.bebo.com/xx_sophie_chick_xx
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

♥ SP3AK CORNiiSH . . . X
♥ LiiV3 CORNiSH . . . X
♥ B3 CORNiiSH . . . X
♥ Dii3 CORNiiSH . . . X
Drum && Base, Dubstep, Brakebeat, && of cource a bit of cheese lol
The Rise Of The Foot Solija, Kidulthood, Blow, The Buissness, Angus Thongs && Perfect Snoggin lol && loadz more.......
Houston ....x
I fuckin love yho boi :) ...x 6 months of wicked tymz loadz more 2 come love yho byrd..... so much hope your beta soon babii :( TOGETER FOREVA!!!!!....xxxxxxxxxx
ScArEd oF.....???
Th3 MaN3 tHiNg iM ScAr3d oF Is dI3In AND SPIDERS ahhhhh!!!! :(
HaPpIeSt wHeN:)....
When im wid me babii, with mates and of course when get fucked up , Partyin lol ...x
Josh Bromley...x
This boi is a fuckin ledgand...josh ur lyk a 2nd BIG bro 2 me :) and dnt u know lol love getin fucked up with yho SUCH a laugh some wicked bad nightz that wont be forgot......x
Bugden Bruvaaz...x
Fuckin legandz m8... love it... thank-yho both 4 everytin luv yho guyz..xxx

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  • Chaz
    luv Chaz

    Theyy are goood thankyouu (: I knowwwww! They are cooool thanks hehe, how about you? :) XXXXXXXXX

  • Jodie-Sue
    luv Jodie-Sue

    Hey Babe x Nice to see you quick the other day even if we coudln't speak! Lol. Can't find your house number? Tried to find you on facebook and coudln't so thought I'd leave you a message on here. Give me a ring, I've still got the same number and if you haven't got it e-mail me and I'll send it to you. Would be great to catch up! :-) Hope you're ok. Miss you, Love Jod's xoxoxox

  • K-Man
    luv K-Man

    i got a new num 07895547075. can u give it 2 every1. nice1 xxx

  • Chaz

    Hiya Sophiee. Havent seen you in agesss. :P How are youu? X

  • Blue Eyes
    luv Blue Eyes

    hahahaha.. fucking yes!!!!!!!!!!. no more exams.. sweet joy lmao who knows? lol. havent heard from tom in quite a while how cum u left skl so early hun? tap bck mwahaha xxxxxxxxx

  • K-Man
    luv K-Man

    yeah will do deffo. hows u bin? is h bak yet or u still really bored with rob lol. wb xx

  • Blue Eyes
    luv Blue Eyes

    im gd thx 17th june is my last exam.. haha hes gone to eastbourne, didnt he tell yhoo hun? he gone up there for work. havent heard from him for a while wat yhoo doing for year 12? W/b luff yhoo xxx

  • Blue Eyes
    Blue Eyes

    heya, hows you? yeah we all good, still cant believe hes gone tbh lol wubu2 how long was me and tom at yours 4? w/b hunni xxx <3

  • Jourdi Lintern

    Wat Tha' Fuck is On! :) Nah Not Realy...Blazin..Boys..School nd Bed :L Yuu bbe....? Need Tah' Meet Up Soon!! :D :D Wb x

  • K-Man
    luv K-Man

    orite babe. im cummin 2 cornwall soon. not tellin u wen im gonna suprise u lol. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx have some luvxxxxxxxx

  • YeaaMaan'

    I Love You Miss.Powell. Best.Friends.Forever.&+.Etern  ity. 'Xo

  • YeaaMaan'

    Hello Miss.Powell. I miss you :( Bit of a bummer, aint seen you in yonks! Sorry i dont ring you much anymore but me &+ my mum aint gettin' on atm witch means i can use her phone. &+ my sister is really strick LOL with her phone. I tryed ringing you earlier but i dont think you had signal. We need too meet up soon, do something:D Given up smoking nowWHOOP! Look at me go :L Not sure for how long though LOL. From friday im in Mylor for 10 days, my mum is going on holiday. Ive gotta' look after my dog, but we should go for a walk somewhere one evening. Have a phat chat :D We need one. If your at home anytime this week after 7 &+ your up for a chat i can ring your housePHONE. Prank me &+ i will call you back ;) Well anyways.. Hope your okaaay &+ behavin' yourself :P I miss youu.. &+ love you MILLIONS. SpeakSOON!!!!! i love you BESTfriend ;) :D x

  • Big Booty Beth- X
    luv Big Booty Beth- X

    100th Love fo' my BESTfriend:D i Love You, alot xxxxxx

  • Big Booty Beth- X
    luv Big Booty Beth- X

    99 Loves :D x