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  • Female, Luv 382
  • from Herne Bay
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: August 2005
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  • <b>copied this from nat who copied it from jazz</b>

    ten favourites:

    show - desperate housewives
    flower - i duno
    person - rumbs
    movies - the noteboke, shaun of the dead, the holiday
    music - everything, well apart from opera and all that shit
    season - summer
    day - friday
    city - canters

    ten facts:
    hometown - herne bay
    hair colour - blonde
    hair length - mid-length
    hair style - straight
    eye colour - blue
    gender - female
    height - 5"3
    current location - my kitchen
    lefty / righty - righty

    ten things about your love life:

    have you ever been in love? i think so
    do you believe in love? yee
    do you give up on love easily? nope!
    someone likes you? yes
    have you ever broken someone's heart? yes
    ever loved someone but never told them? yea
    are you afraid of commitment? used to be
    fall in love easily? not that easily
    do you believe in love at first sight? no its abit cheesy
    do you want to get married one day? yeah

    ten things : this or that

    love or money? love
    flowers or chocolates? chocolate
    one night stands or relationships? hmmm
    television or internet? internet
    pepsi or coke? coke
    wild night out or romantic night in? both...but on different night obv
    coloured or black and white pictures? black+white
    phone or text? phone
    msn or bebo? both

    ten 'have you evers' :

    have you ever been caught doing the dirty? no
    have you ever been completely in love? :)
    have you ever done something you regret? YESSS!
    have you ever sky dived? yea all the time
    have you ever been on a house boat? nope
    have you ever finished an entire jaw breaker? no
    have you ever wanted someone so badly it hurt? ha no.
    have you ever been streaking? no
    have you ever been skinny dipping?yes, and then my clothes got stolen by foreigners
    ever wanted to marry a celebrity? no

    ten emotions:
    are you missing someone right now? yes, lots!
    are you happy? very
    are you talking to any one right now? yes on msn
    are you german? no
    are you irish? no
    are you french? nope
    are you italian? no
    are your parents still married? ha noo!
    do you have a boyfriend? yes

    ten lasts:
    last phone call? jazz
    last thing you read? how to cook birds eye chicken fillets
    last text? older sister
    last item bought? chicken mayo and medium chips
    last thing you ate? birds eye chicken fillets and stir fry
    last time you were nervous? today got science gcse retake monday
    last person hugged? joe clayton
    last film watched? cheaper by the dozen, it was on tv i was bored :)
    last time you cried? new year my eye hurt
    last time you ran? yesturday in p.e

    1 Comment 237 weeks

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If you watch this 100 times you'll still laugh 2

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  • Katherine Higgs
    luv Katherine Higgs

    HAHAHAHHAHAHA and your other half comment.......

    this is too much!!!

    Mar 20
  • Katherine Higgs
    luv Katherine Higgs

    hahahahahha this is too funny! look who is the topof your friends list!!

    Mar 20
  • Katherine Higgs 4/10/10
  • Katherine Higgs
    luv Katherine Higgs

    haaaaa bebo is so funnny. i just looked through mine :S yours is pretty funny tooo baba. ahaha. you can have my love hahahhaha im so cool.

  • Dizzy X
    luv Dizzy X


  • Katherine Higgs
    Katherine Higgs

    hahaha lol i see its changed now sket. i know shes such an idiot! shes been all bummy today, she didn't come home last night lol, she probs stayed at my nans i think haha lovesssssss x

  • Katherine Higgs
    luv Katherine Higgs

    haha look at urs, no.3? loves

  • Katherine Higgs
    luv Katherine Higgs

    have it all hahahahaha im so sad

  • Katherine Higgs
    luv Katherine Higgs

    love love love

  • Katherine Higgs
    luv Katherine Higgs

    mmmmmmmm ur sexy

  • Mikado's

    Joinnnnnnnnn(: i loveeeeee Mikado's :D x

  • Katherine Higgs
    luv Katherine Higgs

    mmmmmmmm...im in love with you. ha.

  • Katherine Higgs
    luv Katherine Higgs

    i love you scabbie

  • Heather 'X'
    luv Heather 'X'

    ello bbe ...x iilly ..x hows ur holz bin ??? ...x

  • Katherine Higgs
    luv Katherine Higgs

    i already wrote back to this on facebook hahah but i cant remember lol i miss you vallanatorrrr! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • .

    iv got 17 love now thank u abigayal lol

  • luv .

    po fa forgot the love lol

  • luv .

    po fa

  • luv .

    poooooooooooooooooooooo faaaaaaaaaaace