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  • Female, 24, Luv 58
  • from ѕσυтнαмρтσи ѕσ19.ωσσℓѕтσи..livin in benidorm ,spain but still reppin so19 overseas!!!
  • I am Engaged
  • Profile views: 4,372
  • Last active: 10/8/12
  • www.bebo.com/DatGyalGini
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I dO wOt dEy CnT dO.... I jUS Be Me !!! DNT CӨPЧ..B ӨЯIGINΛL
Me, Myself, and I
yo sup ppl, for all youse who dont no me, ma name is gini.. i live in spain,but originally from southampton... im jus bout to turn 19... i would say um ya average kinda gyal but um not :D ... errm so what can i say... im a bitch... people say i got too much attitude, the closest things to ma heart are ma FIANCE jamie,ma family and some of my mates cant say all ma mates cuh i no half of them are just two faced money grabbin snakes who spend most of their time talking bout me n my life cuh theirs is soo fuckin borin... hmmm que mas ?... um not guna go into things bout ma temper n put things like dont fuck with me blaa blaa blaa like ll them lil chavvy fucks do...cus anyone who knows me well enough will no that um chilled out laid back... UNTIL you press ma buttons and that means dont mess with ma life,ma fam or my man....

no u know the basics.... Anythin else jus HOLLLAAA AT YA GYAL !!
***MY BABY***
Jamie aka jaycap aka any girl tries to get at him... their guna see that temper i was talkin bout ´searlier... hes perfect... a rude boy who treats me right... he`s a shit hot producer and a fuckin sick rapper... top joker always puts a smile on ma face i could talk bout him all day but im not gunna cus this is my profile not his lol sooo movin on....
im feelin ma gangsta movies... scarface, godfather 1, 2 &3... goodfellas, casino... then ya got things like kidulthood, jay and silent bob.how high, friday, you got served, step up.... the fast and the furious all 3 of em...but um a soppy bitch to soo the bodyguard, holiday bla bla bla... GI JANE, jarhead, few good men...oh and anything that makes me piss maself laugin....
music wise im into all sorts of shit ... got a bgi love for music i think its amazin the way it can change ya moods... it cn make ya hyped pissed off horny or jus chill u out .... fukin amazes me...

i like grime, hip hop, reggae, dancehall, rnb, drum n bass, all sorts of shit ... erm people like bob marley, klashnekof, plan b, eminem, the game, ice cube, tupac etc

oh and ma bby music off course all long with my own and all of my mates ... if ive told ya good then um talkint o u and if i aint then u shoudl just give up now :D
***scared of
scared of... erm nout really.. :S
music, chillin, watchin films n shit ... erm goin out with mates, clubbin .. all sorts reli ...
The Other Half Of Me


tha hubby.. wot cn i say :D he´z fukin amazin :D

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  • Royal Marines
    Royal Marines

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  • Mikey-Boi 2/14/10
  • Pizzle Sv
    luv Pizzle Sv

    i know u dnt use this cuzi dnt lol but fuck it ey lol jus like old skool days loool

  • Angela Morrow
    Angela Morrow

    hey im in yorkshire. wer u livin now then? gis a call at some point 07967987396 we have loads 2 catch up on, look 4ward 2 hearin from ya btw i still av dat mc poem thingy u rote 4 me lol

  • Suzanne Oneill
    luv Suzanne Oneill

    HIYA GIN,omg i'd love 2 be but only if u wnt me to or if there room.omg i;love to be im sooooooooooooo excited woop woop lol ;) . well ill add u on facebook gin get my new fone 2moz cant wait so ill send u it on here striaght away ok . u still aint seen codie-rae auntie gin gin lol. love u sue coodie-rae XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXX XX X

  • Suzanne Oneill
    luv Suzanne Oneill

    hiya gin just got ur message now me and codie-rae r really sick we'v got chest infections and a cold fuck sake.omg ur still getting married omg gin i still cant believe it.OOOOOOOOOOO iv mist out now fuck sake its coz im always on facebook now ohhhhh im up set :( .im soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy4 u gin.cant wait 2 see u love u xxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Suzanne Oneill
    Suzanne Oneill

    k gin,thanks im sooooo excited 4 u 2 cum over i cud try get u a job in sweet city if u want.well see ya soon gin xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Suzanne Oneill
    luv Suzanne Oneill

    still cant wait,is ur sep dad cuming bk 2?.i will see u soon gin love ya sue and codie-rae xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Pizzle Sv
    Pizzle Sv

    Am ok layin low keepin maself to maself nowa days things r gd still i aint gotta comp atm i am at ma cuzzons on his comp how to cya soon thn darlin

  • Suzanne Oneill
    luv Suzanne Oneill

    cant wait 2 see ya gin,is ur mum moving over?.were u guna live gin?.i left my fone on da bus and lost it so daves got me a new one soon as i get it i will send u my number striaght away k hun,we r all doing fine thanks gin hurry up and get ur ass over here lol. love u loadssssssssss sue and codie-rae XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Mikey-Boi

    u are a nob

  • Suzanne Oneill
    luv Suzanne Oneill

    hay gin oh my god are you really movin back wot made you change your mind is jay from southampton then csnt wait to see you xxx

  • Suzanne Oneill
    Suzanne Oneill

    gini r u still over do not say ucame 2 southampton and didnt cum and c me ill be very upset

  • Suzanne Oneill
    luv Suzanne Oneill

    k hun cant wait to see u both love ya XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Suzanne Oneill
    luv Suzanne Oneill

    hay hu,cant wait 2 see ya.is jay cumming over with u still?. let me no soon as u get here k im all excited. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  XXXXXXXXX

  • Pizzle Sv
    Pizzle Sv

    How u knw it aint in u anymore? and i knw it takes money and space and i need ma own place i will say hello to kita wen i c her and i will try and keep in touch nuff lv

  • Suzanne Oneill
    luv Suzanne Oneill

    hay gin u used 2 be on dis all the time ur hardly ever on it noe WOMEN WATS HAPPENED TO U lol.omg cant wait to see u and to meet jay and so u can see my wee women. why mite ur mum move bk 4 how come?. dnt worrie ill make sure he wnt lol,can u please stop calling calling me mop now please its ruining my rep lol lol :L :L :L . well get bk 2 me soon love u loads and miss u soooooo much xoxoxoxox

  • Pizzle Sv
    Pizzle Sv

    Its gd u aint forgot about me it aint easy anyway:P and congrats agen on all tht BUT WTF i will get u spittin agen i am startin up agen lookin 4 a studio man on the cheap init wen u cum over hopefully i will ave a studio by thn man dnt get me started on gifts tht r owed man lol i am still waitin 4 ma bday gifts to b delivered lool and yh man i finally asked her bt its a long term thing man aint told fam and told her i will ask her propperly wen i find the right ring I'LL STAY IN TOUCH BERNIE LOVE EARNIE

  • Suzanne Oneill
    luv Suzanne Oneill

    hay gin,sorry i was ment to write 2 u 2 let u no but every time i answered every1's comments and got round 2 it,it was always time to feed or change the baby. i had her last thursday at 9.23 in the morning she was 6.15 and a half she was a good size 4 bein nearly 3 weeks early shes so big already .cant wait untill u come over so u can see her shes soooooooo gorgeous i was in labour 4 9 hours it wasnt even that bad it was just like really bad period paini didnt scream or shut or anything i was sooooooo calm i recorded al of it i had in the pool at da hospital. im soooo sorry not getting hold of u sooner gin i really im.hows u and jay doing?.iv justgot back cyle took me out 4 are year ano bein engaged so he took me out 4 dinner and bought me new far coat. let me no how u r doing hunnie,miss u loads and miss u even more. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  XXXXXXXXX

  • Pizzle Sv
    Pizzle Sv

    U forgot me kid aint spoke in fuckin ages man hows u hows life and all tht bollocks u still spittin or has the grown up inside caught u and u locked it off i gave up bt i was clashin the other night lol and i am makin a few tracks soon we will ave to start tlkin agen and i will send em u or sumthing holla bk ya boi now and 4ever pizzle