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Amy Thorley

pretty damn good

2/16/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 23, Luv 6
  • from Right here =)
  • I am Single
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About Me

"I'd rather be hated for who i am than loved for who i'm not" - Kurt Kobain
Me, Myself, and I
I'm me lol
If you wanna get to know me just add my msn
I love ALL music.....well, almost
I love anything romantic and girly... Anything with a happy ending
Rainbows!!!, Milkshake, takeaway food, laughing, Anything to do with chocolate, sleep, music, driving, Tigger, sunsets, rollercoasters
Horrible weather, unfairness, cracking bones, exams, snakes, small spaces, Liars
Happiest When
Partying, in the sun, asleep, on a roller-coaster, trying new food (not all at the same time!)
Not so happy when
I have exams, , i get bored, i see people being treated unfairly

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hi everyone

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  • how to make a girl feel truly special - Go Alice!!!

    These are all the little things that make a girl feel really special

    • Give Her One Of Your T-Shirts To Sleep In*
    • Send Her Cute Text Notes*
    • Kiss Her In front Of Your Friends*
    • Tell Her She Looks Beautiful*
    • Look Into Her Eyes When Your Talking Too Her*
    • Let Herr Mess With Your Hair*
    • Play With Her Fingers When Your Holding Hands*
    • Just Walk Around With Her*
    • Forgive Her When She's Done Something Wrong*
    • Look At Her Like She's The Only Girl You See*
    • Tickle Her Even When She Says Stop*
    • Hold Her Hand When Your With Your Friends*
    • When She Swears At Your,, Tell Herr You Love Her*
    • Let Her Fall Asleep In Your Arms*
    • Get Her Wound Up ,, Then Kiss Her*
    • Tease Her && Let Her Tease You Back*
    • Stay Up All Night With Her,, When She Is Sick*
    • Watch Her Favourite Movies With Her*
    • Kiss Her Fore Head*
    • Give Her All You Have Got*
    • Let Her Wear Your Clothes Even If They're 5 Sizes Too Big*
    • When She Is Sad,, Hang Out With Her*
    • Let Her Know That She Means Something To You*
    • Kiss Her In The Pouring Rain*
    • When You Fall In Love With Her ,, Tell Her*
    • When You Tell Her,, Love Her Like You Have Never Loved Anyone Before<33

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  • My name....

    Apparently, This is what my name means.....

    A is for Ambitious

    M is for Mysterious

    Y is for Young

    R is for Radiant

    O is for Odd

    S is for Successful

    E is for Easy

    T is for Thoughtful

    H is for Heavenly

    O is for Odd

    R is for Radical

    L is for Lovesick

    E is for Energetic

    Y is for Yummy

    What Does Your Name Mean?

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  • Not had a good day =(

    Cake - Sheep Go To Heaven Lyrics

    I'm not feeling alright today,
    I'm not feeling that great,
    I'm not catching on fire today,
    Love has started to fade,

    I'm not going to smile today,
    I'm not gonna laugh,
    You're out living it up today,
    I've got dues to pay,

    When the grave digger puts on the foreceps,
    The stonemason does all the work,
    The barber can give you a haircut,
    The carpenter can take you out to lunch,

    Now, I just want to play on my panpipes,
    I just want to drink me some wine,
    As soon as you're born, you start dying,
    So you might as well have a good time,

    Sheep go to Heaven,
    Goats go to Hell,
    Sheep go to Heaven,
    Goats go to Hell,

    I don't wanna go to Sunset Strip,
    I don't wanna feel the emptyness,
    Old marquees with stupid band names,
    I don't wanna go to Sunset Strip,

    Now, I just want to play on my panpipes,
    I just want to drink me some wine,
    As soon as you're born, you start dying,
    So you might as well have a good time,

    Sheep go to Heaven,
    Goats go to Hell,
    Sheep go to Heaven,
    Goats go to Hell,

    Sheep go to Heaven,
    Goats go to Hell...

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  • Keith Taylor
    Keith Taylor

    hi amy lol me n ann saw u in ur drivin lesson how many u ad write bk from keith n ann

  • Kerry
    luv Kerry

    hhhhheeeeyyyaaaa amy how r u? wubu2? i miss u[&]laura[&]every1 else from camp lol r u goin nxt yr. gd luck bak @ collage. w/b luv kerry

  • JUdo Gal.

    Gosssshhhh lol :L I think it was 7 years ago when i last went to camp so prob no one lol :L whats it like there now? what sort of things do ya do?? still have camp assistants?? lol Linzi xxxxx

  • Rachel Edmonds
    luv Rachel Edmonds

    i'm gonna call her emma leigh gary thanks hun love ya rachel xx

  • Lauren Lockhart

    heya, im feeling much better now thankies :) cinema sounds good :) sure u can bring kenny, and maybe i will bring my best friend fran. she is lovely, u will love her :) yeah college should be good! u doin psych next term then? wb lozzy xxxxxx

  • JUdo Gal.

    Im gud thanx ahh its mad i used to go camp every year lol! who goes now ??? did u have a gud time?? Linzi xxxxxx

  • Lauren Lockhart

    bonjour! :D thanks 4 the message hun. im ok thanks, was sick in the night though. so i feel nasty now! you looking forward 2 starting college again? im not :( lol!! i know the holls r neerly ova, i would love 2 do summet. not sure whn though. i am sooo busy. been babysittin all week, but i got lotsa ££ now! :) bought myself a new camera for my photography at college, so its all good :D hehe wb, lozzy xxxxxxxx

  • JUdo Gal.

    Hey i saw u 2day at Alton Towers!! lol did u go with St John camp? Linzi xxx

  • Rachel Edmonds
    Rachel Edmonds

    hiya amz wot u up 2 got sum news 4 ya i am havin a baby a little girl on december 6th c ya soon love rachel

  • Lauren Lockhart

    hey hunnie! have a fab time camping! wish i was goin camping!!! hope the weather is good for you :D much love, lozzy xxxxxx

  • Lauren Lockhart

    hey up missy, you ok? :D much love, lozzy xxxxx

  • Collette Gibbs
    Collette Gibbs

    hey hun! I no u r online now but wot da hell. yh will meet up I will txt ya hun. hope tht u r fellin better soon.

  • luv Putting-You-First

    Hey ! This Is Mine And My Daughter's Page But She Is The One Who Does Mostly Everything. How You Keeping ? Love From Cisco x

  • Collette Gibbs
    Collette Gibbs

    hey Amy i no tht we have bin on msn 2nite but i am still up and bored. our lil chat earlier has really helpd me. im soz i aint got ya new number as me fone has broke so if u cud send it agen thn at least i can txt u. dont 4get whree i am!!! Col xxx

  • That girl with the POI !
    That girl with the POI !

    Hi yeah I go school with sarah ^_^

  • Lauren Lockhart

    hi amy, how are you? was nice to see you last weekend in wybunbury :D did u have a nice day? write back, much love loz xx p.s.... do u have msn? :P u will have to add me.... loudloz123@hotmail.com

  • Candy

    awww too bad better luck next time o__O -x-

  • That girl with the POI !
    That girl with the POI !

    Hi... umm I don't mean to sound rude but who are you? I don't recognise your pic or your name but the 'thowig rings a bell... I just cant work out where from sorry xD cb? Jess

  • playgirl 4life
    playgirl 4life

    hi amy its vicky m how r u havent seen u 4 ages whots been happening i have got a new babey nephaw on da way and i got a new bf have 2 catch up soon