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Cristal Naiomi

will never ever forget the memories with the girls, love you and miss you :( x x x

10/3/09 | me too! | Reply

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life is so dam good atm! love all my girlsx[; ♥
Me, Myself, and I
   (¸.•´ crιѕтal naιoмι вυтcнer.♥.
      dorѕeт - weyмoυтн.
     singʟc. ♥  fɑccьook ʍc.


   ιf ι could partyy all the tιme my lιfe
       would be easyy
basιcally ιm tryιn to lιve my lιfe the way ι want to remember ιt! No regrets! Keepιn ιnportant people close! Lιve ιt up, drιnk ιt down, avoιd the bullshιt, take the chances and never regret! One lιfe only babιes! Lets DO THIS!
The Other Half Of Me
Hanna Massey

Hanna Massey

Damm right i wear the pants! haha :D x

    нanna, ғranĸιe and paιge :)
× every мoмenт wιтн υ gιrlѕ ιѕ a мoмenт ι'll never ғorgeт!! тнanĸyoυ ғor everyтнιng :) ×  
ι canт вelιeve ιтѕ вeen a year wιтнoυт υ already, ιтѕ gone ѕo qυιcĸ and ѕo мυcн нaѕ нappened. ι coυldn'т oғ aѕĸed ғor anyone вeттer. υ were ѕo ѕpecιal тo мe and ι'll never ғorgeт anyтнιng yoυ dιd ғor мe. ι'м ѕorry ғor leттιng yoυ walĸ ιт alone. ι love yoυ & мιѕѕ yoυ ×14.11.08×

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  • Lyrics Game! Hahaa

    Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
    Step 2: Post the first line from the first 30 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
    Step 3: Strike through the songs when someone guesses both band and title. (dont cheat n use google)
    Step 4: Come on then people! let's see how clever you reallly are when it comes to music! go go goooo!!!!

    Hmm see how many you can get loooserss!!!! :D ;)

    1) Closed up from love, i didn't need the pain
    2) Give it, give it, give it to mama
    3) We in the car, we ride slow, we do things the girls don't do
    4) Dre, i see dead people
    5) I'm hot your cold you go around like you know
    6) Tell ya daddy stop his hating cos I be wearing braids and rockin jerseys daily
    7) Bounce, oh i like you, bounce
    8) I took you from the projects put the best clothes in your closet
    9) I don't wanna go another day so im telling you exactly what is on my mind
    10) I used to think i had the answers to everything
    11) Its 5 in the morning and im up having phone sex with you
    12) Hey baby when we are together doing things that we love
    13) Uh huh, i said he so sweet make her wanna lick the wrapper, remix baby!
    14) I got a man with 2 left feet
    15) Roll, roll it girl, roll, control it girl, roll it girl
    16) Easy now no need fi go down, Remix! Easy now no need fi go down,
    17) Excuse me, do you know where the dealers are? i mean can you get me high?
    18) Okay look i was wide awake sitting up i had my back to the headboard
    19) I said big shit popping and lil shit stoppin
    20) I dont care what nobody says were gonna have a baby
    21) Won't do what i can't help it
    22) Peace up, A-town down
    23) God dam lil mama you know you thick as hell?
    24) Hold my hand let's chase the sun we both know somethings begun
    25) Nw i've heard there was a secret chord that david played and it pleased the lord
    26) What we shared was not ordinary
    27) I'm gonna take my time, she gon get hers before i
    28) Tell me how im supposed to breathe with no air
    29) Get busy gon shake that booty dont stop when the beat drop
    30) Ladies and gentlemen, you already know what it is! ohh shit!

    6 Comments 230 weeks

  • Memories (:

    Write чour top 3 memories чou think we've had together (: ! x

    7 Comments 234 weeks

  • Thoughts about meeeeeee :)

    1.Whats Yur Name?
    2.Are We Close?
    3.Where Did We Meet?
    4.Whats Was Your 1st Impressions Of Me?
    5.Are They Still The Same?
    6.Do Yu Love Me?
    7.Would Yu Ever Kiss Me?
    8.Do Yu Think Im Fit?
    9.If Yu Had Me For 30 Mins What Would Yu Do?
    10.Do Yu Know Me Well?
    11.What Reminds Yu Of Me?
    12If Yu Could Give Me Anything What Would It Be?
    13.If Yu Could Give Me A Nickname What Would It Be?
    15.Are Yu Goin To Put This On Yur Blog?
    16.How Long Have We Known Each Other?
    17.Whats Good About Me?
    18.Whats Bad About Me?
    19.Finally Is There Anything Else Yu Wanna Say?
    Copy And Paste This To My Comments And Do This x

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  • luv Ben Hussey

    hey sexy gurl...how u doin??? xxxx

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    Hardcore Reborn JR

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  • Lucy Smith
    luv Lucy Smith

    hi i give luv to you because i am sorry for not knowing you more. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx luv you c.n bye bye see yh soon LUCYANNA

  • Hardcore Reborn JR
    Hardcore Reborn JR

    Hey, Wednesday July 22nd Hardcore Reborn is back at the Bournemouth Opera House with another massive under 18 event!! We bring you the UK's Biggest Dance Act...!! ULTRABEAT!!! Plus... CALLY & JUICE CHRIS UNKNOWN ROBBIE LONG LEDA MC STORM MC AGE-O Tickets on sale now priced just 10quid + booking fee or its 12quid to pay on the door! :) b

  • Ykaro


  • Paigeey
    luv Paigeey

    I love your skin :) its so true just wanna say sorry again for that argument :( never again crital!! i still have your letter!!! haaa

  • X.Katie.X

    heyaaa i aint spoke to u in lyke years lol eny way how are yhoo X

  • AraN P
    AraN P

    gdgd ;) haha omg meee too ! ! !! ! !!! EWOWWOOWWOOOOWOOOOWOOOWOOOWOOO lov uxxx

  • Frankie.
    luv Frankie.

    love babbyyy :D

  • AraN P
    AraN P

    oh god ! me neaither ! haha wana shower toge4 ? love you xxxxx

  • AraN P
    AraN P

    :D :D :D suit ? there is no suit haha ! lov u xxx

  • AraN P
    luv AraN P

    dks party sooooon WOOOOO ! :) :) :)

  • Frankie.
    luv Frankie.

    yeahhhh boyyyyy :D x

  • Best Stunners 2k9
    Best Stunners 2k9

    Make Sure чour A Member :)

  • Frankie.
    luv Frankie.

    Love :) x


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