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other half ne 1?????

5/6/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 20, Luv 1,259
  • from caragh
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 12/22/10
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About Me

lurgan was class...dubes...
Me, Myself, and I
im sean
love music n friends:)

music at d moment:gtronic,two door cinema club,flashguns

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  • PARIS 28/11/09->3/11/09

    DAY 1:9.25does billy do irish dancin?9.27 is this whole blog gonna b bout billy?10.12bernie sayin bon voyage10.20willis comin outta d baggage entrance naked doin d moonwalk3.15 off plane est ce que parle francais bernie ,sean oui 3.16bernie dans la sac sil vous plait 3.39 fuckin dead birds 6.30 the banana in its natural habitat 7.17 monkey bitch 8.24 we found a baby 9.32 go nora PAINT THE LIGHTHOUSE 9.50 jack-can u play soccer wit 4 fingers?

    DAY 2:10.39 surrounded wit cheap porn 12.07 the french r such horny fuckers 1.06 i walk around in d nip? 1.30 french girls r unreal 1.48 i need my wet ones im too dry 1.51 french birds are wierd 2.10 omfgaw ive just skipped many silly french people haha 3.23 well your wrong susanna so suck me 3.24 berns-so happy o have a cheese roll in my life 4.08 je suis diabetic 4.13 rectangular gee 4.22 two unreal leses 4.53 rat photo,again 6.01 mmmm cherry cola 6.02 armaggedon shite shite big pile of shite 6.08 berns-sure french you just make it up as you go along 6.13 the monkey in her natural habitat attacks her prey 9.21goin to d woods to get some wood-canadian woodcutter 9.24 im goin to mount you whale whether you like it or not 9.50 can you catch a whale with a hook 23.11 willis lips

    DAY 3:8.38. jls r mon vie 9.13singin a duet wit berns so decent9.48 4 hours long:O 9.58 fucked up honks 10.31 hello pochohontas 11.39feedin birds wit jack 11.51 show wil b good:0 12.20 chilli willis 1.36 paulo nuitini 2.01 drop the poo 2.55 shes so fat she cant get d seatbelt round her:L 3.03 ive found my lobe brother 3.39 jack gets kicked in d face by a horse 4.08 barbecuein cockout 4.17 chinese bohan 4.53 chinese foreplay puttin candyfloss in aech others mouths 5.20 hard to d core,deece to d poor 6.48 so wat if i met billy.... 10.30 little woman child 23.04 it got stuck in my boobs 23.18 janettes mini madeleinder 23.30 wit all d girls,i wanna try some mickey fins

    DAY 4 10.30 we have found niamhs rubber knee twin 11.15 nearly forgot walshy banana few...12.09 carosels my life,12.36 take this sheep as a token of my gratitude1.23 d small surface area of a young fools hoof would penetrate my trampoline1.28 thrust thrust thrust 4.08 call of doooty 4.58 english granny bitch 6.26 billy has us on a fuckin wild goose chase 7.26 jack singin jls 8.00 goodbye france

    1 Comment 188 weeks

  • lurgan 09 cursa b

    well ehm where do i start?TIME OF MY LIFE(mo shaol)
    all d lads in me house were ledges,an teach is fearr
    :D _andy played for ireland,adam mad sound,neddie retard,killo girl magnet,jarlet some fucked up fiddle hurler,mikey who says wbu bout 4 texts later,colm eatin n *a*k*n machine,dirk rugby,bobby wit d music:D ,emmet dr phil,n john o shea wit dubes,cranberry juice,custard creams,blowy neck thing,heart surgeon,gayness:L

    then apart from d house, d amount of ladges:D startin off wit orla edel n there friends but espacially wit orla-d best new friend who i made who was a girl,we exchanged advice all d time wen cian was away n she got horny durin our rape sessions:L
    d morino boys were all ledges n apart from d lads in me house MACKER JACK N KILLO were me fav-all heroes.shannon reid was a ledgend

    damhsa amhains video was shockin ,just out of d coldest sea ever n i had a cold but it was a laugh
    durin d show talun i was gonna dedicate it 2 kate n stacey from carlow but then rosanna davidson(mis world) showed up n ruined my plans n then wanted my body after it;) :L that same nigth stoner played a bout 6 minute piano set n i dont think ive ever laughed so much,wat a vetaren YEW!

    n all d rest:deadn defir,bollywood bollox,koka noodles,first of i misssed d bus, second of u guys dont tell ne one, third of my hair is awesome,ma theastaion uait,spit it out woman,roundabouts, b b b becca,rosanna davidson,ceili ar an tra d song,focail sabhailte,ta tu i gconai i mo cheann,our showers,d football match on d second night!,neddie,recordin studio,galway

    Tip me mo dubes agus bhi alan grass agus rudai mar sin i mo dubes....
    Ma thaistionn uait....
    Oooooh gur mile....
    Cad a dheanaimh tu....
    Dean deifir....
    Mmmm bollywood spices...
    First off , secondly , as a human being , indefinitely , presumably , Phsically nd mentally dat guy is not able to bully n e 1, sum small guy from seachtar laoch , (all from Doc phil)

    time of my life:)

    3 Comments 210 weeks


    (1)Never booti wiv out ya booti partner!
    (2)Halvies on entry
    (3)Halvies on lifts
    (4)Booti hail rain or snow!
    (5)Booti in a deecepoor fashion
    (6)Dont worry just booti

    0 Comments 214 weeks

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  • Katie Cornally 7/17/10
  • Katie Cornally
    luv Katie Cornally

    ehhm wenesday:( dont wana do them..x

  • Katie Cornally
    luv Katie Cornally

    yeah i do:( i got out today doe:DD when you off?...x

  • Katie Cornally
    luv Katie Cornally

    ohhright:O ya im all better how are you?:DD

  • Katie Cornally
    luv Katie Cornally

    ya i was in hospital:( im ok now doe :DD ha howed you no??:)

  • Katie Cornally
    luv Katie Cornally

    so are you:DD

  • Katie Cornally 5/25/10
  • luv Andy H

    BABE!!!oda half ?????:DD

  • luv Katie Yorke

    Hows you babe x x x x x x x x x

    5/16/10 via Mobile
  • luv Katie Yorke


  • Caoimhe O Dwyer

    Tomoro nite bbz;)

    5/6/10 via Mobile
  • Rhii.X
    luv Rhii.X

    love babe(: town tmrw? X

    5/4/10 via Mobile
  • Stepho Fleming

    Are you campin for oxygen... Ah im makin all my plans ... Also i have lurgan to look forward too i do suppose:) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    5/3/10 via Mobile
  • luv Stepho Fleming

    I wudn blame you!:) head into college life!:P ..ah haven a clue. Tbh maybe teacher or physiotherapy but that could change!..I have plenty time yet!..ahh yes summer I'm livin for it!:DD ..oxygen!:DD hope we have nice weather for summer!:D xxxxxxxxxxx

    5/2/10 via Mobile
  • Stepho Fleming

    Do you wish you did t.y. . Yes it is:-)what wouldyou like to do after school!!cant wait for it:-) been up too much lately!! WXXxxxXX xx XX

    5/1/10 via Mobile
  • luv Stepho Fleming

    Nope not much!! Studying hard so i am!!:P fifth year hard yeah??i hear its pretty hard alright!! At least i doin t.y next year anyway:-)w xXX XXxxxxx x

    5/1/10 via Mobile