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Miss Kate Whip

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  • Female, 24, Luv 183
  • from Aberdare
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: January 2006
  • Last active: Jun 4
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About Me

Everyday Your In My Head, I Want To Have You In My Bed ;-)
Me, Myself, and I
♥ . Katherine Jayne Whippey! . ♥.

But I really want him
And I gotta have him tonight
Straight heartbreaker
But it really don't matter
Cause I really want him tonight!!
↑↑...Tha Day. Theres No Words To Explain How It Felt, Cant Belive Youu Felt Us Like Youu Did! Never Thought Youu Was Goin Leave Us Sooo Soon. Its Bn A Year All Ready, I Stil Think Youur Still Here Evan Though Youur Not! Not A Day Goes By When I Dont Fink Of Youu. I Love You Always And Hope To See You One Day, Your My Angel Watching Over Me. x
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 UpMakeUpMemories ShoppingVikki Phibben ♥WestendShowsMichaelWhippe
My Bed! :D
Feeling ill FakePeopleEarlyMorningsWor
Nasty Smells Losing Someone You Love Childish GirlsEssays
♥ MSN addy ♥

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  • Who u wana b??

    ♥x...[ MY BEBO FAMILY__<♥x...[

    ♥x...[x My Boyfriend - NATHAN HOBBY! XmwahX
    ♥x...[x My Gawjuz, Sexi, Sock Lovin Hubby 4 Life - WINNIE! XMWAHX
    ♥x...[ My Future Husband - LUKE SEDGEMORE! X
    ♥x...[ My Angel From Above - Leachy!! XX <3
    ♥x...[ My Lil Cutie Pie & 1 My gr8est mates- Gavin Clark XX<3
    ♥x...[ My mummy - Kayleigh Owen x
    ♥x...[ My daddy - PIES!! x
    ♥x...[ My big brother - SAM GEORGE! X
    ♥x...[ My little brother - GARETH MORGAN!X
    ♥x...[ my big sister - KAYLEIGH OWEN!X
    ♥x...[ My little sister - RACHEL WHIPPEY!X
    ♥x...[ My Sister-in-law - RACHEL CORFIELD! X
    ♥x...[ My uncle - SMIDGE... UNCLE SMIDGET!X
    ♥x...[ My 2 daughters - STACEY KERR!X AND SARA BUSBY! X
    ♥x...[ My son - ELLIOT THOMAS! X
    ♥x...[ My best friend - VIKKI PHIBBEN!X
    ♥x...[ My Coolest, Sexiest, Funniest Best Mate In The World - DEAN BEVAN! X
    ♥x...[ My bit on the side - LIAM BATCHELOR...AKA LUM! X
    ♥x...[ My guardian - GRANT SELDON!X
    ♥x...[ My sugar plum fairy - LAURIEN JAMIESON! X
    ♥x...[ My personal shopper - CHRIS WATTS!XX
    ♥x...[ My fairy god mother - SIOBHAN WILLIAMS! X
    ♥x...[ My slave - JAMIE WALSH! X
    ♥x...[ My shoppoholic friend - ROSS CORFIELD! X
    ♥x...[ My sexy biatch - CAILEY JONES! X
    ♥x...[ My lil cutie pie - DANIEL DAVIES! X
    ♥x...[ My lovely gurlie - VIKKI PHIBBEN! X
    ♥x...[ My god mother -
    ♥x...[ My god father - JOSH CHAPPELL! X
    ♥x...[ My valentine - <3
    ♥x...[ My chatterbox -
    ♥x...[ My hot admirer - COOKIE! X
    ♥x...[ My flurty frend - SCOTT PARKER! X
    ♥x...[ My dancing chick - KATIE ADAMS!X
    ♥x...[ My sxc hunni - TRAMPY! X
    ♥x...[ My sex bomb - JOSH RICHARDS X
    ♥x...[ My wana be boyfriend - GARY WILLIAMS! X
    ♥x...[ My gay bestfrend - Dale Cutlan! X
    ♥x...[ My drama queen - SAM MILLER!
    ♥x...[ My bitch - STEVEN MORGANS! X
    ♥x...[ My slut - ADAM JORDAN X
    ♥x...[ My sexi twin - CAILEY JONES! X
    ♥x...[ My blonde - Katie Adams! X
    ♥x...[ My star - GAVIN HENRY! X
    ♥x...[ My legend boii m8 - MARVE! X
    ♥x...[ My legend girl m8 -
    ♥x...[ My Body guard - CALUM BRENNAN!X
    ♥x...[ My Partner In Crime - SHANE MADDOX! X
    ♥x...[ My Hunky Rugby Player - DANIEL LEWIS... LLEWI!X
    ♥x...[ My Hot,Sexy Football Player - GUY HILLMAN! X
    ♥x...[ My Prince Charming - MATT LINTON! X Mwah X
    ♥x...[ My Gawjuz Boy M8 - JIMBO! X
    ♥x...[ My Stalker - ROSS SHEEHAN! X
    ♥x...[ My Millionaire Pro Golfer! - MARVE! X
    ♥x...[ My Silly Whore - DEAN BEVAN! X(LALA):L
    ♥x...[ My Bully 4 Life! (HIGHLIGHTER PAL!!) - LUKE MORRIS!! XX
    ♥x...[ My Lil Chav 4 Life - MORGSY!!! XX
    ♥x...[ My Batman 4ever - Rhys Linton!!!XX <3

    3 Comments 357 weeks

  • fill in the blanks xx*mwah*

    You have a cute ______.

    You make me ______.

    You should ______ me.

    Someday I will _____ you.

    You + me = __________.

    If I saw you now I'd _________.

    I would build a ________ just for you.

    I would get your name tattooed on my _____.

    If I could sing you any song it would be ________.

    We could ________ under the stars.

    love u all xxxxxxx

    18 Comments 361 weeks

  • Fill it in plz :) xxx

    1. Give me your number?
    2. Love me?
    3. Let me kiss you?
    4. Watch a movie with me?
    5. Wave dinner with me?
    6. Drive me somewhere?
    7. Take a shower with me?
    8. Be my Bf/Gf?
    9. Tell me you think i am cute?
    10.Buy me a drink if i didnt have money?
    11.Take me home for the night? My House or your house?
    12.Would you let me sleep in your bed?
    13.Kiss me?
    14.Repost this to answer your questions?
    15. Do you think i'm attractive, beautiful, sexy or hot?
    16. Do you like my style?
    17. Do you think i'm funny?
    18. Do you care about me?
    19. Would you dance with me?
    20. Would you sing Happy Birthday to me?
    21.Wa memories do u have of me?
    22.Do i annoy u?
    23.If so how?
    24.Whats 1 thing u love about me?
    25.If You Never saw me again what would be the last thing you'd say to me?

    24 Comments 361 weeks

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