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  • Male, 24, Luv 23
  • from scunthorpe/ashby
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 1,530
  • Member since: July 2005
  • Last active: 10/12/09
  • www.bebo.com/lacky_89
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Me, Myself, and I

My name is carl but please call me lacky!

I have got black hair which you will be able to see in my pictures andi am about 6ft1 in height.

I really dont give a fuck what people think about me and if anyone has got a problem with me then they kno what they can do.....its lyk i sed before...JUST FUCK OFF!!!

> Getting pissed
> Going to the pub
> Chilling with mates
> Listening to music

MSN > lacky_89@hotmail.co.uk add me if you want but if i dont like you i will block and delete you!!!!!

Iron Maiden, Static-x, Maralin Manson, Black Sabbath, Rammstein, ACDC, Linkin Park, GnR.Dragonforce, Limp Bizkit, Tenacious D an many more
Any as long as its not shit
Darts an many more
Scared Of
Happiest When
chilling out with my mates at the base or at the art block at college, working on my car and laughing at my daughter .....(LAURA)
Colege and coffee lol
erm me shane and lora coffee mates lol as if laura even once stole my coffee lmfao n drank the lot lmfao
my best girl MATE
MY Best little girly mate Laura aka (-Loz-) she really a gud lass.... she is outgoing loud giggly up for a laugh and she is really fun gurl to hang around with. We Both love our beer dont we lol she is a little piss-ed. No really tho she is so tiny its unbelieveable to say she is only a year younger than me lol! But anyway your an ace lass laura!

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Lordi-Beast loose in paradise (Videoclip)

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"If everyone you go on dates with seem to be a long string of letdowns, perhaps your ideals need readjusting. Don't ditch all your ethics, but take a long look at your current principles to see if they're out of touch."

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close Are you a Pirate, Ninja, or Cowboy?

are you a pirate, ninja, or cowboy?

My result is: ninja

You're a ninja! You're stealthy. You're mysterious. And if someone even drops a spoon you might FLIP OUT AND KILL THE ENTIRE TOWN. If that's not badass, I have no idea what is!

Famous colleagues include the dude from Ninja Gaiden, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and most of the cast of Naruto.
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What Type of Heart Do You Have?
Are You Sexy, Flirty, or a Slut?
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what sports car suits you
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Which girl from yr8 would sute u best as a friend/girlfirend?
With book from the twilight series do you like best?
What Xbox Charecter are you
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close What Cartoon Character Are You?

What Cartoon Character Are You?

My result is: Sonic the Hedgehog

Your a speedy blue hedgehog!... Well, what I really mean is that your a very cool and cleaver person. You may be busy all the time but you always take time for the things you care about the most. You are known to everyone. You can be very stubborn when you don't get what you want, but you are a fast thinker that get out of jam quickly. You also are somewhat of a loner. At best you are a very calm yet cool person!
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close What military position are you?

What military position are you?

My result is: Sniper

The advanced marksman is a unique soldier who is an expert marksman. To be an advanced marksman you must have scored 36 or higher at the rifle range and have attended advanced marksmanship school. From there, you will be able to use special long range precision weapons like the M24 and M82. Advanced marksmen can be identified by their hats. They usually wear "boonie hats" but on arctic maps they wear kevlar helmets like the rest of their squad. Relying on stealth and patience, the advanced marksman is specially trained to employ either the hard-hitting M82 Barrett or the pinpoint accurate M24 SWS. The advanced marksman can be used in the offense, striking individual targets from great distances or as a reconnaissance element. You must complete Advanced Marksmanship training to become a U.S. Army advanced marksman.
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  • Venus Doom
    luv Venus Doom

    Hey Am Good And Yourself ?

  • Sam
    luv Sam

    happy birthday xxx

  • Shane Hague
    Shane Hague

    now then carl m8 hows u doin not spoke 2 u in a while this is my new mob num 07960045357 giz a bell sumtime and well go 4 a drink

  • Bench

    oryt mate add me on msn rob_sufc18@hotmail.co.uk we av catch up mate

  • Bench

    oryt mate u probz wnt memba me lol bt went junior skwl wit u lol how s fingz aniwai mate tp it rob kenny if ya wunderin lol

  • Venus Doom
    Venus Doom

    Am Good And Yourself

  • Andrew Lack
    Andrew Lack

    hahahahahaha now i'm a devil

  • GInge

    a song theif

  • Sam

    a joke ive just found A soldier ran up to a nun. Out of breath he asked, 'Please, may I hide under your skirt. I'll explain later.' The nun agreed. A moment later two Military Police ran up and asked, Sister, have you seen a soldier?' The nun replied, 'He went that way.' After the MPs ran off, the soldier crawled out from under her skirt and said, 'I can't thank you enough Sister. You see, I don't want to go to Iraq ..' The nun said, 'I understand completely.' The soldier added, 'I hope I'm not rude, but you have a great pair of legs!' The nun replied, 'If you had looked a little higher, you would have seen a great pair of balls....I don't want to go to Iraq either.'

  • Sam
    luv Sam

    hi cuz how are you, ya busy working, hows the darts going, hows it feel being a uncle xx

  • Sam

    hi cuz how are you, how did ya get on at darts who won you or uncle andy, loads of love from us all and see ya soon xxx