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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

Alright, I have only kept my bebo because i enjoy editing it and doing Quizzes.

I'm Lauren, I'm seventeen and i live just outside Glasgow.

All i really care about these days is having fun, and it's the way it should be!

Lets go get steamin'.
we talk to bob marley cos we're cool as fuck, i love you xo

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    Liquidated G.S.C

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  • David Daubneyy. 10/9/10
  • Thomas
    luv Thomas

    i love you :O

  • Thomas
    luv Thomas

    but i say you are, and what i say goes :D

  • Thomas
    luv Thomas

    you're beautiful :O

  • Thomas
    luv Thomas

    here guess wit.

  • Thomas
    luv Thomas

    554 :O im well gonny catch you up >.>

  • Thomas
    luv Thomas

    im not trying to charm you, im just telling you the truth <3

  • Thomas
    luv Thomas

    you are :O and pretty. and beautiful :O

  • Thomas
    luv Thomas

    you're cute :)

  • Thomas
    luv Thomas

    550. :O <333333333333

  • Thomas
    luv Thomas


  • Thomas
    luv Thomas

    read muh below post faggg. iloveyouxx

  • Boho Unders
    Boho Unders

    Hey Lauren, Bored of summer? Boho Unders is on EVERY Saturday from 6 till 9pm for only £6 entry! THE BIG NEON TRAFFIC LIGHT PARTY - THIS SATURDAY !! 5 30 TILL 9 £6 ENTRY Whether your single, taken or somewhere in the middle come down for the best party in Glasgow New Music Great Club Summer BBQ Need q jumps? just ask!! x

  • Thomas
    luv Thomas


  • Boho Unders
    Boho Unders

    Hey Lauren , Bored of summer? THE BIG NEON TRAFFIC LIGHT PARTY - THIS SATURDAY 5 30 TILL 9 £6 ENTRY Whether your single, taken or somewhere in the middle come down for the best party in Glasgow New Music Great Club Summer BBQ Need q jumps? Get Your Name In Quick As There Is Only A limited Amount ! x

  • Thomas
    luv Thomas

    Four years ago we planted a seed. Found that foundation that we need. Strived for the perfect balance, to show love and show compassion. And our vision for this world will not die when we are dead. <3 :)

  • Thomas
    luv Thomas

    swear to god we came as romans... omnomnomnomnom the clean vocalist... but nae enrique iglesias pish last oneeee.

  • Thomas
    luv Thomas

    you and i were meant to be we're fusing fate together we're making history ! :)


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  • pick up your feet.

    Are you spending the weekend with the last person you kissed?
    I spent saturday with him.

    If you could, would you hookup with the last person you texted?
    i don't know who it was.

    Do you hate the last male you had a conversation with?
    thomas? no, far from it hah.

    The person you have the strongest feelings for dies, do you care?
    Yes, ofcourse.

    Think to the last person you kissed, have you ever kissed them in a car?
    a bus?

    Are you nice to everyone?
    yeah, pretty much.

    Is it possible to be single and happy?

    Do you change your phone background a lot?

    Did you sleep alone last night?

    Does it bother you when people try to make you jealous?

    Is anyone in your tops an ex girlfriend/ boyfriend?

    Is there someone you just can't imagine your life without?

    Waiting for something?

    Will you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend in 6 months?
    i hope so.

    Has anyone told you they don't want to ever lose you?

    Missing anybody?
    nah not particularly.

    Has anyone called you perfect before?

    Have you ever been told you were amazing?

    Will you talk to someone on the phone tonight?

    Whats something that can always make you feel better?
    seeing people, movies and music.

    Would you be shocked if the last person you kissed text messaged you?
    no, :)

    Who knows your biggest secrets?
    i don't really have any.

    The last person you kissed, have you kissed them on a bed?

    Think of the last song you listened to. Who sings it?
    a day to remember.

    What color eyes did the last person who talked to you have?
    blue? :)

    The last time you kissed someone, what time of day was it?:

    The last time you used your phone, what were you doing?
    google verification thing?

    What are you doing todaay?
    watching movies.

    Do you regret your last kiss?
    not at all.

    Are your parents still married?

    Do you feel like your gonna lose someone that means a lot to you?
    sometimes, but i know i'm not.

    Anything you're giving up on?

    Ever wonder if you're someones everything?

    Are you a jealous person?

    When did you last talk to your number 2 in person?
    don't even know who my number 2 is.

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  • i'm in an odd mood.

    Nine things about myself
    1. Full name is Lauren Anne Young.
    2.\ Born in Johannesburg, South Africa.
    3. I'm tiny..
    4. I have small ears.
    5. It takes a lot for me to be angry about something.
    6. I love Bob Marley.
    7. I hate butter, jam and tomatoes.
    8. I love All Time Low.
    9. I'm either really shy or overconfident with you, depends really.

    Eight ways to win my heart;
    1. Listen to me.
    2. Have a good sense of humour.
    3. Love Bob Marley.
    4. Just be nice in general.
    5. Just have stuff in common with me.
    6. Play a wee song for me, haha.
    7. Nice Smilezz.
    8. Give me a can of Red Kola ;)

    Seven things that cross my mind a lot;
    1. Thomas Clifford. : )
    2. Bob Marley.
    3. Alex Gaskarth.
    4. Justin Bieber.
    5. Old times.
    6. Music-y stuff.
    7. What plans i have for the day.

    Six things I do before I fall asleep
    1. Put jaaammies on.
    2. Say goodbye to people i am talking to.
    3. Put a film on.
    4. get a drink.
    5. turn film off.
    6. think.

    five people/sets of people? who means a lot...in no particular order
    1. Thomas Clifford.
    2. Heather Paterson, Caitlin Fulton.
    3. David Daubney, Mikey Chekansky and Joe Galloway.
    4. My mum, dad, my sister and my little brother.
    5. All my Aunties, Uncles and Cousins <3

    Four things you are wearing right now
    1. SOAD t-shirt.
    2. underwear?
    3. Pyjama bottoms.
    4. Glasses.

    Three bands/artist you listen to often
    1. Bob Marley.
    2.All Time Low.
    3. A Day to Remember.

    Two things you want to do before you die
    1. See all of my favourite bands live.
    2. Just to live a good life man, i don't know.

    One confession
    1. I'm terrified of commitment.

    0 Comments 157 weeks

  • ten.

    one :
    You'll be my best friend no matter what, we know how to piss each other off but to be honest, i wouldn't change you for the world. the fact we've been best friend for four years says it all & i love how you'll always been there. i love you (L)

    You're my best friend, you're like a sister. There are a few things i'd change but i love you regardless.

    I know you're paranoid, but please... don't be. I've not been this happy in fucking ages and i wouldn't do anything to ruin it. I love you x

    i miss you so much, i love how we've seen each other more recently and i hope it stays that way. i loved sitting in heather's at like 8 in the morning talking about told times, i love you - and to be honest i always will.<3

    i miss you far too much, it's not normal for me not to see my best friend for this long. lets fix it <3

    man, what would i do without you? you've been there for nearly 9 years, you were my first best friend in this country and i love you.

    hate is a strong word, but i really do hate you.

    you're so fun to be around and i miss you so much.

    i treat you like shit sometimes, when really - you look out for me more than most people. i'm so sorry for everything i've done. i love you, honestly.

    if you really loved me that much you'd accept it.

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