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im so fuckin ill :(

3/17/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 20, Luv 424
  • from nottz, but now bounre
  • I am In a Relationship
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About Me

summer 2009...
Me, Myself, and I
<<<< Thats mee

I'm 16, leavin school soon, ready for summer 2009...time for cold cider, shorts and a football ;)

i love my friends and girlfriend

Alysha mary Muntaner, my world :D

Nottingham Forest football club..Youuuuu Reeeeeddddsssss ;)
my boiss
your all cunts! but i love you all ;)
&lt;3 alyshaa 11/03/93
This girl means the world to me, shes made me so happy in the time weve been together, everytime i see her i smile. She really is an incredible girlfriend and dunno what i would do without her. Shes abit on the wired side, when she laughs at her wired noises, but thats why i love her. Never wanna end baby, i love you :) x

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  • me :)

    1. Slept naked? I think so..
    2. Taken a shower with someone? yehh
    3. Kissed a member of the same sex? im affriad not (sorry gosney)
    4. Drove a car? yeahhh
    5. Stole anything? a snickers bar..i had the munchiessss
    6. Been in love? yer i think
    7. Been dumped? a few times
    8. Stole money from a friend/family member? yeh :| :|
    9. Gotten in a car with people you just met? nahhh,mummy said not to.
    10. Been in a fist fight? yeahhh
    11. Snuck out of your/someone’s house? so many times.
    12. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? yehh
    13. Been arrested? been close :/
    14. Hugged a stranger? ahaa yeahh
    15. Met up with a member of the opposite sex somewhere? yeh
    16. Left your house with out telling your parents? all the time
    17. Had a crush on your neighbour? ermm..sort of
    18. Ditched school to do something more fun? yehhhhh
    19. Slept in a bed with a member of the opposite sex? yeahhh
    20. Lost a friend? tom daley (n)
    21. Been on a plane? (b) ive flew one :D
    22. Been to an island?yeahh im a pirate (H)
    23. Slept in until 3? yeh..when i get in at 6 lol
    24. Love someone or miss someone right now? yeahhh alysha :D
    25. Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by? its a hobby of mine
    26. Made a snow angel? nahh :/
    27. Played dress up? not that i know of
    28. Cheated while playing a game? most sundays
    29. Been lonely? nahhh
    30. Kissed more than 4 people in one night? yeh
    32. Felt an earthquake? yehh
    33. Touched a snake? only when i piss;) lool
    34. Ran a red light? ive smashed one??
    35. Been suspended from school? few times
    36. Had detention? a couple ;)
    37. Been in a car accident? nahh
    38. Had a party in your house while ur parents were away? they dont go away:(
    39. Used a fake id? nahh..im a big boy ;) lol
    40. Crawled through a window?nah
    41. Been lost?yehh in notts lol
    42. Been to the opposite side of the country?all over when i used 2 race
    44. Cried yourself to sleep? yehh :|
    47. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? too many times
    48. Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? yeh..in maths cause of eddie mason lol
    49. Caught a snowflake on your tongue? nah
    50. Kissed in the rain? nah
    51. Sang in the shower? hell yeh!!
    52. Made love in a park? no :O
    53. Had a dream that you married someone?not tht i remember
    54. Glued your hand to something?yeh a tyre off my car
    55. Got your tongue stuck to a flag pole? on a fab
    56. Ever gone to school naked? ive done a few crazy things..but that?
    57. Been a cheerleader? yeh for rippingale against holbeach..hell that was funny
    58. Had more than ten boy/girl friends? im not a pimp
    59. Didn't take a shower for a week? noo!
    60. Ever too scared to watch scary movies alone?no but its better with someone lol
    61. Played chicken?nah..ive played turkey a few times
    62. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? yeh in africa
    65. Been easily amused? all the time
    66. Laugh so hard you cry? most days
    67. Mooned/flashed someone?would i do that?
    68. Cheated on a test? yeh jack shawley..got the answers muddled up nd got a D :)
    69. Forgotten someone's name? yeh i jus say excuse me insted
    71. Done something dumb while drunk? most weekends.
    73. Blacked out from drinking? i must have been close lol
    74. Played a prank on someone? yeh lol
    75. Gone to a late night movie? yehh saw 2 (Y)
    76. Made love to anything not human?matt gosney
    77. Failed a class? most of the time
    78. Choked on something you're not supposed to eat? a 5p coin
    80. Cheated on a girl/boyfriend? nahh its wrong!
    81. Celebrate the 4th of July?independance day?
    82. Thrown strange objects? i got my cuzun excluded for starting a yoghart war at school lol
    83. Felt like killing someone? hell yes lol

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  • just do it

    1.Am i hot?:
    2. Am i a flirt?:
    3. Am I sweet?:
    4. Am I crazy?:
    5. Am I loveable?:
    6. Am I funny?:
    7. Am I annoying?:
    8. Am I phsyco?:
    9. Am I daring?:
    10. Am I a good person?:
    11. Am I a good dancer?:
    12. Am I a fun person to be around?:
    13. Am I a good friend?:
    14. Am I always looking for a good time?:
    15. Am I always looking for an adrenalin rush?:
    16. Am I horrible?
    17. Am I anyting else dat hasn't been mentioned?

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  • do it =]

    would you?
    1.when did you first meet me?
    2.what was your first impression?
    3.is this still the same
    4.give me a nick name
    5.why did u give me this nickname?
    6.would you die for me?
    7.would you save me if i needed to be?
    8.are you my friend?
    9.do you hate me?
    10.do you know me well?

    would you....

    1. date me?
    2. kiss me?
    3. love me?
    4. tease me?
    5. slap me?
    6. have a fight with me?
    7.help me if i need it?

    do you think i am ...


    3 Comments 281 weeks

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