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R.I.P Miss Hinton,we love you.(L) xx

2/15/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Horshit.(Horley)
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  • Boredem.

    ONE - Spell Your Name Without Vowels: B. lols.
    TWO - Are You Single? Nanana..
    THREE - What’s Your Favorite Number? 69
    FOUR- Favorite Colors? purple atmo.
    FIVE - Least Favorite Color?: emm green?
    SIX - What Are You Listening To? The Last Shadow Puppets-Standing next to me.
    SEVEN - What Do You Smoke? Nope,personally i dont want to die =D
    EIGHT - Are You Happy With Your Life Right Now?Yeah preeety much.
    NINE - Anyone Ever Said You Resemble A Celebrity?nope.
    TEN - What Is Your Favorite Class In School? Umm, Bus Std,as we just chat about random shizz with our teacher.
    ELEVEN - Do You Shop At Hollister/Abercrombie/AE? Lolll. Not yet.
    TWELVE - How Do You Make Money? Im a chambermaid at Southbourne,a bit long but gets me dosh (: .
    Can You Blow A Bubble: yahh.
    Can You Do A Cartwheel?: Yyyyeano.
    Can you whistle?: uhh huh.
    Can You Wiggle Your Nose?: Wrigle my nose ? Umm nah lols.
    Can You Roll Your Tongue?: Ohh yess. :]
    "THE DIDS"
    Did You Ever Run Away From Home? nope.
    Did You Ever Want To Be A Doctor? nope.
    Did You Ever Want To Be A Fire Fighter?: Uhm,do i look like a man,dont answer that lols.
    "THE DO"s"
    Do You Believe In God?: Dun know' lolllll.
    Do You Know How To Swim?:yeah, im shit at it though.
    Do You Like Roller Coasters?: Laave rollercoasters.
    Do You Own A Bike?: Yessum. =)
    Do you think you could be on those reality shows? Aha,no.
    Last Person You Hung Out With? Jessfam.
    Last thing you said out loud?: I need credsss.
    Last thing someone said to you?: Can you put the kettle' on aha.
    What Is The Temperature Outside?: Uhhhhm 3, estimated guess as theres a heavy frost on the car 8-D.
    What Was The Last Restaurant You Ate At? Mcdonalds?
    What Was The Last Thing You Bought?: A top from Topshop.
    What Was The Last Thing You Had To Drink?: Orange duce.
    What Was The Last Thing On TV You Watched?: MTV europe music awards,get me. :)
    "THE WHOS"
    Who Is Your Newest Friend You Added To Bebo: i dont know?
    Who Was The Last Person You IM"d? Dutchtingaling :) .
    Who Talked To You On The Phone Last? Sian.
    Who Was The Last Person You Took A Picture Of? Oscar,my cat coz i have a life teehee.
    Who Was The Last Person To Leave You A Comment? Errrrm,hmm,Dutch.
    Ever Really Cried Your Heart Out? Ive cried alot,but my heart didnt fall out though =/.
    Ever Cried Yourself To Sleep? yes.
    Ever Cried On Your Friend's Shoulder? Uh uhh. =/
    Ever Cried When You Got An Injury? Yeahh,then laugh aha.
    Do Certain Songs Make You Cry? Yeahhh =/
    Do Certain Movies Make You Cry? Yes lool.
    Are You A Happy Person? Oh yess.well like to think i am.
    What Can Make You Laugh? Alot can,I laugh at anything lol.
    Can Music Make You Happy? Deffinetly :)
    Do You Actually Hate Anyone? Nopeeee.
    Ever Made A Hate List? No thats sad lol.
    Are You A Mean Bully? Im not a bully.
    Do You Believe In Yourself? Ish.
    What Is Your Current Hair Color? Brunette.
    Current Piercings? ears.
    Straight Hair zxCurly: Straight usually as i cannot allow my curls to come out as my bob has ruined that for me tbh lol.,
    What Top Are You Wearing? My new top from the ol' topshop.
    Pants: frenchiess. (Y)
    Shoes?: No, ugg slip slips =).
    Hugged Someone? Yeah bareee ,i love hugs :)
    Been On The Phone Until The Sun Came Up? Hmm cant remember?
    Laughed So Hard You Peed In Your Pants? Yeah. No lol but ive laughed HARD.
    Laughed So Hard You Cried? yess,Micheal Macintyre (comedian) blaaady hilarious (Y) aha.


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  • Dutch
    luv Dutch

    ohhh. i found new tent poles in my backyardigan. :L but dw its only a couple of weeks before we go all legit :L might aswell have some bebo banter before i go and go all cheesy and patheticly sad like previous encounters with other species.... :L but anyway i love youu :D xxx

  • J E S S
    luv J E S S

    Yes im very VERY annoyed aswell lol, you should have rung up ill like you said you was gonna you goon :( Yer you missed out on a lot of fun :L yer ok you better, nahh im jokin you dont have to. LOVE YOU x

  • Daisy

    Haha :L oh he just had a moan! i think he's given up:L WASTE abi ahaha see you 2moraa sexy;) xx

  • luv Daisy

    hahaha :/ :) for all the things ive done lately things could be alot worse! (Y) Hows things? Laaaaave you chumalum xx

  • Dutch
    luv Dutch

    :L thats actually pretty banter. lol. yeah you know it ;) ha danke, erm i guess i could say the same :D x x "safe" :L x

  • Dutch
    luv Dutch

    abigail..... lol erm im not going to do a "previous bash" and start sucking some anuus so dont worry, i know it scares youu. just thought id say hi :L :D stacey x x x

  • Dutch
    luv Dutch

    your reeally sad

  • luv Daisy

    ABI :D Ahh i know, i can't on go. i say friday we all do something, meal or whateva. hmmm i just neeed thaaaa dosh xx

  • Ant Favs
    luv Ant Favs

    Im alrite thank you. Hows your half term been so far? x x x

    4/13/09 via Mobile
  • Ant Favs
    luv Ant Favs

    Lol we are cool! :D How are you?

    4/13/09 via Mobile
  • Ant Favs
    Ant Favs

    Happy Easter you nobody :D much love x

    4/12/09 via Mobile
  • luv Daisy

    not as much as i laaaaaaaave you;) xx

  • Elliott
    luv Elliott

    yeah im good have u spoke to liam since camping its like hes dissapeared off the planet lol x

  • Elliott
    luv Elliott

    thanks lol i nicked it off your bebo haha

  • luv Daisy

    Have fun camping babe You can feel me in on all the gossip when your back:) oh and mind the knomes haha xxxx

  • Chris.
    luv Chris.

    im ok, you?x

  • Chris. 4/2/09