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Mohectic Koru G

What is this thing supposed to achieve? Wow i'm saying something.....

5/11/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 24
  • from Buster Town
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 1,901
  • Last active: 1/22/10
  • www.bebo.com/Aggressor666
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About Me

Diaboli Virtus In Lumbar Est
Me, Myself, and I
Dont Hate Me Cause Im Beautiful..
Hate Me Because Your Girlfriend Thinks So


•S K U X D E L U X E 2 0 0 7•

Reason For Living???
<-----------That Skux Cunt In The Shades (me)

.•.Hunnie If You're Gonna Be Two Faced
At least Make One of Them Pretty.•.

So What if I Dance Around My Bedroom In My Underwear To Avril Lavigne Girlfriend?
You're Just Jealous That You Dont Get 2 Watch

all you faggots out there im not fucking gay so dont add me to ur sick as tranny pages n shit. this page was done by loren ellis coz shes a dick but shes still cool tho and i cant be fucked changing it so all u fucken knob jockeys fuck off, bi chx are all good though :)

Yeah im also in the best band ever, the hickory busters, we'll bust your gut right up. check out out page if u wanna be apart of the buster experience and we will melt in ur mouths.
The Other Half Of Me
Lara P.F.G

Lara P.F.G

babe u r so fuckn sexy

shes my cousin. thats all i have to say except shes mad
THE HICKORY BUSTERS!!!! and.... metal, k lets start with a couple bands, dream theatre, dimmu borgir, mayhem, heaven shall burn, all shall perish, the faceless, satyricon........ way too many to name man but u get the picture.
Final Fantasy
The Final Fantasy games are amazing best thing ever created, fucken aye Squaresoft. I am currently playing 10 but with a memory card after i got reasonably far and died without a memory card. am gonna buy 12 soon but fuck X2 squaresoft you failed me with that one, disappointed as.
I have a M-300 buster guitar best u can buy. cost me like 100, 00 beans
I have a Hickory kitted out amp its 5000000 watts with amazing sound, this amp specialises in bustin your gut.
Happiest When
Jammin, making new material for buster songs and just being in the hickory busters.

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Immortal - Call Of The Wintermoon

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  • Fucken Metal


    [x] I enjoy Lord Of The Rings and Dungeons & Dragons
    [x] I like extremely long songs
    [x] Swords rule
    [ ] I quite often find myself saying "That's epic"
    -I listen to the following bands:
    [ ] Helloween
    [x] Iced Earth
    [ ] Blind Guardian
    [ ] Gamma Ray
    [ ] Stratovarius
    [ ] Hammerfall
    [x] Dragonforce
    [x] Sonata Arctica
    [x] Manowar
    [ ] Edguy
    [ ] Demons & Wizards
    [ ] Rhapsody
    [ ] Symphony X
    [ ] Primal Fear

    -The following applies to me:
    [x] I own a patched denim/leather jacket/vest
    [ ] I'm always wasted
    [ ] I think white Reebok high tops are the best shoes ever
    [x] I like guitars
    -I listen to the following bands:
    [x] Metallica
    [x] Slayer
    [ ] Anthrax
    [x] Megadeth
    [ ] Testament
    [ ] Overkill
    [ ] Exodus
    [ ] Nuclear Assault
    [ ] Dark Angel
    [x] Kreator
    [ ] Sodom
    [ ] Destruction
    [ ] S.O.D
    [ ] Death Angel

    -The following applies to me:
    [x] I like corpse paint
    [x] HAIL SATAN!
    [x] I support church burnings
    [ ] I have pictures of myself taken in the forest
    -I listen to the following bands:
    [x] Venom
    [x] Bathory
    [x] Celtic Frost
    [x] Mercyful Fate/King Diamond
    [x] Burzum
    [x] Darkthrone
    [x] Mayhem
    [x] Dark Funeral
    [x] Emporer
    [x] Immortal
    [ ] Enslaved
    [x] Gorgoroth
    [x] Satyricon
    [x] Behemoth

    -The following applies to me:
    [x] Blood and gore rules
    [x] Gutteral Cookie Monster vocals are awesome
    [ ] The majority of my favourite bands are from Florida
    [x] You arent grossed out by song titles like "I Cum Blood"
    -I listen to the following bands:
    [x] Cannibal Corpse
    [x] Obituary
    [ ] Possessed
    [x] Death
    [x] Carcass
    [x] Morbid Angel
    [x] Deicide
    [ ] Necrophagist
    [x] Sepultura
    [x] Napalm Death
    [ ] Krisiun
    [x] Nile
    [x] Dying Fetus
    [ ] Entombed

    -The following applies to me:
    [ ] I own spandex
    [ ] I own leopard print items
    [ ] I go through more hairspray than any human being should
    [ ] I wear more make-up than any human being should
    -I listen to the following bands:
    [ ] Motley Crue
    [x] Ratt
    [ ] Poison
    [ ] Winger
    [ ] Hanoi Rocks
    [ ] Cinderella
    [ ] Dokken
    [ ] Slaughter
    [ ] Vixen
    [ ] Mr. Big
    [ ] Def Leppard
    [ ] Quiet Riot
    [ ] Bon Jovi

    -the following applies to me:
    [x] I wear my leather jacket everywhere
    [x] scooter gloves are badass
    [ ] I get pissed off when someone confuses "glam metal" with sleaze metal.
    [ ] bandannas are my ..1 choice of headgear
    -I listen to the following bands:
    [ ] Guns N' Roses
    [ ] Faster Pussycat
    [ ] LA Guns
    [ ] Vains of Jenna
    [ ] Aerosmith
    [ ] Snakepit
    [ ] Lynch Mob
    [ ] Vinnie Vincent Invasion
    [ ] London
    [ ] Skid Row

    -The following applies to me:
    [x] I don't think there's anything gay about leather pants
    [x] 2 guitars are better than 1
    [x] You hate the majority of modern music
    [ ] Rob Halford is God.
    -I listen to the following bands:
    [x] Judas Priest
    [x] Iron Maiden
    [x] Motorhead
    [x] Black Sabbath
    [x] Ozzy Osbourne
    [ ] Dio
    [ ] The Scorpions
    [x] Accept
    [ ] Savatage
    [ ] Girlschool
    [ ] Armored Saint
    [ ] Diamond Head
    [ ] Saxon
    [ ] Grim Reaper

    NU METAL is just fucking gay so im gonna delete this whole section on it

    1 Comment 321 weeks

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  • Lara P.F.G
    Lara P.F.G

    i miss you :(

  • Lara P.F.G
    Lara P.F.G

    take me up the bum......

  • Tamar
    luv Tamar

    hae l0sa l0ng tym n0 see hw yuU beeN hun?? 0x0x h0wz mi arbian prince taha 0x

  • Lara P.F.G
    Lara P.F.G

    you were the best date ever :) i had a wicked time ~~Lara xx

  • Cindy Tyler

    whats up Carly This hot chick with huge tits is showing on cam! Hit up jane25hottie@live.com on msn messenger before she gets off. Shes crazy!

    7/23/08 via Mobile
  • Tamar
    luv Tamar

    t0tEZ craNkin dA bEbz 0x l0vE==

  • Lara P.F.G
    Lara P.F.G

    hey husla how sit boiii seeet.......

  • A Class C
    A Class C

    Hustler Or A Hickory Buster Or BOTH ??????

  • A Class C
    luv A Class C

    Fukking Ghosts Man, Freaked Hard. M.s.M P*FUCKK Crip On'''iT

  • luv PotsandPansrobot

    fuckn come the fuck over to my fuckn house for some fuckn mad fuckn jams for fuckn rockquest fuckn fat CUNT Mc-fucker chuk uz yo numba n il hit j00 up bowt wen oi

  • A Class C
    A Class C

    CHeck out the curren now Man on my profile photo Chow P FUkk

  • Chris McLaughlin
    Chris McLaughlin

    Haha nice skin duder... hows shit garn man? guitaring coming along? I need you for my black metal project. ;)