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7/8/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

My 2 worst enemies...rachel green and complex carbohydrates...
Me, Myself, and I
16 now!!
rather small...and i laugh too much...: ).

-FRIENDS. you are all tres bonne
-the powermath girls (izzy aka. indimama ALI aka. aliibaba and ME aka.shovelly joe RULE)
-Prison Break
-Disney Films
-Hardcore gangsta rap....lol
-Oh my God!It's Worthington!....haha Aliiiii: )

Theres a snake in my boots....

Meadowhead School
Its over!Everyone better stay in touch!
Silverdale in september : )
Was amazing : )

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Born Ruffians - "Hummingbird"

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  • Mine and Beckys song-*At the pshe room*

    :) we are so creative!:)
    me and becky created this masterpiece to the theme tune of copacabana--the stars are meant to be read fast
    we were quite weird
    especially becky with her manic laugh:L :L

    x.Verse 1.x
    her name is olivia
    she smells like NIVEA
    her favourite drink is balsamic vineger--HERE!

    his name is jack
    he has no back
    he looks just like a worm,but he has no time to squirm

    his name is ed
    he has no head
    he likes to drink *tesco economy cheapo beer...*in his bed

    At the pshe
    the pshe room.....
    they gather together
    and discuss the *right and responsibilites about work experiance..* and the weather
    at the pshe....
    the pshe ROOOM!
    there is another verse..but its not finished...till next time
    x.Verse 2.x
    his name is jim
    he plays on sims
    *he makes characters of himself because he hates himself....*...bin

    :) :D :L thanks to :L :D :)
    * Olivia Murray *
    * Jack Laverick *
    * Ed Baxter *
    * Mr Mc *
    and of course the co-creator eekeb..aka becky
    without you it wouldnt have been possible
    :D by the eekeb mister and Salma the great:)
    we both have creative copyright on the song......x

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  • ..................................­.

    ι ∂σит киσω ωнαт тσ ѕαу.нмм ℓєтѕ тнιик.........

    0 Comments 364 weeks

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    Little Miss Chatterbox

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  • Bet

    salmaaaaaa, omg youve quit dancing, i know you did ages ago bt vie only just though about leaving you a comment lols how you doinggg? x

  • El.
    luv El.

    primarkkkkkkkk £10 that skirt hahaha hows salmaaaaaaaa? i need to see u at work :D and your beautiful smile :D ahhh yyeahh i got told off by sue for leaving nail varnish on :( not a good start for ellis haha love youxxxxxxxxx

  • Beck.
    luv Beck.

    hello salma! so much for the gym haha tut tut on my behalf! havent been for like 4 weeks now :O :O :O :O :O havent seen anymore chubby ppl either :( i feel lonely lmao just havin a sing song to boyzone :) u ok? and when u next gymin it? cause i would even miss hollyoaks to go now :D xxxx

  • El.
    luv El.

    i'm working with you on two shifts :D :O wooo cnt remember what day but sooooonish :) hows salma? :) btw my favourite part of that job is polishing knifes and folks :D =/ love xxxxxx

  • Joey
    luv Joey

    heeeya! its ok :) how are you? erm im not sure really, its my sisters birthday tomorrow so im being sent to my friends so she can have a party! lol you? ooo ive never seeen it actually! loveyou xx

  • El.
    luv El.

    ahh i'm scared salmaaaaaaaaaa :( help p meeee i will text you when i have credit lol oh god i bet i break everythinggg you know how clumsy i am haha still dancing with sally ?;) :L my my salmaaa xxxxxxxxxx

  • El.

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  oooooooooh :D on fridayyy and saturday :O u working then? :D woooh plate buddies i'll just end up smashing them accidently loooool:L collge is goooood thankyou a lotta work :( but gooooooood :D What bout you :) ? xxxxx

  • El.

    ellis is woorking at shefffield park hotel :D i believe you are too? :D xxxx

  • Beck.
    luv Beck.

    haha hello! :) Sorry i didnt text back had no credit. i've come back from devon today (haloweeen) oooo! it was sooo fun katy came too :D haha i saw damon at the gym too ! i went a few times on my own last week cause im cool. but i swear the lifeguards were watching me thinking i was going to kill someone or something! yeah! i got the job at debenhams :) start on 30th nov i'm better as well now thanks how r u? yeah i wanna do a class too i saw some "curvy" people trying to do the boxing one and was actually laughing to myself :P xx

  • Katy
    luv Katy

    hope your foot is okay (:

  • Natalie.

    "you're so gay!...." " i'm not...but someone else is!" :L :L :L oh that was such a funny day!:D :L ahahahaha xxxxx

  • Sarah
    luv Sarah

    SALLLLMMAAAA!! Lmao!!! Awww blessssss :P Omgosh my right hand always gets icicleyish! weird... Get a job at matalan ;) Leave sue the £4 job :P Be work buds :P I havent worked in ages... ah well :P what about youuuuuuu?!?!?! Omgosh... how long u on hol for?! When do u go! Will u be back for school!!!! U BETTER BEEEEEE WAAAAAHH Xxxx

  • Becky Pinnock
    luv Becky Pinnock

    SALMA!! got spanish arent u happy :) u seein me all afternoon..i no ya r ya luv meeeeee haha hasta luego ohh ya btw fit manz album is now deletetd hahaha xxxxxxx

  • Katy

    no did did. and yeah that one in the band :) wolsenhome, legend! yeah i can imagine he'd be lurking around there somewhere. i mean, have you SEEN those muscles? Phwoaaar.