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passed my driving theory (Y)

5/30/09 | me too! | Reply

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    Miss Rebbeca Buckton
    Haha Dance crazy Beckie. I've never known anyone drink so much water in one day and refil a bottle so much! Upgraded to my amazin P.E class just in time for the bleep test! Business buddy! :D xxx

    Miss Amy Hudd
    Hehe UWE what a great few days! We lived together, and sat up in the coridoor till the early hours chatting! What a laugh! Inflatable games and hilarious meal times hiding food in the cups and with gabby's describtion of the food as looking like "Dog's bollocks". Funny times with you meet our mates at Char's birthday and me and Gabs meeting yours on your birthday! Taking pics in you living room watching eurotrip (Y) :D Seen each other a few times since UWE and never wanna loose touch because she's such a great person to be around! Lots of Love xx

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  • luv Athrun Wilshire

    honestly it was kinda boring i have 4 free lessons on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday which is insane, i wanted more lessons, im going to be bored shitless, i only dropped science, and even then i didnt really want to, but if i get an A in media and a B in computing i should get 340UCAS points, which is kinda good. and yeah no jeans, OH NOES, ohwell im sure people wont listen much, in the modern world, there isnt really anything OTHER than jeans, apart from trackies, which im sure she wont like. and damn wish id known, would have tagged along *smiles* so overall i spoze it was kinda boring but ok i spoze xxx

  • luv Athrun Wilshire

    thanks, im sure il be ok you gone for your interview yet? yeah i hear driving lessons can be a drag, but ohwell, i spoze it has to be done and no im ont doing anything for the weekend wednesday night, i went out over a friends for a kinda party thing, drank too much, and then didnt sleep for 33hours but other than that im not doing anything although i spoze i could drink this rather nice tequila i took from the party, alex was too wasted to remember bringing any, so i thort id take advantage, a friend and I were arguing over whos tequila it would be, i waited until he looked away and hide the bottle under my shoes anyway you doing anything for the weekend? xxx

  • luv Athrun Wilshire

    ive got my meeting on friday, aswell as a job interview and yeah you can see the film when its done.............if its done *wink* yeah i heard about people not being seen and things like that, so yeah and yeah i was trying to go for the neat and tidy babe magnet look, but i cant really put it off and i start driving soon, but i really cba with it, it involves effort and im lazy xxxx

  • luv Tom Wakley

    meh not reallyy.. dont really care just found it funny :D x

  • luv Athrun Wilshire

    haha fair enough, ive done nothign really, the only thing ive done school related is the film for media, and even then we havent finished it im good, although really tired, about 4am every day for the last six weeks and then my dad has banned me from sleeping after 10am, because i did crap in my science, even though everyone else did near enough the same as me, if not worse i cant wait to go back to school, its really boring here, and i wanna see people.............show off my new haircut *wink* have fun driving? xxx

  • luv Tom Wakley

    cheersss forr lovee gorgeous =]

  • luv Athrun Wilshire

    hey yeah you have a good holiday? you been ok? my holidays been kinda boring to be honest, but yeah xxx

  • luv Tom Wakley

    love back :)

  • Caroline.
    luv Caroline.

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy birthday babe ;) [cutting it a bit fine i know with like 10 mins to 12 :P , still your bday for the next 10 mins though haha) love you xxx

  • XHx
    luv XHx

    Happy 17th Birthday. Well done for passing your theory earlier. Hope you have had a great day. x x x x

  • luv Athrun Wilshire

    ARGH!!!!!!!!!111 long weekend been at deans since friday night and im leaving monday night at 8pm im very very hot as steves house is melting hope your weekend was good and thanks my exam went well, hope yours did aswell love xxxxx

  • Beth

    Yehh Im Sooo Bored :( And thankyouuuu x

  • luv Athrun Wilshire

    well on friday they were stolen from the gym changing rooms there have been a few robberys in the last few days I had those things taken, steve had his phone taken, and wait for it........tom had his clothes stolen it was hilarious i hope i dont get my stuff back, as i may be able to claim on insurance and get a new phone as my last one decided to pack up a few days ago (what a coincidence) love xxxxxxxxx

  • luv Athrun Wilshire

    haha you put "hope you had a weekend xxxxxx" yes i had a weekend, did you not? haha nah my weekend was ok i spoze annoying as i had to ring the police about my phone, zippo, wallet, and mp3 player being stolen, which is annoying hope yours was good aswell love xxxxxxxxx

  • Beth

    I went doctors today and i got signed of school for a week again ! And Coool x

  • Beth
    luv Beth

    Cool Nm Soo Boring Im Still ill ! :( Wubu2?

  • Beth
    luv Beth

    Hii Youu Okayy ? x <3

  • luv Athrun Wilshire

    dont really have anything to say atm, as im tired but love anyway love xxxxxx

  • luv Athrun Wilshire

    nope i have done no revision, im still not totally clear on what im spozed to be revising and i did some of my coursework but my other teacher didnt tell us what we had to do, so me and cookie handed some work in and the rest gave in nothing and yeah i did have fun jumping in and out of my room, il do it again soon, but im making something to go with my camera first (lenses) hope your weekend was good? love xxxxxxx