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Come one, come all and share the love the Hippy way :)
Me, Myself, and I
Let us be lovely, and let us be kind.
Let us be silly and free.
It won't make us famous, it won't make us rich.
But damnit how HAPPY we'll be!

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  • Conformism within the Non-Conformists

    Goths, Stoners, Emos, Punks, Hippies, Anarchists, Radicals or whatever you call yourselves, you are all part of the non-conformist or non-mainstream society.

    And i am damn glad you are! We need more people to be themselves instead of following a trend, but i ask you, when you drop out of mainstream society, and find more people like you who have also dropped out of mainstream society, arnt you in a way making your own little society with its own little set of conformist rules?

    For example: I went to Hack a while back and i decided to by some smokes. So i debated for a while what brand to buy (Cant remember what brand it was) and then went and brought them. So I then offered another Hack person one and they said something along the lines of "What did ya get that brand for, no-one smokes them, only whats-is-name and hes a freak"

    So it seems that even the most non-conformist of places still have to conform to a degree in order to be accepted.

    "That guy there listens to MCR yet hes wearing a Slayer shirt, what a wanabee, lets smash him"

    "Her hair isnt long enough to be like us, and those clothes are too mainstream"

    "That person cant even take a toke without coughing, He/she must not smoke pot often enough to be a stoner"

    We are made to conform even by those groups who hate conformists? How can we escape this endless judging?

    Well we could go live with some strange feral tribe in the amazon somewhere, but i bet you that even there you have to conform. "Och, that new guy Chama-che-wolla-wolla hasnt killed a crocodile with only a dead monkey yet, he isnt a man! He shouldnt be in our society!"

    Perhaps we could live in an anarchist village where everyone can be them selves 100%, But what about the chick who has bleeched blonde hair and a boob-job? "shes far to mainstream for us" the Anarchists would say, just because she is not conforming to what the anarchists think an anarchist should be like.

    The only way we could live in a truley non-conformist way, is if everyone stopped judging one another, that also means to stop sterio-typing each other. To do this we have to release our ego. The ego is the thing inside you who gets angry, the thing that makes you sad, and the thing that judges and hurts others. Once you go past the egos point of view then you are truly free to be yourself.

    If only everyone could see it this way, then we would be free to express our individuality without being judged for it.

    Come on guys! You Goths, Stoners, Emos, Punks, Hippies, Anarchists and Radicals are the only people keeping this world together! Lets stop the Conformity within the Non-conformists eh?

    5 Comments 278 weeks

  • deadly

    peace!! save the trees!!

    3 Comments 339 weeks

  • please read

    I've never met a chicken i didn't like. But chickens on factory farms are crammed into crowded cages so small that they can't turn around or even spread a wing. Their beaks are sliced off without anesthesia before being crammed into overcrowded warehouses.
    Cows, calves, pigs, turkeys, ducks, and other animals suffer terribly on factory farms, too. Kept in small overcrowded sheds, stalls, cages, or crates, where they're often unable even to lie down comfortably, these intelligent, social animals are deprived of veterinary care, exercise, sunlight–even the feel of grass under their feet. Every time I sit down to eat, I choose compassion by choosing vegetarian foods.
    I’m heart smart and cancer-unfriendly. Vegetarian men have a 46 percent lower chance of suffering a heart attack while vegetarian women are less than one-fourth as likely as meat-eaters to get breast cancer. In addition, a vegetarian diet helps prevent strokes, osteoporosis, kidney stones, many cancers, diabetes, hypoglycemia, kidney disease, peptic ulcers, hernias, obesity, gallstones, hypertension, asthma, impotence, and many other diseases.
    Vegetarian foods keep you slim, your skin clear, If you wouldn’t eat veggies for your mother, maybe now you’ll do it for your lover!
    Vegetarians live longer, healthier lives. One 21-year-long study that compared meat-eaters and vegetarians showed that the greater the meat consumption, the greater the death rate from all causes combined.
    Vegetarianism is an automatic cholesterol-cutter. The only foods that contain cholesterol are animal products, like meat and dairy. And since a three-decade-long study found that not a single subject with a cholesterol level below 150 has ever developed heart disease, that's hard to ignore!
    Vegetarians save an acre of trees each year. In North America, Great Britain, and throughout the world, forests are being destroyed to create pastures for livestock. Between 1960 and 1985 alone, nearly 40 percent of all Central American rain forests were destroyed to create cheap grazing land for cows later served on North American and European plates.
    I want to help conserve scarce resources. Producing just one hamburger uses enough fossil fuel to drive a small car 20 miles and enough water for 17 showers. In fact, more than half of all water used in the U.S. is used to raise and kill animals for the table.
    Vegetarians are in good company. When we choose soy over sausage, and chickpeas over chicken, we’re echoing the choices made by Albert Schweitzer, Leo Tolstoy, Pythagoras, Albert Einstein, Gandhi, and dozens of other great thinkers throughout history.
    Veggie food tastes great! Seven-bean chili, raspberry sorbet, spinach lasagna, gingery baked beans, coconut-pineapple curry, wild mushroom risotto, eggplant crostini, potato croquettes, strawberry crêpes, grilled portobello mushrooms, Szechuan noodles, spicy tomato zitie etc etc

    9 Comments 341 weeks

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  • commercialization of the CND sign

    Ronan by Ronan
    50 years ago the CND or "PEACE" sign was created by gerald holtom, a member of the CND movement, as the badge of the ’direct action committee against
    nuclear war’, by the thinking of process of goya's painting of the peasant facing the firing squad in "third day of may" with his palm out streched and body straight and also by the semaphore for c and d which = /\ and I, if you put the circle around that you get the sign.
    But anf it is a rather big But, today the likes of gucci and dolce and gabbana have almost completley de-moralised the symbol by creating so-called "hippie style" lines of clothing doused in the CND sign.
    just recently a pedant of the sign has been made into 24 carrot diamonds.
    the meaning has really changed since the very anti-fashion marchers against nuclear war in london. It does sadden me to see the legendary symbol more and more appearing on the back of catwalk models and less and less on the front of Ban The Bomb.

    Ronan Carey
    1 Reply 256 weeks
  • The 1st step to peace is understanding

    Shenanigans by Shenanigans
    "You can fool some people sometimes, but you cant fool all the people all the time. So now we see the light, we're going to stand up for our rights" - Bob Marley

    In order to attain peace we need to understand the real underlying causes to the lack of peace:
    The world population continues to be dominated by people who don't think for themselves while ridiculing those who do, as they hand their power over to the authorities which they know little about and whose intentions they do not question. We continue to accept official explanations, controlled by those who lead us astray with psychological warfare on a mass scale as they have done for many centuries. One has to come to understand exactly who they are and how they destroy our peace, it takes weeks of research and thinking.

    To understand one must follow the knowledge and factual information which is most ridiculed/marginalised/ignored by "The Establishment", and the mainstream culture whose perceptions it manipulates. Since "The Establishment", which has power over the bodies which control/restrict the passage of information, has a vested interest in keeping the masses ignorant; let their lack of a voice be heard.

    I have many blogs i'd love you to read, but this doco is great too. www.zeitgeistmovie.com < Free download. It's the most downloaded movie in the history of the www and may begin your search for truth.
    0 Replies 264 weeks

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Bob Dylan - Masters of War

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    peace :) ! we must heal our wounded planet, we are killing out soul, our womb, our mother! love&respect the planet as you love&respect your brothers and sisters. anna shields, age 13 xx

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    Peace is Love.. R.I.P. -John Lennon..

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  • Hippies and Kombi Vans
    luv Hippies and Kombi Vans

    Hey Guys. Great band!! Your right, Bob dylan is a legend. Join our band as well =] Then we can really spread our message! Peace xx

  • Christine

    ☮ Isnt it sad how we try to promote world peace and some people throw it back in our face. Dont come crying to the hippies when your ass catches on fire from glabal warming

  • George Harrison II
    George Harrison II

    Ger devine what the fuck have you been smokin?? Bob Dylan wrote that song about war and the destruction it causes and why we shouldnt have war so its basically an anti war song which is 1oo % agreeing with hippies And peace to you too kieran grow your hair again man!!!! Peace out!!

  • FIlly

    yo peace to all:)

  • Ger Devine

    The song "Masters of War" is a complete contradiction of hippie-ness. That was the whole reason Bob wrote it. CHANGE IT!!!!

  • Greenpeace Sign On 7/14/09
  • Gwen

    :) x

  • 7/6/09