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Loocy Loo

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  • Female, 21, Luv 180
  • from Boston
  • I am Married
  • Profile views: 1,649
  • Member since: July 2005
  • Last active: Feb 27
  • www.bebo.com/miniz_rok
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About Me

I win :) ...
Me, Myself, and I
Lucy (Y)



(Y) Sunny days
(Y) Parties
(Y) Ice Cream

I'm a generally happy person

Ice cream solves all problems

I am not easily offended

I get excited about thee simplest things

Italy is the best country, i reckon

The word knob is bonk backwards
...haha the irony

*Keep smiling*
It good for you, promise

The Other Half Of Me


This girl is simply awesome

There are many people in my life who I consider to be amazing. . .
They should know who they are <3
Bright colours are the bees knees. . .
And hugs are the cats pyjamas
I really enjoy films. . .
I love films which you can watch over and over again
...and then watch over again once more
I listen to a variety of music. . .
I love songs which you can't help but sing along too
He says the nicest things
anyone has ever said to me
...and the best part
...(He says he means it)

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  • Simon G
    luv Simon G

    just thourght i would drop a comment and tell you that I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! xxxxxx sorry bout the picture lol

  • Georgiax

    Hey everyone! Add my new profile!!!! http://goo.gl/spJsI

  • Emz
    luv Emz

    ello thought i wuld leave u a comment since u hvent had one in ages so hows u? luv :) xx

  • Maddy
    luv Maddy

    haha ur weird lol but i love u cus of it lol (thats a great save if i say so myself) haha my house is rediculously cold as normal lol :( :( love you xxxxx

  • Laurawr Masonn
    Laurawr Masonn

    ummm drunk gingerbreadmen nd yay star on forehead :D twas a good nyt :D love you xxxxx

  • Laurawr Masonn
    luv Laurawr Masonn

    loocy is tooooo cool:P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Simon

    lol im off switzerland too...it means u ave to put up wid me drinkin all week lol

  • Simon
    luv Simon

    yer....it bin a while gd im fine fanx doin anythin special over this yr

  • Simon

    hey!!! hows u??? avent spoke in ages

  • Tashaa
    luv Tashaa

    oooo i forgot to sayy you have a veryy pretty skinn :D i like it muchlyy :D i also like urr starsss on ur proflieeyyyy bit lol very pretty :D heres some more love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Tashaa
    luv Tashaa

    heyaaaaa!! how y'a doinn? thankuu very much for ur comments on my blog it made me chucklee and smilee :D i havnt seen you for like ageeesss :( are u doing that explorer thingyy in march? i hope ur having a good holiday and had an awsomee christmassss :D :D thankyouu for the comment on my piccitureee :D (i wud 2 u toooo ;) ) loveeeeyouuuu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Miniegg

    wow that was quick :P hi, i saw you at play towers and thought id add you :D lol

  • luv Regan

    Bebo mail about the party lol... could have done it here thinking about it. Text me if you got any questions, and hope to see you tomorow :) well today lol :P and can you do either of my blogs please :) they havent been done in agggges lol wb x x x x

  • luv Regan

    Just school and that... PlayTowers tomorow! :D lol And i might be having a party this weekend, i'll talk to you about it at playtowers :P See you there :P x x x x

  • Nath H
    luv Nath H

    ok then as i feelin generous i will let yuu av my luv bak

  • luv Regan

    It was great lol, all those reverse party games :P Stand up bingo, pass the hat, wrap the parcel lol Could've done with it extending into a house party lol :D but it was pretty funny :P ...The hide and seek tornament :P what you been upto today then? wb x x x x

  • luv Regan

    Heya! Saw you earlier! :P and chatted, and partied :P lol Did you enjoy it? wb x x x

  • Maddy
    luv Maddy

    haha yea well ....:P u are a lil bit special hehe :P ill let u decide wat context thats in lol :P jokes xXxXx

  • luv Regan

    Just a little bit...almost died of hypothermia lol im so bored, upto anything this weekend? x x x

  • luv Regan

    im pretty good thanks :) did i see you on the rememberence day parade- i think i did :P I was with the army cadets :D wb xx