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final fantasy

who wants to talk final fantasy???

6/23/08 | me too! | Reply

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ruby weapon wot a bastard!
Me, Myself, and I
final fantasy is one of the biggest names in the gaming world and the movie world with the hit movie advent children.... final fantasy has had hit titles on the ps1, ps2, game cube, game boy, pc and not forgetting the classics on the nes an snes....games including great characters such as squall, cloud, tidus, zidane, yuna, vincent, zell, vivi, wakka, tifa, rinoa, lulu, riku, paine, barret, cid, red XIII, auron an many many more

alri peoples join an spread de ff greatness
can add us too if yis wan toodles

ders some ff music on me page if yis wan dem take away

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Final Fantasy VII - Aerith's Theme (Piano Collections)

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  • favourite final fantasy song

    whats your favourite song from the series?

    33 Comments 311 weeks

  • fave character good bad random any1 anything?

    let us know whos your favourite character from the ff series 1-12 x-2 tactics derge of cerberus everythin

    23 Comments 311 weeks

  • buster


    1 Comment 311 weeks

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  • Sanji
    luv Sanji

    cause i love the gun blade

  • Sanji
    luv Sanji

    final fantasy 8 is my all time favorite

  • .The Flower Maiden.

    Need somemore Final Fantasy people >.< Anyone interested in roleplaying with me (Aerith) Then just add me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • º- Yµffíe Kisärágí º
    º- Yµffíe Kisärágí º

    ♥ ♥A.D.V.E.R.T.I.S.I.N.G♥ ♥ ♥Join♥ http://www.bebo.com/NumberOne_F_F_Group ★●▬▬▬▬▬๑♥ → Roleplay → Have Fun → Meet people → blog → Drink → dont fight ♥๑▬▬▬▬▬●★ JOIN♥ http://www.bebo.com/NumberOne_F_F_Group JOIN♥ http://www.bebo.com/NumberOne_F_F_Group JOIN♥ http://www.bebo.com/NumberOne_F_F_Group JOIN♥ http://www.bebo.com/NumberOne_F_F_Group JOIN♥ ~~~> All final fantasy fans call out in arms!! :3333, ♥

  • 兵士 Fair

    Anyone up for a roleplay session? Preferably FFVII. Add me if you're interested. - Zack [;

  • Deleana Winder 2/21/10
  • Ripper Man

    best final fantasys are 7 and 8

  • Powerline Sarah 8/19/09
  • Steven

    ok scott am sorry to burst your bubble but seph is only beaten in single combat with cloud when cloud pwns him with omnislash so sorry

  • Danger Mouse
    Danger Mouse

    doing NMIELL you can get to cloud lvl 9 but getting upto Sephiroth theres no record of annyone beating him completely yet they have gotten upto the last form, or bizzaro Sephiroth.... NM: no Materia IE: Initial Equiptment LL: low Level but sure if u can get knights of the round and if u have atleast 250mp then sure u could own him lol but good luck with lvl 9 is all

  • Johnnymoloney

    there is no way sephiroth can be beaton at level 9 so dont talk shite, its not even possible to get there at level 9, well unless you use cheats but those people are wankers. as for ruby weapon, piece of piss. love final fantasy

  • Luke

    scott, (guy furhter down) i beat sephiroth lvl 46, so you cant be the best, ther is people who done it with cloud at lvl 9

  • Khemical D.
    Khemical D.

    FF7 is epic the rest.....not so much :L still the music on every game rules oh and add me peoplexx

  • Nobuo Uematsu Tribute
    Nobuo Uematsu Tribute

    if you like the music of final fantasy join this group http://www.bebo.com/NobuoUematsuTribute

  • Scott

    i think im the best at finalantasy 7 because i defeated sephiroth at level 70 :D without kinghts of the round table and without omnislash (H)

  • Barry Masterson

    bob finegan is cool fr makin this page!! :L :D

  • Ekkei Sortino

    whats that game called with squall versus sephiroth and cloud against number six bosses and stuff