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Xxx Lorna Dalybox Xxx

bop bop bop bop baby bell

11/2/09 | me too! | Reply

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♥Im not stupid....my brain cells are jus blonde♥
Me, Myself, and I



LeTs Go OuT EsPiCaLlY....LiKe Oh My GoD!!!

Dublin was well BING BING!!

So apparently Disneyland have job openings!....Cinderella move OVER!!:P

I LOVE EOGHAN he robbed a boob 4 me!:L

♥NiCkNaMe-Dalybox/All Brains in work...sound lads!
♥Blown out- 19 candles
♥FeLl FrOm HeAvEn-22nd august
♥WoRkIn- Minnies/CREATION nytclub!:D
♥BrUsHeS -blonde/brown hair
♥Status-taken x
♥LuKs Tru- Green eyes

Sam Witwicky-Transformers
Fifty years from now, when you're looking back at your life, don't you want to be able to say you had the guts to get in the car!
The Other Half Of Me
Niamh McGrath

Niamh McGrath

My PDA partner!! ;)x

Drivin up towards the red cow and yvonne aks:lads what does LUAS mean??
UNA: big space ship.....now shut up im tryin ta concentrate here!! Every1 :L :L AHAHA
www.lornadalybox.com@hotmail.com....yaa i know u dnt need ta put in www. well i do now!! SOUND

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    Wot do u think about my...

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    7. what was ur first impression ov me?.......
    8. do u still fink the same?......
    9. What reminds u ov me?.....
    10. If you could giv me anything wot wod it b?......
    11. How well do u no me?......
    12. Whens the last tym u saw me?.....
    13. Eva wanted 2 tell me sumthing u couldnt?......
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    Mary Theresa Fitzpatrick

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  • Martha C
    Martha C

    You make me vomit!!

  • Mikey Daly
    Mikey Daly

    i doo hav u as a frend lol

  • Damien

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  • luv Niamh Berkery

    Hello! Da delay?? did i evn write 2 u?!!!! :L :L O me 2! I must find u nd add u! :) Im gud now nd u? Im jus doin a special needs course dis yr? Wbu???? xxxx

  • luv Niamh Berkery

    Hey missey! How are u?? I avnt tlked 2 in like soooo long, in crrazy! :L x x x x x x

  • Lizzy -'Maac
    Lizzy -'Maac

    :'( :'( :'( I Taut We werre Bstest Friends Like OMG :'( I'm Like Rely Upset Nw :( Im neva Guna Talk 2 U Agen (Nly Messin Bt Wudnt ya luv it Lmao) Soz No Luv

  • Aisling Walsh
    luv Aisling Walsh

    howdy leopard legs how r u x

  • Cossie
    luv Cossie

    ha ha sound

  • Cossie
    luv Cossie

    you didn get into the car. ou chose the van

  • Muireann Gleeson
    luv Muireann Gleeson

    Were in 324 3rd floor..its lik our only excersise:L :L ..Half of tipp r here..ud luv it:L !!Oh did ya meet her bless..she got a new fone d oder day..same numb u no her 4keepin in touch doh:L :L ..its joann o connells 21st 2m actualy:D !Course is grand..gona get tough..how bout u..wat ya doin dis yr?!?xxx

  • Muireann Gleeson
    luv Muireann Gleeson

    I miss u my luv:( ..wen u comin 2 visit:D :D !?Dez Paidi nd Rory r livin downstairs 4om us dis yr..how random:L :L ..already gotten 2 warnings:L :L !!xxxx

  • Colm Curran

    haha i find dat very hard to believe lorna!!!!!:) ohhhhhh ya cant wait to hit da books!! reckon 600pts is wat ill get!:) are you in college??

  • Ronan O Connell
    Ronan O Connell

    ya i was ha u wer prob like oh fuck who was dat.ur prob the first person i no dat i eva saw in that park. were blizards any gud.saw em goin in to creation and the lukd like freaks