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Eric Fitzgerald

Shaving my head bald for DIT RAG Week...interested in sponsoring? Give us a shout!

1/13/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 24, Luv 110
  • from Clonmel
  • I am Single
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In the nip or covered in twigs!
Me, Myself, and I
Cop on to yourself, young fella. You'll shame this family yet.

So, apparently half the cast of Stew are in Batman Begins. Jaysus, that was a shite programme.

I'm up the back in that picture, fairly obscured. Probably for the best.
Bang bang the jang jang
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Sure some smell of buzz offa that
Rugby union (Munster, Ireland, Clonmel), soccer (Spurs, Waterford United), cricket (a grand aul sport once you sit down and watch it), hurling & football (a good game of either is some stuff to watch), Texas Hold 'Em, drinkin', eatin', sessionin', hangin', Playstation 3-in', actin', writin', directin', News Soc-in', Drama Soc-in', college-in', relaxin', sleepin', listenin', watchin', livin', it's a smashing yoke is this life malarky.
Wouldn't piss on it so I wouldn't
Bees, wasps, people in those big-ass animal costumes, shorthand (anyone doing Journalism knows what I'm talkin' about), bad pints, queuing for ages for drinks, pissy lecturers, D4 heads (the cocky, obnoxious kinds, not the the sound ones like Ian, Sparrowhawk, Siubhan et al), scratched CDs, Arsenal, socialism (doesn't worked, Castro, Lenin, Stalin et al tried it, they didn't get it right), bad food, the fact that no restaurant/cafe in the world does rashers the right way, crap hot chocolate, bad grammar, Man United, Leicester Tigers, Leinster Rugby, right wing extremists, left wing extremists, Sinn Féin, the Green Party, people who can't FUCKING SPELL!!! (sounds snobby, I know, but we journos are trained to look out for such mistakes!), people who use "it's" when they mean "its", Pete Doherty, people who sigh, look at me incredulously and say "Sports?!?" when I mention my love thereof...the list goes on...
You can bayte your wife
But you can't bayte the craic
We won't find him, so this is a eulogy of sorts for him. He may have pissed all over the place and been a stubborn bollix, but we still loved him. He reached a grand old age of 14. May he rest in pieces, considering we think he was eaten by a bird of prey.
Go Team Fresh!

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  • Another ad from times past

    WRITER'S BLOC tells the story of two Ideas, thrust into existence in a Writer's mind.

    As they struggle to develop some sense of identity and discover where they are and what they are, they encounter other characters who serve only to clarify or confuse matters even further.

    All the while, a Writer rages, trying to put to paper a concept that they know is great material. But the creative process is a tough mistress...

    WRITER'S BLOC is the second play written by Eric Fitzgerald, and it is his first directing with David Gavigan.

    Idea 1: Karl Watson
    Idea 2: Orna Cunningham
    The Writer: Jemma Curran
    Plagiarism Fairy: Zachary Kelly
    Him: John May
    Her: Clare Cullen
    Idea 3: Jill Flannery
    Deliveryman: Hugh Ruddy

    Written by Eric Fitzgerald
    Directed by Eric Fitzgerald & David Gavigan
    Lights by Emmet O'Grady
    Sound by Emer Tunney

    WRITER'S BLOC runs from December 1-4 inclusive at The Black Box Theatre, DIT Aungier St. Performance begins at 7pm.

    Tickets are €5 for students and €8 for adults.

    1 Comment 243 weeks

  • DIT Drama Festival 2008 - Awards Night

    Alright On The Night: Who Really Runs The Student's Union?

    Best Vibe: Lettice & Lovage

    Rookie of the Year: Emmet O'Grady (or was it Fiachra Duffy?)

    Raising The Bar: Portia Coughlan

    Best Set: Portia Coughlan

    Best Sound & Lighting: Donal O'Meara, Portia Coughlan

    Best Costume: Dangerous Liasons

    Best Original Writing: Eric Fitzgerald, Listen

    Best Ensemble: Listen, The Entire Cast

    Best Supporting Actress: Grace Morgan, Listen

    Best Actress: Pearl O'Rourke, Portia Coughlan

    Best Supporting Actor: Emmet O'Grady, Lettice & Lovage

    Best Actor: Phil Doran, Lettice & Lovage

    Best Director: Fiachra Duffy & Billy Walsh, Lettice & Lovage

    Judges' Discretionary Awards
    Conor: Susan McDaid
    Mary: Orna Cunningham
    Fiona: Emmet O'Grady

    Directors' Awards

    Best Overall Production: Portia Couglan

    2 Comments 280 weeks

  • An ad from times past

    LISTEN, a play written and directed by Eric Fitzgerald, examines human relationships which begin and end for better or worst. Narrated by two unconventional characters, Here and There, who represent positive and negative aspects of a place respectively, this production mixes drama, comedy, tragedy and music to provide a thought-provoking look at the impact people have on one another.

    Running: 13th-15th March 2008

    Venue: Black Box Theatre, DIT Aungier Street

    Tickets: €5 (students), €8 (adults)

    Tara Brady
    Orna Cunningham
    Jill Flannery
    Susan McDaid
    Grace Morgan
    Rachel Ryan

    Director: Eric Fitzgerald
    Assistant Director: Aoise Tutty
    Choreography: Grace Morgan
    Lighting & Sound: Muireann O'Neill

    Part of the DIT Drama Festival, March 3rd-15th

    0 Comments 280 weeks

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    awwwwwwwwww i really wanted to draw a spectaculour portrait of a mug but ALAS.........

    YOU GET THIS!!!!

    Amy O' Brien 0 Replies
  • Thanks Eric :D
    Thanks Eric :D

    My heart was gone for the day, but heres a lil something back! Theres a mini-heart in there somewhere, can you spot it?! Lol You know why I'm thanking you!

    MaldoMumbai 0 Replies

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    They are giving away mac book air's http://alturl.com/eueau

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    .Maria Larkin.

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  • Kate Hanlon
    Kate Hanlon

    hey im deleting my bebo acccount, if you still want to hook up......add me on myspace - http://goo.gl/sczFI

  • Jacinta McHugh

    hey hun....long time no see..... hows u? ne news? xxx

  • Heritage Centre

    Hey Eric, We're releasing our single "I Will Protect You" this Friday in Whelans. Do Come!!! HC

  • John Quigley
    John Quigley

    Well Eric...my 21st is on in Clonmel rugby club Saturday 25th of april, hope ya can make it!!!

  • Brendan Walsh
    Brendan Walsh

    Wel Eric, wats de craic! I'm havin my 21st in Clonmel Og on Sat the 4th of April @ 9ish!! Call in if ur around!!! :)

  • MaldoMumbai

    G'luck with the head shave:D

  • Heritage Centre
    Heritage Centre

    We have our Debut EP launch in Whelans this Friday the 2oth.. You should defo come!!

  • Diarmuid

    Those fucking yids really test my patience

  • Charlie Keane
    Charlie Keane


  • MaldoMumbai

    Oh........:D Brilliant! Remind me on Saturday night to sponsor you!! Because I will most likely forget:P

  • MaldoMumbai

    Exam tomorrow Eric? Or are you finito?

  • Andy Lorna Geraghty
    Andy Lorna Geraghty

    wel hello there

  • Ciaran B
    Ciaran B

    What was the pubs reaction when Munster won?Cant believe they whereto happy!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacinta McHugh

    whats this i see about losing ones hair? back out on tp in march...final one....wahoo.. little infants is what i have... song singing and all that... tell me all about dortmund.....

  • Rachel Lyons
    luv Rachel Lyons

    Delighted to sponsor u! But can u not just pretend to shave ur head? Don't u remember what happened to samson??? xxxxxx

  • Amy O' Brien
    Amy O' Brien

    stuttgart, i think. i hear it is a very densley populated area and is the main manufacturer of cars in germany. lol ya see i'm researching it. :) i did my exams before christmas, they were hard but hopefully i did ok. good luck in yours again anyways! :) xoxo

  • Amy O' Brien
    luv Amy O' Brien

    i got the usual stuff clothes, etc etc etc nothing too exciting!!!!!!!!!! hope your exams go well (are going well), im sure you will fly them! awhhhh mulvey!!!! he's a good kid alright :) lol oh ya sure you are going to germany. ICH SPICK DIE GLICKEN HANNA SCHMITZ SPRACKEN TU ENGLISH VERMEN? i might be heading over to germany this summer, hopefully, with FNA eile! are you staying out there over the summer aswell? :)

  • Claire Sheehan
    luv Claire Sheehan

    Hey Eric wen are you doing that?? Ill throw lisa some money tomorrow for ya k!!! :D