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JukeBoxx Jamie

P4int3ers, you are the best and thank you for being there mate.

1/12/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 217
  • from Canterbury / Dover
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 14,600
  • Member since: August 2006
  • www.bebo.com/rockermanjmt
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About Me

It's Better To Burn Out..... Than Fade Away!
Me, Myself, and I
Hey I Am Jamie Or Turton Or Jukeboxx. I Am Doing Music Tech At Canterbury College.

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! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Yeah Thats Me ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

║(o )║
╚══╝Pour some sugar on me, In the name of love ♫

рaяτч ιiiκ℮ uя Oп ѕр℮ed
fυсκ ιiiκ℮ uя Oп сOсaiп℮
daпс℮ ιiiκ℮ uя Oп ℮cѕτaѕч

Loads Of Stuff About Me On My Blog Just Go Read It If You Want To Find Stuff Out About Me. If There Is Stuff Not You You Want To No Just Drop A Comment.


♥║ ║

(.Just Lookin For A Laugh.)

GIGS!!!!! XD

Kerrange Tour 31st Jan
Jimmy Carr 17th Feb
Bloc Party 11th Apr
The Other Half Of Me


DC Bois!

Def Leppard, RHCP, A7X Newton Faulkner, Kiss, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Van Halen, Alice Copper, Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blink182, Orson, The Kooks, The Fratellis, Linkin Park, Jack Johnson, Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach, Nickelback, Fall Out Boy, Busted, System Of A Down, Him, Finch, Trivium, Artic Monkeys, Jimmy Eats World, Feeder, Tenacious D, Sum41, Lostprophets, Lil Chris, Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, ACDC, KoЯn, Aiden, All-American Rejects, Simple Plan, Rise Against, Avenged Sevenfold, Dragonforce, CKY, Evanescence, Iron Maiden, Yellowcard, Stone Sour, Fightstars, Air Traffic, Biffy Clyro, Canjun Dance Party, Creed, Good Shoes, Jack Penate, Jet, Klaxons, Madina Lake, Minus The Bear, Muse, Paramore, PullTiger Tail, Switches, The Black Keys, The Dykeenies, The horrors, The Maccabees, Annd Many Many More
Happy Gilmore, Little nicky, Big Daddy, The Water Boy, Mr Deeds, 50 First Date, Going Overboard, The Longest Yard, Billy Madison, The Wedding Singer, Click, Bad Boys 1 & 2, Van Wilder, Rocky 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, The Warriors, Anchorman, The Italian Job, Lee Evens, White Chicks, Hot Fuzz, Wanye's World 1 & 2, TENACIOUS D Pick Of Destiny, Any Dvds That Are Of My Fav Bands Rocking Out
Bikein, Slamball, Football, Basketball I Like Most Sports Part From Rugby Because I Brake Easy lol
James Mc
JAMES : Well theres not much i can say about him apart from he is weird and i dnt eva want him to change.
Super Jizz
SAM : This Boi Is The Greatest Person To Talk To When Your Down Because He Can Always Get You To Smile. Me And Him Have So Many Different Words We Use Like "Woop Woop" I Cant Remember Them All But When Were Together Nothing Can Bring Us Down. Bros Befor Hoes. or is it Sex , Drugs Then Rock n Roll. MORE SAYINGS Two Kings And What Th Say

DC Bois
Lets Get Rockin
Dirty Little Pirate Hooker
Cold Init
I Ate A Big Red Candler
Do Not Tell Me You Missed That
Woop Woop
Yeah Roy
Where's The Baby... There It Is
Vote For Pendro
Pop Myelf In The Head With SuperMan
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turton
Fireman Sam
Train Mons
MSN / MySpace/Facebook
RockerManJMT@hotmail.co.uk ............ myspace.com/rockermanjmt.....
 .... rockermanjmt

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  • PLEZ DO THIS 4 ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1.love me?
    2.kiss me?
    3.take a shower with me?
    4.be my gf?
    5.let me sleep in ur bed?
    6.fuck me?
    7.do u like my style?
    8.do u think im funie?
    9.would you act differently around me if we were goin out?
    10.Wen n how did we meet ?
    11.Do u have a crush on me ?
    12.Giv me a nickname n tell me y u chose it ?
    13.Wat woz yr 1st impression of me ?
    14.Do u still think the same ?
    15.Wat reminds u of me ?
    16.If u cud give me anythin wat wud it be ?
    17.Wen woz the last tym u saw me ?
    18.Eva wnted 2 tell me summet bt u cudnt if so wht is it ?
    19.And finally tell me our most memorable moment 2getha (if we av 1)

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  • rock

    _+88________Rock On!!!____________

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  • About Me

    + My Appearance

    Hair Color: dark brown
    Hair Length: Mid Lenght Kinda Sk8er/Emo Not Black
    Eye color: Changes. Depends On Were The Sun Is.
    Best Feature: Personality
    Height: Not Sure But About 6.2 ft
    Braces?: No
    Glasses?: Yea But The Are Weird. Neva Reali Wear Them
    Piercing: Ear Percing, Eyebrow Percing
    Tattoos: No But I Want One
    Righty or Lefty: Righty!

    + My 'Firsts'

    First best friend: James Mccrossan
    First Award: Dntno
    First Sport You Joined: Hockey
    First Concert: Erm Busted

    + Favorites

    Movie: Adam Sandler Films
    Colors: Green
    Song: I Dntno Have One Cz I Love All Kinds Of Music. So It Is To Hard To Pick A Fav Song
    Sweets: All Sweets
    Sports to Play: BasketBall
    Book: Umm I Dntno Read If I Have To So Erm A Book With Loads Of Pictures
    Magazine: Kerang
    Shoes: DC'S ALL THE WAY But My Converse rock to!!!

    + Currently

    Feeling: HAPPY
    Single or Taken:
    Eating: Apple Lol I Lied
    Drinking:Choc/Banana Milkshake
    Typing: This Lol
    Online: Well If I Was Not Then How Would I Put This On My Blog So Yes I Am Online Lol
    Listening To: TENACIOUS D
    Thinking About: To Much Lol
    Wanting: A Little Bit To Much
    Wearing: My Sxcy Sk8er Jeans, DC's, A Plan Top And My New Hoody That Is Brown and Cream ( Strips )

    + Future

    Want Kids? Yes To And If I Have Girl It Will Be Called Hayley
    Want to be Married: Yes
    Careers in Mind: Music Based I Hope
    Where do you want to live?: In A House, In A Small Village, About 20 Mins Away From A City

    + Which is Better With The Opposite Sex?

    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Hair length: Enuf For Me To Play And Mess Around With
    Eye color: Green/ Brown
    Size: Smaller Than Me But That Is Very Easy Lol
    Cute or sexy: Cute
    Lips or Eyes: Eyes
    Hugs or Kisses: Hugs But Kisses Are Gr8 To
    Short or Tall: Both Lol
    Easygoing or serious: EasyGoing If It Is The Right Time
    Romantic or Spontaneous: Spontaneous And Romantic
    Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive But Loud Around My Family Because They Are Loud And Like Loud People Lol
    Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship
    Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: Either

    + Have I ever?

    Kissed a Stranger: Yes
    Had Alcohol: Little I Aint A Big Drinker
    Smoked: Yer
    Ran Away From Home: Yer, walked 12 Miles To The Only Person I Belived Who could Help And Look After Me. (You No Who You Are)
    Broken a bone: No I Have Broken Like 9 Lol
    Got an X-ray: Erm Yes
    Broken Someone's Heart: I Think So But I Neva Tryed Or Wanted To
    Broke Up With Someone: Yer
    Cried When Someone Died: Yer
    Cried At School: Ones, To Much Got On Top Of Me.

    + Do I Believe In?

    God: No
    miracles: Yer
    Love At First sight: I Am NOt Sure On That One
    Ghosts: No
    Aliens: NO
    Soul Mates: Yer
    Heaven: Yer
    Hell: Yer
    Kissing on The First Date: Yer (Hint Hint) Lol
    Horoscopes: Kinda


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