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Whats for you, will not go by you. :)

6/26/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Glasgoow
  • I am In a Relationship
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Kmg. 17. Mcdonalds. Uni(yn). amazing boyfriend :)

sorta sums me up :) xx
The Other Half Of Me
The Plan Man

The Plan Man

But I like youuuuu.

"Take the pain out of love and then love wont exist."

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  • Daniel Memories haha Only ;)

    You really should read these ;) Memories of me n my daniella .. but only cos she asked for it ;)

    16 Comments 292 weeks

  • Memories....=]

    leave me a memory guys !! no matta how small or big =] jst cheer me up :P

    20 Comments 331 weeks

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69 Things About Me

Height: 5'4 ?
Weight: idk :/
Birthday: 16th December
Town you were born in: Glasgoww.
Single or Committed: Committed
Favorite band: idk
Favorite sports team: celtic :)
Favorite drink: hmm, pepsi max :)
Favorite getaway: the wall or my room haha
Favorite pasttime: reading or msn :^)
Favorite reality show: Dont watch them much
Best thing to ever happen to you: My friendsss :)
Favorite clothes: idk.
Your hair color : Blondey-ish ?
Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi (L)
Do you kiss on the first date: depends :)
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
Favorite restaurant: CBK (L)
Favorite movies: good ones :) ?
Love or money: Love
Blondes or Brunettes: idc
Your ambition: To be as happy as I am now all the time
Ever bungee jumped: no :(
Ever swam in the ocean: eugh noo !
Ever been in love: Yes
Ever broken someones heart: I hope not
Had your heart broken: Eugh, no such thing.
Broke a bone: Far too many
Favorite TV show character: errr, jerry (L)
Cats or Dogs: Hard one, but cats i think ?
Pizza or Burger: Pizza (LL)
Your first crush: jeez, i really cant remember :(
Ever lied to your parents: ofc.
Worst fear: Cant tell.
Your weakness: Again, cant tell
Any tattoos: nup :(
Favorite subject in school: English (L)
Kisses or hugs: i like both :)
Done anything you regret: Not really, everything happens for a reason :)
Passive or aggressive: ahah, depends, i can be both
Morning or Evening: hmm, late morning ?
Summer or Winter: Summmerrr (L)
Ever won a sports medal: I dont think so :/
Ever been out of your country: uhuh
Your dream vacation: hmm, greece !
Best gift you have received: The bracelet david got me :)
Favorite Actor: idk
Favorite Actress: idk
Best compliment someone gave you: I dont take compliments, part from pretty haha !
Do you hate anyone: Hates an over used word, I strongly dislike people
Hip-hop or Rock: Rock probs
Favorite perfume: Ralph (L)
Ever been fined by a traffic cop: nuhuh
Country you: Greece :)
Ever been to a drive-in-movie: nup :(
Ever lied to teachers in school: ofc.
Craziest thing you: god, far too much
Your craziest dream in life: haha ! where do i start ?
Ever dyed your hair: kinda
City you live in: Glasgow
Favorite day of the week: Saturday i think
Favorite childhood memory: hmm, making a snowman with my mum haha
Do you swear a lot: all the time
Ever puked at a party: nup :D
Ever danced all night long: yupp :)
Have a crush on anyone: yess
Your best buddy these days: Jordan and David (L)
Are you a health freak: HAHA no :/
Vehicle you drive: dont drive :/

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  • KimlovesStuartx

    heeey hun pm mi yir number :D xxx

  • The Plan Man
    luv The Plan Man


  • Meganoneillx
    luv Meganoneillx

    U goin out on thurs? xx

    2/15/10 via Mobile
  • Meganoneillx

    No love left shal give u it 2moro:D ly (l) xxx

    2/10/10 via Mobile
  • Emma Lennox
    Emma Lennox

    eeem saturday night? xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Emma Lennox
    Emma Lennox

    yee same :) yeah souds good cos im kinda skint! movie night it is xxxxxxxx

  • Emma Lennox
    Emma Lennox

    aah stranger not spoke in like 3 daaays. good weekend? xxxxxxx

  • Omair Munir
    Omair Munir

    hahaha awk well u cursed the place with ur annoyin me its not healthy for me u knw :P a dnt gt stressd but as u noticed so ur lil devious plan dint work :L :L :) xxx

  • Omair Munir
    Omair Munir

    uu betta stop shoutin for thngs lyk 20 plain doubles misses ill end up makn thm 1 day n ul have 2 eat em allll :L :L xx

  • Emma Lennox
    luv Emma Lennox

    hahaha aw man why was i ont in :( ive not got any texts left btww :( give me a phone before thursday love you xxxxxxxxxx

  • Omair Munir
    Omair Munir

    Thats very sweet n kind of u thank u very much :) will return the love when a have some :D xxx

  • Katrina Loves Ryan
    luv Katrina Loves Ryan

    Hiyaaaa :) im alright thankyou! yourself? yeahh it was very good seeing ya after soooo long =) :P do much else at the weekend ? ly xoxox

  • Sam

    hiya hows u neen xx

  • The Plan Man
    luv The Plan Man


  • luv Luke

    hey kirsten :) aint talked 2 ya in a while - hows uni?? xxx

  • Meganoneillx
    luv Meganoneillx

    Have lovee:x

    1/5/10 via Mobile
  • luv Rachael.

    Hey babe! Heres the love i owe xxxxx

    12/27/09 via Mobile
  • The Plan Man
    luv The Plan Man

    i love you kmg Morrisons

  • Rachael.

    i know kirsten very unnacceptable! loll, yeees next week! yehaaa lol x ano but wen all you guys left it was so boring lol, your love tomorrow just ran out! Love you more xxxx

    12/22/09 via Mobile
  • Emma Lennox
    Emma Lennox

    heloooooooo youuuu:D hahahaha how hilarious is it! :L :L :L yup i love our wee shoppin daysssss (L) need to make sure i get a early night tomorrow. half 7 bus or something? hahaha. nope im off tomorrow! what shift are yaaaaaa? think of the money lol OKAAY THATS FINEEE PLEASEE!