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Ryan Still

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  • Male, 25
  • from United States
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  • Last active: 4/27/12
  • www.bebo.com/sTiLdOe90
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Hey whats up! My name is Ryan Still, I'm 20 years of age and almost ready to turn the BIG 21!!! I'm pretty pumped bout that. Some things I like to do are party, hanging with friends, watch and play sports, listen to music and all in all just have fun living life! If there is anything else at all that you wanna no bout me feel free to write and ill hit ya back. Thanks!
Hinder, Eminem, 12 stones, Nickleback, Three Doors Down, Papa Roach, Flobots, Daughtry, Matchbox 20, Lil Wayne, Stained, Saving Abel, Avenge 7 Fold, Nelly.
Butterfly Effect, Wedding Crashers, Talledega Nights, Saw, The Longest Yard, Knocked Up, Waist Deep, Four Brothers, Accepted, Old School, Underworld
Celtics, UNC Tar Heels, LSU Tigers, Royals, and of coarse the CHIEFS!!!
Scared Of
Happiest When
When I am stress free and having fun!

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  • Chris Chitwood
    Chris Chitwood

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  • Miranda Kae
    Miranda Kae

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    Miranda Kae

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  • Kayla

    well i'm only grounded a week this time so yeah after this week i'm free... until i get grounded again...sux

  • Kayla

    O same here! Can't find shit to do! And i keep getting grounded for stupid shit... I starting to think my dad keeps grounding me cause he doesn't want me to go anywhere.

  • Kayla

    sup? I havn't talked to u in like forever -lol- What u been up to?

  • Andrew Mackey

    hey i gave u some of my cake lol how was it? cmb

  • Kayla

    Dude like wtf is up!? lol

  • Andrea Motsinger
    Andrea Motsinger

    hey im just returning ur messages from ages ago i havnt heard from u for sum time now so give me a ring or some thing. PEACE!

  • Ella Caswell

    hey sweetie www.cool-offers.com bye bye

    7/22/08 via Mobile
  • LynnLynn

    OMG HIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!! wats sup ????? anything new cuz i only see u in ur car lol

  • Stacey Shaw

    wat kind a music r u inta

    3/30/08 via Mobile
  • Wil Pace
    Wil Pace

    whats up what have you been up to we need to hang out and get drunk again

  • Faith Spencer
    Faith Spencer

    Hey bud, yeah i got like 240 dollars for my bday which was good but i am spending all of that money on freakin christmas presents and stuff... well i call u thanks for call me back....lol.. i will call u later sumtime today have a great day bye bye Faith

  • Faith Spencer
    Faith Spencer

    Hey yeah u should be thankful that i introuduced u to to each other and stuff... but how are things going with u?? umm they are going pretty damn good for me and stuff!!! but i am going to call u sumtime and talk to u since i havnt talked to u in like forever and shit well u have a great night and how is work going for u by the way well talk to u later bye bye Faith

  • Katie Williams
    Katie Williams

    hey hun i just wanted to tell you how happy you make me feel. i thank faith every chance i get for introducing you to me. when im with you i feel like my self and i don't have to act like someone im not. well ttyl Your Tard Baby lol