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  • from whanganui a tara kaihiki tetii
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taiopuru, ahupiri, Konini, ariki-tamaroa
Me, Myself, and I
ko karena puhi tenei Sup or whatever hi ka nui te mihi ki a koutou e mataki mai nei i aotearoa me te ao hoki. tena koutou katoa. no nga puhi, te ati awa, te aupouri, tautohe, hamoa me te maha ake o nga iwi o aotearoa mai ke i a ngati kuri aku koa

nau mai ki te kotiti haere kei runga nga taura nei kia kimi ai nga mea o te wahanga nei moku so chur and leave a comment if yu wish mind you you do not have to look through the pics, help thyself its all good

heres a new waiata



heres a song about our time in taumarunui raa

its about a tuwharetoa ariki o matapuna taumarunui tetahi atu iwi hapu whanau o matou

You can check it out here:


join this group
Iwi Independence Paati

We are the political Paati that will

return aotearoa to the control and governance of iwi hapu and whanau the indigenous people.

see all whenua in aotearoa returned to its indigenous owners iwi, hapu and whanau.

help bring about the wishes of our ancestors, which is to see aotearoa governed by Iwi hapu and whanau.

encourage collective decision making

bring about the nationalization of all Industry, farming, dairying, forestry, international trade, manufacturing, business, finance, mining companies etc., to an iwi, hapu whanau paremata.
Nga kaupapa:

Te whakahokia te Mana Motuhake o enei Motu ko Aotearoa ki nga Iwi Hapu me nga Whanau

Te Tu he Paremata a Iwi, Hapu, Whanau o Aotearoa

Ko te whakamana nga whenua ki nga Iwi whanau hapu
death metal, soul, r&b, reggae, in Te reo

heres a cool game


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  • Tautoko Gerrard Otimi

    Get real whanau

    As iwi hapu and whanau we have been adopting tribes from all the world for eons. In fact we adopted over three thousand people of Samoa through the toumou process in 1947 my mother was included I am one of those.

    Way to go Whanaunga Otimi, kia kaha Okahukurapukekauwhatawhataarangi i te kaha o tenei kaupapa, I te mea ko te whakataa tenei he tikanga o nga tangata whenua ko te "toumou" "tomo" that is the process being used here. Mena e hia ana te awhinatanga o te whakata o tenei toumou me waea ki au 0273488929 kia whakapaipai i nga ture o nga tatou. ka whakatinanatia nga moemoea I waenga i a koutou I a matou I moemoea e nga matua tupuna I kohuru e nga pakeha.

    Ko Te haerenga tenei o te whakakotahi nga tangata whenua o Te Moana Nui A Kiwa, I te mea kei a matou i konei te whakakaha o te ngawe o nga iwi hapu o te Pacific. Hoatungia ratou nga "Puhi" kia marenatia etehi o ratou ki ou tangata reri ki te marena a marena ai. Ko nga Puhi toumou a ka whakapai te pouri kei runga i a tatou katoa Me waihoa te riri o te pakeha, me nga iwi taurekareka. Kei te whakaae ou mahi nei he mea pai tonu. Koinei ke te whakapaingia o te tu mai o nga paremata a iwi te hianga nui o matou katoa waihoa nga mea kikino o te pakeha me haere tonu matou ki te whakatu he paremata i roto o ia hapu o ia hapu a ka kahangia tatou mo te pakanga nui kei te haere mai tonu.

    Shame on the government
    controlling our lives
    its really bad up here for our peoples
    shame on the pakeha
    dis suppos ta be a good blace
    dey tryin to wipe us out
    imma no gonna back down
    not gonna bak down no way
    its really bad up there for our peoples
    how can we survive
    we been herded around like cattle
    we do not want you pakeha here
    we can live our own lives

    Karena Puhi

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  • indigenous rights

    UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

    The petition calling on the government to support the UN Declaration has now gone to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Select Committee, and the Committee has requested a written submission in support of the petition. The deadline for the written submission is mid April, and the final batch of signatures will be attached to it. Therefore the final deadline for return of signatures is Thursday, 16 April - so if you have any signed petition forms, please make sure they are posted to Peace Movement Aotearoa, PO Box 9314, Wellington 6141 on Tuesday, 14 April at the latest. If you have any opportunity to collect additional signatures between now and then, that would be great - the form is available on the UN Declaration web page at http://www.converge.org.nz/pma/decri... or from email pma@... Thank you.

    * Questions on NZ government's position on the UN Declaration

    On Tuesday, both the Maori Party and Green Party asked questions in parliament about the government's position on the UN Declaration (transcript of questions and replies below), in the light of the Australian government's announcement that it will issue a statement of support for the Declaration tomorrow, finally fulfilling an election promise made 16 months ago. While the quality of the statement remains to be seen, the Australian government's change in position nevertheless means that now only three UN member states continue to oppose the UN Declaration - NZ, Canada and the United States.

    Question and Answers - 31 March 2009

    5. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - Government Position

    HONE HARAWIRA (Maori Party -Te Tai Tokerau) to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: Will New Zealand be following Australia's lead in reconsidering its position, and giving New Zealand's unqualified support for the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, thereby reversing the New Zealand Labour Government's vote against it in 2007; if not, why not?

    Hon JOHN KEY (Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs): Australia has recently reviewed its stance on the declaration. An announcement on its new approach is expected on Friday. We will look at the way the Australian Government interprets the declaration and will see whether its interpretation is applicable in New Zealand. However, I cannot comment until we have seen what the Australians are saying about their support.

    HONE HARAWIRA: Tena koe, Mr Speaker. What recent advice has the Minister received from officials regarding New Zealand's position on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples?

    Hon JOHN KEY: In November 2008 the Ministry's briefing to the incoming Minister outlined New Zealand's position on the declaration. Since then, the Minister has received several pieces of advice giving him background on the declaration and the position taken by New Zealand.

    HONE HARAWIRA: Has the Minister been involved in any discussions with his Australian counterparts regarding the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples; if so, what has been the nature of those discussions?

    Hon JOHN KEY: Yes, the Minister of Foreign Affairs had an informal conversation with his Australian counterpart on Sunday, 29 March, in which the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was covered.

    CATHERINE DELAHUNTY: Tena koe, Mr Speaker. Why is Aotearoa New Zealand one of only three countries that oppose recognising indigenous rights under this UN declaration?

    Hon JOHN KEY: It is important to understand, with regard to the declaration, firstly, that it is aspirational and is not legally binding. New Zealand takes its international obligations seriously and does not support texts unless we are able to implement them. So the issue is whether it is possible to do that.

    [Uncorrected transcript—subject to correction and further editing.] - http://www.parliament.nz/en-NZ/PB/De...

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  • indigenosu genocide


    MNN Mar. 27, 2009. We are told the world is overpopulated and that it must be depopulated! We are finding out it is part of the old eugenics plan to create a “super race” and get rid of those who they deem to be “useless eaters”. It’s a code for systematic killing of us and people of color, in violation of international law and norms. The serial killers making these blatant plans to carry out “mass executions” must be stopped. The economic melt down is being used as their incentive to proceed. Outright killing and bio-terrorism strategies are being perfected and practiced on us. It’s a pet project of the elite. It’s common knowledge that Prince Phillip said that after he dies, he wants to come back as a deadly virus to reduce the earth’s population by 90%.

    Henry Kissinger set up the old ideas that President Obama is following. [Hey, isn’t he a person of color?] Kissinger was National Security Advisor NSA and Secretary of State for Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford in the 1970's.

    Like King George VI and early elitist Thomas Malthus, Kissinger says that humans will eat and reproduce until there is standing room only on the planet. He thinks he should rebalance the natural world to his way. In his memoirs, "The Final Days", control over life and death is a sexual high as "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac". We think that the megalomaniacs should not reproduce.

    Kissinger helped write the classified memo dated December 10, 1974 for the U.S. National Security Council called “The National Security Study Memorandum 200, Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests (NSSM200)”. President Gerald Ford adopted it as official U.S. policy in November 1975. Getting control of the world's food was one way to gain control of the people. To get food and medicines, developing countries had to agree to tough birth control programs and to drastically reduce their population. People resisted, of course. Kissinger and his cohorts decided to resort to wars.

    The myth of “overpopulation” is promoted, particularly against Indigenous people and people of color. We are standing in the way of their plunder of the Earth's resources and destruction of life. As Kissinger said, “The fast growing populations are prone to civil unrest”. It’s because we are hungry for life! Young Indigenous people are their highest concern because they could drive away investors!
    The UN adopted the “World Population Plan of Action” in 1974 to keep the global population below 8 billion. Recently it was lowered to 1.5 billion so they can enjoy the North American materialistic lifestyle of creature comforts, gross obesity and desensitization. They are unconcerned about natural cycles of life. They set a limit of two children per family. They saw that it would require "vigorous efforts" while pretending it's voluntary.

    Birth control devices did not slow down the birthrate of the 13 targeted countries: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia, and Colombia. President Luis Lula of Brazil told a gathering attended by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown that the global financial crisis was caused by “the irrational behavior of white people with blue eyes” [news.bbc.co.uk].

    Kissinger's war crimes are well documented in “The Trial of Henry Kissinger” by Christopher Hitchens. Kissinger was involved in genocidal massacres of millions in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh (Pakistan), East Timor (Indonesia), Burma (Myanmar) and Chile.

    Fertility is a threat worse than nuclear war. Many personal care products are being made with toxic chemicals and endocrine disrupters which affect reproductive function and fertility. Subversive fertility control technologies have been around for a long time.

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December 31, 2009 01:44 AMNudz said
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May 17, 2009 05:57 AM-Puhikai-Moana-Karena said
Live Iwi Music

Nga Tama Kino
Te Rongo O Te Tini
Te Kemara

Mariner Hotel
Titahi Bay

29th May 2009
8pm - 12.30AM
October 01, 2008 07:45 PM-Puhikai-Moana-Karena said
America imploding

The so-called power-full (snicker snicker) more like power-less american capitalists and its allied forces in Afghanistan, the middle east, and everywhere else it has its army navy and Air-force are bleeding from the wounds inflicted on them by the combined indigenous peoples forces it has been fighting worldwide. Indigenous peoples fight with their bare hands, they charge tanks with nothing but their fists, women with their children will charge a host of american soldiers. American tank tracks get so clogged with the rotting putrid flesh of dead and dying indigenous peoples that they grind to a halt where they can not escape the oncoming hordes of indigenous peoples streaming down from the hills and out of the sea, we are everywhere where once was thought to be a tree now is a ten foot warrior charging at you with a quivering mere aimed at your head.

This is like the Korean war and the malay war where the indigenous people refuse these marauding invading americans the right to come in and remove all the natural resources that are theirs and in the process kill us all, so the indigenous people set up blood line links for those of each tribe that want to go and fight the invaders. It is like a natural thing the people themselves are confronted with an industrialized enemy that arrived on their shore with huge armies built from the spoils the elite had stolen from other unfortunate indigenous peoples they came with their huge machines, this was supposed to enable them to be able to move anywhere around the world at lightning quick speed. Indigenous people learnt that the best way to defeat these forces was to wage a war of attrition in that it is like running down the swiftest deer in the forest, you chase him for days weeks if need be give him no rest tire him out, then you have him. That is what we have been doing to the pakeha for centuries, now their industrializing machine is running out of puff ha ha and we are here directing it.

In fact I remember taiopuru Waikato Tairea and all their literature saying in 2001 (Kohuiarau: 1807) that there were plans underfoot that would see the financial systems crumble and fall in 2008. Is this the realization of that statement well of course it is, however this was also predicted forty years ago in the scientific journal (1993) that the world would run out of oil by the year 2008, which would cause a hude financial meltdown well that time is upon us and we are seeing this prediction coming to pass. But so what there appears to be many alternative fuels that could quite easily take the place of oil it is just that there is a lack of commitment to the idea of anything else to drive the cars made by the capitalists but oil. I guess they have to realize that as the song goes nothing remains the same, jack.

America has had a $700 billion emergency rescue package rejected by its ruling elites, the super the rich have ignored the rich armed forces of the proletariat elite the upper middle classes, ignoring their urgent warnings through their puppet President, george Bush claiming that the american economy could nose dive into recession without it, disguising the fact that american forces around the world have no bullets and are slowly running out of gas with the indigenous forces being able to now attack them at will and are inflicting more and more deaths on their combined allied armed forces.


Karena Puhi

iwi independence paati

close What Maori god are you ?

What Maori god are you ?

My result is: Tawhirimatea

(deity and father of winds and storms)
You are very emotional and you emotions tend to take a hold of you, changing more than often.
You are also a free person and never hold back your feelings.

Tāwhirimātea storms and hurricanes attack humankind to this day because of his indignation at the actions of his brothers
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