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Malia 2009,physically cannot wait

2/13/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Danielle :)
Me, Myself, and I
Lets have some fun this beat is sick
I wana take a ride on your disco stick ;]
Im danilicious, So Delicious

♥Danielle Evans♥

I'm the naughty one (;
You love it

I'm your biggest fan and ill follow you till you love me, ♥
Lady gaga=idol ♥
The Other Half Of Me
Tammy Turner

Tammy Turner

My sexy mo'fuckerrrr ;]

All i need is..
My girls....My phone....Fags.....A big bag......Makeup....& a party then im happy (:

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  • I am Danielle Amanda Evans,and yes i hate my middle name,
    I sound like a nob i know.
    Im nearly 18 and i cant fucking waiiittt for my birthday!
    Im really easy to get along with but you will hear me a mile off becz i am WELL too loud,
    && My laugh is just stupid kkkayyy
    Im in college doing travel and tourism & i bum it propper bad,
    Sounds sad but i dont care.
    Little things make me smile,and it doesnt take much to make me laugh!
    I can be really really stubborn at times but im a pushover.
    I am a propa girly girl and i love it Yano just a typical girl.
    I really want to be barbie, as my friend said "You look like barbie but with smaller boobs and knickers!"
    My hair keeps gettin blonder and blonder.
    Going to parties with my friends and drinking it a highlight of my life lols.
    I always make a fool out of myself when im drunk but its all good. :)
    I am preety bitchy but i dont mean to be
    Its just the way i come across.
    My friends and family mean the world to me.
    After things that have happened in the past year and now i look and see how much better things are now :)
    Yeahh it was a good year but ive made so many more new friends and they are just amazing tbh.
    && I love my ham dinner and all the things me and her do :) shes my bez i love her lots and lotss.
    Allmy life consists of is drinking,smoking,parties,cruising,
     college,mateesss & Boyss yano ;)
    All the fun things me thinks :D

    All my girls..GHD's..Faketan.. Make-up.. Dresses... Cell phonee.. Laptop :)
    .. Gettin my hair done..Cigss && Booze.. Wearin extensionss.. Being Blonde! :)
    Gettin dressed up.. && down! Small, medium and big gatherings.. Meals out with the girls.. Cuddles && Kisses ;) .. Meetin new people.. Summer.. especially abroad! Cosmopolitians...♥
    Holidaysss yum.. All the family.. Dancing 'till my legs hurt.. Singing till you have no voice left.. Chatting shite..The Hills.. Listening to some tunes..Going shopping.. My bed .. Coffee.. Sunday morningss && Random dayss out.. Bursting into song.. Screaming.. Jezza kyle.. River island my job.. most the time.. Travel & Tourism... Boyss ;) ... PARTTIIESS... New Clothes.. Shoes.. Bagss...Friends... Laughs♥..My luke still..Gold... Mcfly lol... Hairspray(the film).. Cinema trips.. Randum car trips to like no where... Chilling... Raving... && Just being me and being with my mates having a laugh :)

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  • Gaz Jones
    Gaz Jones

    hey im deleting my bebo acccount, if you still want to hook up......add me on myspace - http://goo.gl/V5E3R

  • -Leanne Roberts-
    luv -Leanne Roberts-

    love you rudegirllll ;) xxx

  • Tammy Turner
    luv Tammy Turner

    YOOO NIGGGGAHHHH! Erm. Guess What? Tammy Is Driving Tomorrow :D Me, You & Missy Have Some SERIOUS Catching Up To Do! Ly More Than Amy Winehouse Loves Smack. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Tammy Turner
    luv Tammy Turner

    I had a dream about Malia last night.. that we spent all day on the beach, got well brown, partied all night with some right hotties, loadsa alchohol and with my bezzie. Mate, sounds like wer gonna have fun :D :D xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • -Leanne Roberts-
    luv -Leanne Roberts-

    love you a little bit more :) miss you munchkin x

  • -Leanne Roberts-
    luv -Leanne Roberts-

    love you little beb x

  • Tammy Turner
    Tammy Turner

    Not Even Funny! Well It Was. Hahaa. My Mum Well Didnt Clock On! Found A Fosters Can Down The Side Of The Alley Tho...Got Rid Of That Pretty Fast I Can Tell Ya. All She Said Was That The Floor Was A Bit Dirty. Souuuund. So Glad To Go To Sleep Last Night. Stayed Up Til 2am Tho Watchin Sierra Leone. Thought I'd Knacker Myself Out So I Slept Like A Baby! Still Ended Wakin Up At 9am This Mrnin Tho! Neva Mind. I'l Bell Ya Tomorra :) Ly xxxxxxxxx

  • Tammy Turner
    luv Tammy Turner


  • Tammy Turner
    luv Tammy Turner

    have some more bebo love. ...i forgot to go to college today..oops :L hahaa ly x x x x

  • Tammy Turner
    luv Tammy Turner

    MALIAAAA 2009 Here We Come!! Omggg well too excited! Last night was well good. i heart rosiesssss. ILYYYY XXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Tammy Turner
    luv Tammy Turner

    daniellllleeeee. me.. u.. & a fat bottleof voddy this weekend? i'm gonna drink you under the table! well...i will probs end up literally under the table but ahh well!! ly xxxxxxxx

  • Tammy Turner
    luv Tammy Turner

    shitting fuck.. you've changed your hair againnnn! jezus christ. looks b-e-a-u-tiful tho!! yeah im adding you as my other half now. xxxxxxxxx

  • Jessiie'
    luv Jessiie'

    A Little More Love For Daneeww :) Havent Seen Youu For Agess Maannn.. What You Playin At Like?! xxxxxx

  • Tammy Turner
    luv Tammy Turner

    "Love the way mah butt go BUBOOMPBUBOOPBOOM! Keep ya eyes on mah BUBOOMP BUBOOMP BOOMP! And think you can handle this? DADONTDADONT DON! Take mah thong off and mah ass go VOOMH, turn the lights on so you can see what i can do!" Tammy&Dani's Missy Nights. Class. LoveYou x x x x x x

  • -Leanne Roberts-
    luv -Leanne Roberts-


  • -Leanne Roberts-
    luv -Leanne Roberts-

    little beb xx

  • - Nia Jade Morris
    luv - Nia Jade Morris

    abbi - "nias the good one, im the mmmm one, danielles the badddd/naughtty one " hahhahahhahaha, xxxxx

  • Tammy Turner
    luv Tammy Turner

    souuuuud. am nt fukin wearin them heels agen tho lol!! might get some flatties on n some shorts, legwarmers and rave my arse off haha! :P il give you a ring later in the week n sort it out. my mate jess might come aswell..if she does she said she wont be drinkin so she can drive us there. see how it goes anyways. loveyou xxxxxxxxx

  • Tammy Turner
    luv Tammy Turner

    love fo ma bitch xxxxxxxxxxxx oh don't book anything for nxt saturday. jay goes on friday & i'm gonna need some major cheering up, possibly some chester action. ly xxxx