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Yo' buttnugget!

2/27/12 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 471
  • from Terrington/South Lynn
  • I am Single
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  • www.bebo.com/BringJeskaTheHorizon
Hello Im: Nemo.
Me, Myself, and I
17 Yearss Old.

Story Of My Life Ha.



I'm A Bit Of A Reject..

Don't like me? Awh. Shame.

- Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

P'hahaha! Lets get smasshheeddd.


The Other Half Of Me
-Stevie Static-

-Stevie Static-

< this boy means the fucking world to me. <3

BringMeTheHorizon..* EnterShikari..* YouMeAtSix..* ElliotMinor..* MetroStation..* ForeverTheSickestKids..* MadinaLake..* AllTimeLow..* SencesFail..* Brokencyde..* 3oh!3..* DeafHavana..* EatMeWhileImHot..* WeAreTheOcean..* TheUsed..* PapaRoach..* RedJumpsuitApparatus..* Anberlin..* Fell Silent..* Hadouken!..* Chiodos..* Metro Station..* Bless The Fall..* A Day To Remember..* Escape The Fate..* Dead By April..* Ice Nine Kills..* Sea Of Treachery..* Underoath..* The Romantic Tragedy..* Saosin..* Flyleaf..* Funeral For A Friend..* Breathe Carolina..* We Came As Romans..* Eyes Set To Kill..* The Architects..* Eminem..* Confide..* Hollywood Undead..* Paramore..* The Mission District..* I Set My Friends On Fire..* :D
Happiest When
With my friends (:
I Have MSN...

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  • Memories.

    Okaayy so im doing what most people are doing now..
    So heres the deal..
    Here you write some good memories you and i have had!

    Cant wait to read your replies (:

    - xox

    5 Comments 206 weeks

  • The Lyrics I Love.

    If sorrow could build a staircase, Our tears could show the way, I'd climb my way to heaven and bring him back home again!!

    He's standing alone with a gun in his hand, wondering why he's the man with the gun in his hand?!

    Hes dead on the floor with the gun in his hand!
    Why was he the man? WHY WAS HE THE MAN?

    I know we still got time, But i do not think we are invicable .

    Dont mind me if i get weak on the knee's, cause you have that effect on me, you do.


    Everything you say, Everytime we kiss i cant think straight, But i'm okay,
    and i cant think of anybody else who i hate to miss as much as i hate missing you!

    You love me, I love you harder!

    Being sick on the landing carpet..
    Smoking up in the outside shed..
    Passing out in the upstairs toilet..
    Gettin' laid on the parents bed..

    Smashing up all the porcelin china..
    Drink the alcohol cabinet clean..
    But still that felt minor..
    Till we put a hi-fi through the TV screen. (:

    Meant to be together, meant for no one else but eachother..

    So please give me a lesson on how to steal, Steal the heart, As fast as you stole mine!

    0 Comments 212 weeks

  • do this plz!!!

    >whats your name?
    >do you love me?
    >describe me?
    >do i have good taste?
    >am i loud?
    >how long we known each other?
    >how long will we be friends?
    >in what stye does my hair look best?
    >if you knew someone fancied me would you tell me?
    >am i huggable?
    >tell the truth what do you think of me?

    fank yooxxxxx

    7 Comments 336 weeks

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What Will Your Kid(s) Look Like?

My result is: Triplets <3

You will have 3 Girls. 2 will be very quiet and stay quite clingy to there parents but one of them is sure to stand out as the independent one, She will want help at times but usually will be determined to do it on her own. They will all be Unique in looks!
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  • -Stevie Static-
    luv -Stevie Static-

    Nearly a year now baby :) x x x x

  • -Stevie Static-
    luv -Stevie Static-

    more love x

  • -Stevie Static-
    luv -Stevie Static-

    love for my baby x

  • -Stevie Static-
    luv -Stevie Static-

    I love you baby. And here's your reply to all your messages :)

  • Blah.Blah.Blah
    luv Blah.Blah.Blah

    heyyya hunnniie you okayyy....???.... wubu2?..... fancey cmin 2 da twins first bday party????? write bk love you xx

  • -Stevie Static-
    luv -Stevie Static-

    Ok baby i love you 2 and also i've got an idea that you might like :) and its nothing sexual before you start to think like that. But no this idea is going to be a memory for me and you :) Love you x

  • Jazzy 'Ox
    luv Jazzy 'Ox

    i love you jessica (:

  • Alex Mate
    Alex Mate

    only with you :D x

  • Edwaarrd B
    luv Edwaarrd B

    oi woman come on msn i need u XD

  • Demi-Leigh
    luv Demi-Leigh

    Happpyy bdaiiiii Babeee But lookin at the time in an hour late ahaa Oh well sed it earlier hope you had a good one babeee Love yahh xx

  • Sophie Louise Shaw
    luv Sophie Louise Shaw

    Birthday Love Three! :D LoveeYouu Birthday Girl ;) x x x

  • Sophie Louise Shaw
    luv Sophie Louise Shaw

    Birthday Love Two! :P x x x

  • Sophie Louise Shaw
    luv Sophie Louise Shaw

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE! Have All My Birthday Love :) x x x

  • GaYface Oxo
    GaYface Oxo

    .i WANNA GO HOME !!!!!

  • Elliiee-Ox
    luv Elliiee-Ox

    look i do want to see you weve been friends for years jess you should know me by now. and i dont know anything about the arrested thing untill you said. and my mum does know stuff about what you do jess because our mums talk you should know that by now jess. why would i not want to see you. we have been good friends for years i really wanted to see you on your birthday but mum really wont let me and i cant do nothing about that. please belive me jess.

  • Sophie Louise Shaw
    luv Sophie Louise Shaw

    Love 3 :P x x x

  • Elliiee-Ox

    what have i actually said then because the only thing tht has been said is i cant go round yours becuase my mum said you will get me into to much trouble.

  • Sophie Louise Shaw
    luv Sophie Louise Shaw

    Love 2 :) x x

  • Sophie Louise Shaw 8/27/09