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Perfect Mess

See these shorts mate, Fuckin Nicked Um!! Look @ Me, look at meeeeeee!" :)

8/13/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Look At Me, Look at Me!
Me, Myself, and I
Aleesha FuckinG Riley

☆☆☆Star In the Making, Y'know!☆☆☆

There's No Business, Like Aleesha's Business;)

I run to the front of the rave, Wave my arms in the air, while possibly moving my feet around. I look Over to my right, and That Girls Doing the Same.

Its Just ....
The DJ...
The Mc's....
My Pint....
My Camera....
And 8 hours Of Fuckin Madness

And Then That Morning of Remenising!!!

Slew Dem A Bare Feelings Dem A Carry,
Dem Done Bow Already,
And They Cant Say Dem Sorry Yaah
The Other Half Of Me
James Heaton

James Heaton

I <3 JAMES..u dirtii scrat :P...LuVLuV

We had Liffee Plans, and It was Sorted. We knew Exactly What we wanted to do, where we wanted to go, and Who with!:) :)

But then I Met Paris...And She Met Me.....

And We Fort ''FuCk DaTT!''

And Ever SinCe...

Its BeeN FuCkinG MENTALL :)
What!? What!?

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baby boong ting and baby choong face

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  • ******ImFaMoUs Aleesha & Paris QUoTeS and SaYiNgs******** add moooorrrreeeeeee

    Aleesha: '' Im great like that black man who stood up for black power...wat was his name.....summat like......muhammed ali??''

    Paris: ''Naaaa you mean Nelson Mandella mate!''


    Aleesha: ''You Shank kids Mate!''

    Paris: ''FUCK OFF, your the one shagging the kids mate!!

    Aleesha: ''Whats your problem mate, i sed SHANK, not Shag!''

    Aleesha: '' I'd have that song as my ring tone, but the begins abit........''

    Paris: '' Yeah....chats bare shit mate........when i hear the music......''

    Together: ''I JuSt WaNNAAA WWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Feels soo good!!''


    Sean: ''Aleesha, i need advise........i really like this girl, shes soo pretty, shes abit shy, she's lovely, but shes a complete slag!!''

    Aleesha: '' I rekon you should just tell her!''

    Sean: ''Are you thick? its you!''

    Aleesha: ''Really!!! but to be honest im not that shy am i!??''

    Sean: ''I just called you a whore!''

    Aleesha: ''AssHole''


    Aleesha: ''Hes a butters Street Rat!''

    paris: ''Thats fuckin harsh!''


    Aleesha: '' I literally run these streets! ''


    Aleesha: '' What have i gotta do to get dogged?''

    Paris: ''i dont know mate......!''


    Aleeshaaa! Fucking Love The Girl! She Get Me Into Too Much Trouble, Chats BEAR Waffles Haha, Is Banned From My Yard, And Makes Me Look Like A Nutter Its All Good Tho Cus I Get It More Than Her Haha .. Standard!. Thats How We Roll In Our Ends ....


    Absolutely hungova....

    Child 1: Are you chinese?

    Aleesha: wat?

    Child 1: are you a chinky?

    Aleesha: Nahh mate (heaving)...im just well tired!

    Child: Are you a weirdo!

    Aleesha: Fuck off you little skirp! ( haha wat a word)


    Aleesha: OMG, i got a tumor on my arm!! Ahhhhhhhh

    Paris: oi aleesha, dont say uve got a tumor, thats harsh!

    Aleesha: Look at my fuckin arm mate.....its like a second elbow!!

    Paris: Looks crease Mate!


    Aleesha (crying): eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i just want to go home?

    Paris: hahahhahahahahahha wats wrong with you??

    Aleesha: Nuffin, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i just want to go home, wheres my bag?

    Hayley: I'll speak to her!!!

    Paris: oi naaaaaaaahhhhhh, WTF! NOT BEING FUNNY OR ANYTHING, but someones made her really upset, im goin smash who ever it is!! Aleesha, whats wrong?

    Aleesha: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....i dont know, lol! stay here im going home!


    Paris- dont worry guys ill pay for the taxi!!!!
    aleesha mate have u even got ne money??

    Aleesha - no!!! how many fucking times do i have to tell u paris i dnt have nemoney!!

    Paris - wot nothing? lik actually nothing??

    Aleesha - for fucks sakes paris no!!

    Paris - safe .. r u sure tho???

    ive changed my mind now ... not being funny or nothing but im not payin for a taxi if u lot r gna larry it!! fuck that ... aleesha lets go!!

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  • Alexa-Georgia

    Matteeeee! Long time no see :( You'll have to come see my flat sometime!! How's everything going with you? Loveage xxxxxx

  • Hannah Marthinsen
    luv Hannah Marthinsen

    its france LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  AAAAAAAAAAA wot u up 2 frogggy??? i miss u u left me.... u need to come out!!!!! b4 i stab u in the eye with a pencil bt i wont get to do dat cus u avoid me!!!! N I C K E D I T!!! yeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh RING MEEEEEExxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Matt Eales
    Matt Eales

    u wouldent no where 2 look liaar!!! lol. yh ok then tuesday ul av 2 knock at the door thou il let the dog loose on ya haha nah oj im not that nasty.

  • Matt Eales
    Matt Eales

    oi aleesha ya sket u still gt me jacket BITCH lol u wanna gt dat shit bk lol ows u anyways u been up 2 much wb.

  • Alexa-Georgia
    luv Alexa-Georgia

    Mate how's it going? When are you next free, we need a catch-up! Not much to report....I'm trying to keep your advice in mind on the Zak situation!! :L Loves x x x x x

  • Paris
    luv Paris

    F U C K I N G N I C K E D ITTTT!!!!!!!

  • Matt Eales
    Matt Eales

    haha wats goin on old freind wubu2. i dnt meet no1 in the week i dnt do nuttin im boring c lol, n ul b lucky 2 gt a fone call, nah i aint gt a fone at the moment its broke n i aint bothered gtin a new 1 yet. wat yas up 2 friday gtin steamin ya mess head lol wb .x

  • Doe.

    hows u aleesha mcsheffreyy jonson ? x

  • Tia Elia

    whats up Parker This hot chick with huge tits is showing on cam! Hit up jane84red@live.com on msn messenger before she gets off. Shes crazy!

    8/4/08 via Mobile
  • Carmen Kelly
    Carmen Kelly

    poole lol so how have u been xx

  • Carmen Kelly
    Carmen Kelly

    oi u not talkin to me then

  • Carmen Kelly
    Carmen Kelly

    Hey ya its carmen how r u aint seen u in time lol x

    7/21/08 via Mobile
  • Sea Patrol
    luv Sea Patrol

    lool i <3 u 2 na i speak to him over the phone because just incase some bredder sticks it on him lool XD how are you? xx

  • Sea Patrol
    Sea Patrol

    hello aleesha :) how are you today? have you been up to alot? i hope you have because otherwise you may go rehab :) and you dont want that do you aleesha pumpkin :) hows the motor? hehe you seen sid? boppin around? or your brother? haha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Billy

    to be prosice :S i think that is how you spell it.... it was sent 4 mins ago the only reason youve got more love than me is coz i deleted aload of comments that had love on them and it deletes the love aswell :P thought you had free calls to O2? wb xxxxx

  • Billy
    luv Billy

    wagwan.... you alright? im fuckin bored :( how was work tonight? fone me wen you hav finnished you driving lesson hav some love wb xxxx