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Mikeyy Millis

need a shit

11/25/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 20, Luv 251
  • from Hampshire
  • I am Single
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  • www.bebo.com/Mikeehh15
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About Me

I hatteeee everton!
Me, Myself, and I
Um. I'm Mike. =)


Im kind of juggling between facebook and bebo.. dont use either that much really..

Life Is Short -
Play With Your Willy While You Still Can.

i hate toilet paper.


|_________________ |_| ____|
agen lots! all the fast and the furious films, james bond :L , XXX, i love all the old comedy's.. only fools and horses etc.
Football - LIVERPOOL
Mi 3 Best M8s!: Rob
Fort i beta rite sumthing new about rob, and rob is a bit of a babe, we have our chats about our ladies qwite often, go toe gym together and always hava good laugh.

and he;s just a legend. qwolity mate.x
known yu since year 3..yu wer a funyn weirdo then and yu still r now! god the amount ov times ive like shat miself laughin wile at yur house...weve had so many gd times! BAULDY! POLISHHH! and wen i wos round yurs and all the celebrations hit yu in the nose! and thatds just a few ov them!? even if im in the worst ov moods yu still cheer me up and make me laugh! lol yur 1 ov the funniest guys i kno!so glad yur mi m8 nd i kno i can count on yu wen eva!
Luke is the absolute king ov all greek's! always makin me laugh and if i wont a cd copied that he has he always dus it 4 me! he's lyk the supplier ov music! he's soo funny cos we'r are always takin the piss out ov his spastic fingers, his nationality or callin him greek or zeus and he always takes it laughin! i kno i cna always count on this guy 2 make me laugh, burn me a cd or just bein a class m8! if yu eva need protecting im sure he will open up the clouds and send the lightining bolts down!

yu 3 r class dno wot id do wivout ya!

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Dont cha wish ya bf was a scouser like me

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  • Jacob N
    Jacob N

    ya think yuoz badman init ya cant!

  • Joe Gallop 4/9/09
  • Jon Collier
    Jon Collier

    hey hey mikey, woah long time no speak .. my addy is jonnycollierno8@hotmail.co.uk speak to ya then jon x

  • Joe Gallop 2/1/09
  • LilyyPadd

    hehe. Ok then. LOL. Ur so weird mike. In a good way tho :P I think :o MIIKKKEEE

  • LilyyPadd
    luv LilyyPadd

    Hey Mike, Urrr why did you add me? :P You okay?? S c r i b b l e x B a c k

  • -Cjt.
    luv -Cjt.

    have some love. gay or as you would say "glehhh" or summin along those lines.

  • -Cjt.

    we have someone in our year called suzy howes, but.. she's not new, she's been in our school for ages now, and she's the most irritating person i have EVER met in my whole life experience :) xx

  • FuckFace
    luv FuckFace

    Happy Brithday Too You Happy Brithday Too You Happy Brithday Too Mike Happy Brithday Too You Hope Yuu Had A Good One xx Lu x:)

  • -Cjt.
    luv -Cjt.

    happy birthday babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • -Cjt.
    luv -Cjt.

    happyy new yearrrrrr xxx