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  • Female, Luv 1,034
  • from Cwmbran - South Wales
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: August 2006
  • www.bebo.com/stphblk
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

     steph blake. ;D

facebook facebook facebook. :)
never on here, the only person who uses my bebo these days is kasey lmao, so ignore her.

The Other Half Of Me
' Norris.

' Norris.

black betty (;


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  • 60 facts you'll never find useful :)

    1.) i dont have a middle name
    2.) im very stubborn
    3.) i can taste the difference between coke, pepsi, diet coke etc..
    4.) if i had one wish, id wish to be a millionaire
    5.) i hated school, + all my lessons.
    6.) ive only got 1 friend who knows practically everything about me
    7.) barry island is my favouritest place in wales (:
    8.) without my contract phone, id be fucked.
    9.) twilight is the best film ever
    10.) ive got a list with 43 people on that i want too marry, rofl ;D
    11.) i would say im a generally nice person
    12.) ive only been to 3 concerts but would love to go to more
    13.) ive only resantly wanted to go to america
    14.) i dont need to be drunk to dance like a dick
    15.) me + kasey love to phone randomers + talk total shit to them
    16.) im absolutely shocking at prank calls
    17.) personally, i think patrick stump is better than pete wentz!
    18.) i say i hate people, but i dont actually hate anyone except my nan.
    19.) i have faceboooooook and prefer it to this shit.
    20.) i really want/need a job
    21.) id love to go to a music festival
    22.) ben + jerrys cookie dough is the only ice cream i like
    23.) i hate being tall.
    24.) i love my brothers more than anything
    25.) i prefer summer to winter
    26.) i dont really like christmas
    27.) ive always wanted to go to jamaica
    28.) im shit scared of heights
    29.) its not very often im in a cleaning mood, but when i am, everything has to be spotless
    30.) i love the fair even though it scares me
    31.) resantly i listen to any type of music
    32.) i love the beach but hate the sand
    33.) apple juice + vodka is lush, i dont drink it enough.
    34.) i find these things really interesting
    35.) i hate it when people say "asl" ^o)
    36.) also, ppl hu type lyk diz.
    37.) cats are the worse things ever
    38.) i call dogs, horses (:
    39.) my pet hates are exams + hairdresses.
    40.) prison break have gotta be the best program invented
    41.) life without a good ole' party with my chums would be a bore
    42.) i laugh hysterically if i see a baby fall over while learning to walk 8-)
    43.) starbucks is yummy
    44.) i probaly mimic people more than i should
    45.) rain ruins everything
    46.) when people go out in the snow, i stay in bed ;D
    47.) im pro at using trains lmao
    48.) i leave everything to the last minute
    49.) i dont like white bread or butter +o(
    50.) im strong minded when it comes to stuff i believe.
    51.) i dont like comedies (except white chicks) or comedians, theyre never funny!
    52.) bebo bores me.
    53.) i hate that i drift away from people
    54.) i wouldnt change anything about my life really, it makes me who i am
    55.) i dont tan :(
    56.) i'll never stop listening to boyzone + westlife
    57.) hollyoaks + one tree hill are my new tv obsessions
    58.) i have the sillyest sayings ever
    59.) when im tierd, i'll sleep just about anywhere
    60.) i wish i could move out.

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  • Kase. 8/9/09
  • -
    luv -

    gya gay gay gay gay gay ;D

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    luv -


  • Emily
    luv Emily

    i love you babyyy (8) :L xxxxxx

  • Shane
    luv Shane

    fuck your hot.

  • Kase.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7mDo... okay i know its boyzone, but watch it srsly how amazing does that sound haha :')

  • Kase.

    your still young, thats your fault, theres so much you have to go through [8]

  • Kase.
    luv Kase.

    i'm just a little old fashion, but it takes more than a physical attraction, my initial reaction is, honey give me love not a fascimile of! [8]

  • Kase.
    luv Kase.

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh. wake up pleaseee, it's lush weather again manzz, i just sat in the garden and it proppa hurt my sunburn ewch. xx

  • Kase.
    luv Kase.

    love badmanzzz. i love you 'anaa' :') bahaha, fxckk i'm cool yo. xx

  • Kase.

    lmfao, and why does that worry you? idk where panama is tbh.. ?! and i would give you some but i haven't got any, and seems you dont use bebo i dont 'spose it matters.. :L

  • Kase. 5/28/09
  • Kase.
    luv Kase.

    bffl anaaaa'

  • Soph
    luv Soph

    love you pickles!

  • Kase.
    luv Kase.

    i love you :}

  • Jordan
    luv Jordan


  • Danny Boi
    luv Danny Boi

    awwwwww steph i miss u 2 :( :( :( , ill cya in school probs over the nxt 2 weeks or so 4 exams lol, :P xxxxxx