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Craig N.

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  • Male, 22, Luv 396
  • from Where the Family and Friends are.
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 4,308
  • Member since: June 2005
  • Last active: 7/20/11
  • www.bebo.com/DaRriN_DeeZ
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
I'm Craig and I'm a Busy Gamer.
and I like to watch movies and play video games with my spare time.
Got me a PS3 ;)

Well I listen to Rap Hip-Hop Rock
My Fav. artists/ Three Days Grace, AC/DC, Nickelback, Eminem, Proof (of D12), Bizarre (of D12), Lil Jon, Nine Inch Nails, Theory of a Deadman, D12, Ludacris, Daft Punk, Paramore, and Killswitch Engage.
Favourite Movies
Comedies, Action, Horror, and Suspense.
Favourite T.V. shows
Dragon Ball Z, The Office, Chappelle Show, Corner Gas, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, King of Queens, Two & a Half Men, WWE, Afro Samurai, The Simpsons, and Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles.
Fav. Actors, Comedians
Arnold Shwarzenegger, Jet Li, Jim Carrey, Dave Chappelle, Adam Sandler, Rob Schnieder, Will Smith
Currently Gaming With.
Playstation 3 [250Gig]
Games I Have So Far... [57]
Def Jam Icon ///
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men ///
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare [GOTYE] ///
Motorstorm ///
Resistance Fall of Man ///
Resistance 2 (Collector's Edition) ///
Bioshock ///
Resident Evil 5 (Collectors Edition) ///
Call of Duty: World at War ///
Guitar Hero Aerosmith ///
Guitar Hero [4] World Tour ///
Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock ///
Uncharted Drakes Fortune ///
WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 ///
Assassin's Creed ///
Modern Warfare 2 (Hardened Edition) ///
Grand Theft Auto IV (Special Edition) ///
Rock Band 2 ///
Rock Band AC/DC Live Track Pack ///
God of War Collection ///
Guitar Hero 5 ///
Afro Samurai ///
Aliens vs. Predator {2010} ///
WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 ///
Band Hero ///
Borderlands ///
SUPER Street Fighter IV ///
Blur ///
Little Big Planet [GOTYE] ///
Bioshock 2 ///
The Beatles Rock Band ///
Motorstorm Pacific Rift ///
Guitar Hero [6] Warriors of Rock ///
Wet ///
DJ Hero ///
Lego Rock Band ///
Call of Duty Black Ops (Hardened Edition) ///
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves [GOTYE] ///
Dead Rising 2 ///
Singularity ///
Brutal Legend ///
Mod Nation Racers ///
Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011 ///
[PSN] Burn Zombie, Burn! (HDD) ///
[PSN] Call of Duty Classic (HDD) ///
[PSN] Bomberman ULTRA (HDD) ///
[PSN] Flow (HDD) ///
[PSN] Vector TD (HDD) ///
[PSN] Zombie Apocalypse (HDD) ///
[PSN] Earthworm Jim HD (HDD) ///
[PSN] TMNT: Turtles In Time Re-Shelled (HDD) ///
[PSN] Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game (HDD) ///
[PSN] Tetris
[PSN] Angry Birds
My Portable PSN I.D.
<a href="http://profiles.us.playstation.com/p..."><img src="http://fp.profiles.us.playstation.co..." width="230" height="155" border="0" /></a><br/>
R.I.P. Scorpion
One of My Favourite Pets Ever.. Gone Sunday Feb. 15 2009:(
i know i didnt get to spend much time with him:( .. but he would always walked around Moricetown with me and my closest Family.. well will ALL miss him. I Always thought he was gonna outlast the rest of our pets. :( miss him so much these dayz.

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AC/DC - The Razor's Edge

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  • BYAAAH!!

    :L wow summers almost up!!
    it was pretty good tho:P :) .. got my first job, got to spend most of my summer with my bro.. seen a couple of movies:L Wall-E, Dark Knight twice:L :D
    went to metrotown a couple of times:D :P :L ...
    didnt really care for Fall Fair or PNE tho:L :L
    somewhat lookin forward to school:O :O
    haha got some more DVD's:) GAMES:D and clothes:P

    0 Comments 255 weeks

  • summer of 2007

    lol i remember last years summer
    it was alot of fun haha
    anyone else remember hanging out wit me archie an my sisters
    playing DEF JAM FIGHT FOR NEW YORK an halo 2
    an played Survivor an British Bulldog alot haha
    Even Soccer an whatever we did to keep busy lol
    even slept thru the dayz an hung out at night
    watched tons of movies lol
    those were awesome i wont forget it lol
    had alot of laughs too

    0 Comments 262 weeks

  • FUCK IT i wanna quit...?

    seems like good $$
    but i wanna spend the MONEY i earned from my sweat an pain
    the way i want.. so im gonna choose to quit soon..:(
    i dont wanna deal wit being told how to spend my money now.

    2 Comments 262 weeks

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Which Character R U From The Dark Knight

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wat will ur next boyfriends nmae start with
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Bumblebee was one of the Autobots on the Ark when it crashed into Earth and was involved in many battles, and also served as a useful Autobot spy. In Transformers, he is Sam Witwicky's first car, a Classic Camaro. Bumblebee's function is espionage and reconnaissance missions. He is the "little brother" in the Autobot family, acting as the scout who makes his way boldly into dangerous missions.

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  • son

    To my Special Big Boy, This is Us, Seven sisters(aunties),Two trees (uncles), and thelake with all your relations(cousins), and we all love you with all ours hearts,Take Care Love You to the MooN and back again. Keep your head up high,don't let no one or nothin' get you down, Love Always you Mam...

    Marina N 0 Replies
  • "CRAIGY"


    Marina N 0 Replies
  • ♥

    hello! I got bored...ahha you better like it..it took me forever!!! well about 10 minutes but still:L

    Dean 0 Replies

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  • Jolicia
    luv Jolicia

    Heyy Bro.. :) whats new with you?? How ya been??

  • Archie Alec
    Archie Alec

    LoL, okay. We never have anything to watch here anymore! That's why I was askin' Holy shit, 14? That's cool. Wut you up to for the weekend?

    1/15/10 via Mobile
  • Archie Alec
    Archie Alec

    Yo dude, you still buyin' DVD's? Last one I watched was... LoL, kick ass Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.

    1/15/10 via Mobile
  • Sacha Skywalker
    Sacha Skywalker

    merry crimbo 2u 2 whoop

  • luv OxSexy Suga Lips


  • Nathan Orme
    Nathan Orme

    uncharted 2 lol neither can i :P

  • Nathan Orme
    Nathan Orme

    hey there how r u doing dude and what have u been up 2 write back

  • Sacha Skywalker
    Sacha Skywalker

    whooo cheers m8 :D

  • Archie Alec
    luv Archie Alec

    Haha, how long I never heard that... BYAAAH!!! Holy Ef, that was the last time I played that game! Haha, good times eh? Anyways, see you at Youth if ur going. Peace

    11/4/09 via Mobile
  • Spliff
    luv Spliff

    Hope Devils Night does my lil' Cuz right. Happy bday Kiddo. Luv Spliff

  • Marina N
    luv Marina N

    hello sonny, so the countdown begins,just think i was 19 when i had you the rightful age to have a child, you were the best thing that ever happened in my life and i'm grateful you're still living with me today!take care my boy i'm really proud of you finishing your education and enjoying it at the same timeMUAH! GOOD DAY EH!

  • Archie Alec
    Archie Alec

    Yea, just tryna get the achievements on them both now... LoL, pisses me off sometimes! 19!?! Holy Jizz! Last time I was there it was like 6-7 I think...?

    10/19/09 via Mobile
  • Archie Alec
    Archie Alec

    Haha, that and GTA4 is all I play! Sweet, I still haven't played that... Was gonna ask Quacky if he had it?

    10/18/09 via Mobile
  • Archie Alec
    luv Archie Alec

    Oh yea, forgot to phone u dude... I called Ali earlier and asked if he was doing anything, he just said no! Fooker... Yay! I'm sittin at home playin some old skool Left 4 Dead with the kids, wbu?

    10/18/09 via Mobile
  • Archie Alec
    Archie Alec

    Whaddup Nagger? U know if Ali's comin out tonite?

    10/18/09 via Mobile
  • Gamerz Expert
    Gamerz Expert

    hav u completed pro yet on re5

  • Sacha Skywalker
    Sacha Skywalker

    ah thatl b the updates n all that n we got bbc i player on ours in the uk which is basically tele that u mite o missed like top gear n cartoons n news

  • Marina N
    luv Marina N

    hello son, still here at the museum, be back soon ,love you lots! it's fun here.lol see you in a bit...

  • Sacha Skywalker
    Sacha Skywalker

    i guessd it all u dont give anything away on ur profile page that helped me answer :L did u c the ps3 slim up close is it nicer than the pics it just looks cheap 2 me