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Beth Rowlinson

Sat ws sch a laf! Gna go c the big gay agen on the 18th woooo Calvin!

9/29/08 | me too! | Reply

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Av a cupa t!
Me, Myself, and I
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I miss my Josie Margeret Jill Bayley! :(
The Other Half Of Me
Dan Hesketh

Dan Hesketh

Lv ya ginge! x x x

...love all music really as long as i can av a bop 2 it. Luk very silly dancin' lyk but oh well lol u gta av a laugh aint u!!! Lyk most songs that r in the chart really!...
♡♥☆Things I love☆♥♡
...my family, friends and Dan of course!!! Love spending time with all of them!!! I love tea lots nd lots!!! Hmmm wt els do i love??? Umm love going on holiday 2 lovely hot forein countrys, love my bed! Love spending money, going in2 town and goin 2 partys and jst basically avin a good time!...
♡♥☆Things I h8☆♥♡
...i h8 BANANAS!!!! Theyr disgustin and should jst b illegal in England, i actually feel sick just writing about them *bwah*! I h8 people who luk at u lyk uv jst come off theyr shoe and talk 2 u lyk a piece of sh*t! I really really h8 jelous bitchy girls as well, if they have a problem with someone or theyr jelous of someone i really don't wna no and couldn't care less 2 b honest, i dnt get y people av the urge 2 bitch 2 me lol! Its not nyc, its very meen lol. Ther r loadz more things that i h8 lol bt i think il stop ther b4 i end up depressing myself lol...o ye i dnt lyk boats eitha they might sink then ul get eaten by SHARKS lol (o ye dnt lyk sharks eitha!)...
...ummm im odd with sports 2 b honest, sum days i enjoy em and otha days i h8 them, i lyk trampolining and av won medals and a trophy in competitions, i lyk swimming, badminton, rounders etc...
♡♥☆Girly M8s☆♥♡
...i love all my m8s so mch! They meen the world 2 me! U all no who u r bt jst 2 name a my bessies: Cath, Josie, Ali, Beth, Sarah n Nia...
...i adore tea, if i could marry i brew i wd lol. Well mayb i wdnt go that far bt i do love tea!!! When i go out i normally drink vodka nd coke, cuttin dwn on my alcohol intake tho cz go out every week so my liver will b nakerd if i carry on the way i do lol! I love hot ribena as well!...

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  • Atlante Staab

    How can the do this for free? http://is.gd/DvFBQM

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Clare Jones
    Clare Jones

    I netted in $563 in three days being on the web! It came from - http://goo.gl/XSqQr You will love me for this!

  • Josie Bayley
    luv Josie Bayley

    Beth laaaaaaaaaaaa! xxxx

  • X-Jodie-X
    luv X-Jodie-X

    Hello miss beth!! how are you?? did you have a good night last night? i really enjoyed myself had such a laugh! thanks for inviting me along! hope your okies?? love ya xxxxx

  • Aaron Jenks
    Aaron Jenks

    u shuld see my skin its BRILIANT!!!!!!!!!

  • Aaron Jenks
    Aaron Jenks

    Heloo just me deadset is not scary belive me its food colourin and bananas are cool (unlike you) 30 days of night is borin theres no action so ur just a wuss

  • Clare Jones
    luv Clare Jones

    Hey beth!! hows you? how was saturday night? did u have a good time! the next time u go down to aber, ile come down with you to see stephy and josie!! We need an oz night aswell soon! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Charlotte Cadwallader

    Cool! I don't think I could do it! Not without a big drink first anyway! Been working a bit this week, but going shopping today to get uni stuff! How about you? College ok? xxxxxx

  • luv Charlotte Cadwallader

    Hey! Good thanks! you ok? I've seen it! It looks well good! How much did it hurt though?! xxxxxxx

  • Charlotte Cadwallader

    You've got a tattoo?!!! Where, and of what?!!! :D xxxxxxxxx

  • Dave Morris
    luv Dave Morris

    Hey Beth ... long time no see! I've just been doin fun things like workin... ;-) wot bout u? ye I'm off to uni on Saturday!!! goin 2 Birmingham to study Physics. How u keepin? I've not seen Heskey for a while either if ur out this friday give me a shout - my new numba is 07970 984 476 x P.S whats ur grandads obsession wiv powertools - I've never known anyone like him!

  • Charlotte Cadwallader

    Am good thanks! Awww, poor thing! Needed more alchy to take it away yeah! It was a good night! You been up to much? xxxxxx

  • Charlotte Cadwallader

    Heeey! You ok? You have a good night saturday?! I've got so many pics to put up! Loads lol. Gotta try and put them up before I go off on hol! We well need to ahve a meal out or something before Josie and everyone goes off to uni. The new Italian in town or something! Love you lots! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ali Eccleston
    luv Ali Eccleston

    Helloooo. Hope ur ok? xxx

  • Charlotte Cadwallader

    Guess who's back...back again...Rowley's back...tell a friend!! Hope you had a good holiday! Will see you oooout tonight!! :D xxxxxxx

  • Ali Eccleston
    luv Ali Eccleston

    Bonjour xxx