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Carly Cocaine.


12/20/08 | me too! | Reply

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Save A Drum.. BANG A Drummer! VV
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carlyWHAT (:

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Miss Independent (:

kids say no to drugs
so you don't act like everyone else does


The Other Half Of Me


iloveyougeorgie! x

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..Your Stil A RETARD!
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  • my family lol

    My Dustbin Baby =___*jim*:L
    My P.I.M.P =___*sam t*:P
    My Babaah =___*scott* :D
    My Wannabe Boyfriend =___*yoshi<3*
    My Secret Obsession =___*yoshi<3*
    My Professional Kisser =___*yoshi<3*
    My Boy Huntin Partner =___*yoshi<3*
    My Long Lost Lover =___*JAY!* xD
    My Inuendo = ___*alex*<3
    My Sexi Scene Kidd =
    My Crusty Raverr =
    My Tiddlywink =
    My Moshin Mr. =
    My Funky Monkey =
    ___*dan the randomer* <3 :P
    My Munchkin =
    My Shoppin Buddi =
    My Little Sister =
    ___*elouise* lol
    My Hyper Frend =___*jess* :L
    My Big Bro =___*dan* <33
    My Best friend in the whole entire world=___*molly*
    My Ledgend Auntie =___*helen* ;) :P
    My Crazy Uncle =___*patrick the random drummer*:L
    My Guardian Angel =___*tubbster* ;)
    My Baby Girl =___*lucy* :)
    My Hug Provider =___*sammy towel* :D
    My Kinky Biatch =___*charliee* =D
    My Druggd Thugg =
    My Bouncy Bunny =
    My Alki friend =
    My Sexy girl =
    ___*aimz* lol
    My Enemy =___*nell* :D
    My Bad girl =___*kayleigh* <-- frog murderer!
    My Rudegirl =___*boidz* enit!
    My Dirty Dancer =___*lil laura* ;)
    My Body guard =___*jake* =]
    My Gangsta =___*zoe* :P
    My Partner In Crime =___*dolly* !! ;)
    My Baybee=___*jas* x
    My Blud brov=___*billie*:D
    My Emo =___*lil ash <3* ..dw bout da chavs =P
    My Bitch =___*hayley* !!
    My Princess =
    My Fairy =
    ___*liam* :P
    My Chav =

    put a comment on this then i will add u to my family x

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  • sexy

    ___$$$$$ _ _________$$$ _____$$$_________ _
    __$$$___$$$_________$$_____$ $___________
    ___$$$___________ ____$$___$$____________
    _____$ $$______$$$$$___$$_$$__$$$____$$ $_
    _______$$$___$$___$$___$$$_ ___$$____$$__
    ________$$$_$$$$ $$$___$$__$$__$$____$$__
    _$$$_ __$$$_$$________$$____$$__$$___$ $__
    ___$$$$$___$$$$$$$__$$$___ _$$$___$$$$$__
    _______________ _____________________$$__
    ____ __$$$$____________$$$$__________ $$__
    ____$$____$$________$$___ _$$_______$$___
    _$$$________$$ ____$$________$$____$$____
    ___ ___________$$$$____________$$$$_ _____

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  • luv Ghetto'Booty

    ohhh rite itsw sounds realy kool but the main thing is that your enjoying it ':D x

  • luv Ghetto'Booty

    haaa yehh its realy good its abit funny now scotts back there but all good x and ohh kool what u gunna be doing ? xx

  • luv Ghetto'Booty

    Helloo havent seen you in time , you ok ? wb x love yuu xxx

  • luv Dave

    alrite puding pop ha :)

    9/3/09 via Mobile
  • Dj Wrenche
    Dj Wrenche

    hey check out some of my tunes - a mix of dance and metal...

  • luv Dave

    ahhh think my phones at urs turned off not gd ha ha xx

    8/30/09 via Mobile
  • Hazee

    sorry, seen you in town lkike loads :L lol x

  • luv Dizzie Max

    lol isint just! hmm, being bored ay, well maybe you should come to town wednesday? or maybe friday? 1 of the two :D lol XxX

  • luv Dizzie Max

    yup, there was frree beer :) OH OK lol, urmmmm, doing homwwork mostly :( u? Xx

  • Dizzie Max

    sweeet :D i remember wen i went to a barn party... the staw was itchy and it got very cold lol lol no :S i passed out in a bush, then got moved bak into this big tent and the passed out again in this chair lol :D and i hav no idea wat 'WUA' means lmao. Xx

  • luv Dizzie Max

    ello there :) so thn wat did u end up doing sat night? i ended up drinking too much lol Xx

  • Dave

    yh i now wat u doin anyway bummer

    8/19/09 via Mobile
  • Dave

    aint that the truth x

    8/19/09 via Mobile
  • Dave

    dont lie you werent jokin was ya ha ha i no this shit

    8/19/09 via Mobile
  • Dave

    yh notice u got one ha special people get too ha ha joking xxxxx there you go

    8/19/09 via Mobile
  • Dave

    yes very nice ha ha bet u put them moves to gd use ha ha x

    8/19/09 via Mobile
  • Dave

    yh im gd what u don bumhead doin sum mre flexible gymnast shit

    8/19/09 via Mobile