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Deboragh Webb

eoghany poos is gona get his head kicked in if he hijacks mi bebo again k basbycakes :) :)

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About Me

Im not much, but Im his
Me, Myself, and I
♥..A Cindεrεlla Story..♥

Theyy cnt take their eyes off me

иí ¢нєιℓєαии мєιѕ¢є яúи - ∂яυикєиєѕѕ нι∂єѕ иσ ѕє¢яєтѕ

╔═╗ My bf finks he's ;) ;)

.,¡i|¹i¡¡i¹|i¡,. Colm kissed
`"¹li¡|¡|¡il¹"` me first

♥...P.S I Love You...♥
The Other Half Of Me
I LOve Skittles
Xfactor (Joe to Win!), Colm, mi friends Orla Niamh, Nuala, Emma and all the school girls, then there's Claire Bear, Ryan, Downey and all the uni crowd Rach Heather Kirsty Sinead and all the girls, Prison Break, workin in Conor's shop, JLS, mi wee family bless em, days in Downpatrick, mi wee car Bubbles :) awk i love everythin lol
Boys that wank and mi asshole of a father :)
Someone asked me did I miss you ... I couldnt answer ... So I closed my eyes and whispered SO much as tears streamed down my cheeks
Wee Collz
He's the best bf EVER!! The onli person in the world that can stand mi huffy moods lol. He's always there for a wee chat and gives awesome hugs :) Always there wen I need him and can cheer u up in a heartbeat :) Altho Im convinced hes after me for mi muni :P :P Love him to death!!

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  • ok im extremely bored!!

    Where is the last person you kissed at this moment?
    In his bed watchin Sky Sports prob

    Do you hate the last guy, other than family, you had a conversation with?
    Nope i love him lots n lots :D

    Will tomorrow be better then today?
    Yea wer goin on a picnic :D

    Have you ever fallen asleep with the last person you kissed?
    Yea :D Cant wait for spain :D

    Have you ever kissed someone whose name started with a: J, M, T, L, D, A?
    Emm...McFall if that counts and McKenna lol, emm...Daniel...thats it

    Do you get depressed about things easily?
    Mi mood swings come with health warnings

    Where is your biological father right now?
    Hu gives a fuck

    What did you do last weekend?
    i dont even remember last weekend, but im sure it was awesome

    When you're sick or sad, do you want to be alone or do you want someone to be there?
    I want someone to be there

    If you had to delete one year of your life completely, which would it be?
    Well ive learnt a lot from growin up...prob the year mi dad walked out on us...altho i regret nothin coz im glad the bastards gone :D

    Let's test your memory, what were you wearing during your last kiss?
    mi jammies :P

    When was the last time you did something illegal?
    Emm...download music?? I drove without road tax for ages...im quite a good girl these days

    What's the most important part of a relationship in your opinion?
    Knowing tht ur important to someone

    Did you have a good day yesterday?
    Yesterday...meh ive had better, working 9-3, fucked about for a bit and then sat with colm and huffed coz he did sufin stupid prob lol

    When did you last throw up and why?
    the other day, i dno y i just b sick randomly, one minute im fine the next im chucking up, its fun keeps me on mi toes lol

    Is tomorrow gonna be a good day?
    14 degrees with light rain llf

    Will this weekend be a good one?
    Prob not lol

    Are you happy with where you're at in life?
    I wud like a few more things, commitment, help and advice - but its not wat uv got its wat u do wi wat uv got lol

    What are you listening to?
    Big Brother live, sad bastard i no i no

    Do you get scared easily?
    Yeah im such a shitty person, freaked out wen a moth was in mi car earlier

    Are you cheating on someone right now?

    Who will you be sleeping with tonight?
    Mi teddies lol

    Is there anybody you wish you could be spending time with right now?
    Yeah, wee Collz haha

    Is the last person you kissed more than a year older than you?
    Nope hes just a baby lol, 19 in a few days tho rite babe?? :)

    Do you wash your hair in the shower?
    No I wash it in the bath

    If you could pack up and move away right now, to an empty island would you?
    Will Mickey Mouse be there?? Can I bring a friend?? Will ther be a McDonalds on this island??

    Do you get mad when people smoke around you?
    If they blow it in mi face then yeh i do

    Have your parents ever caught you coming home drunk?
    ...yes lol, now she just laffs lol

    Last time your heart was broken and why?
    Meh 2 years ago, dont even look bac now, take a guy on holidays and he drops ya in a few days - tis alright im now wi his mate and i love him :D

    Do you get drunk every weekend?
    I bloody wish!!

    Who was the first person you texted this morning?
    Geraldine to tell her that the guys who supported Pink have a single out lol

    What are you looking forward to in the next 5 days?
    Mmmmm i am lukin forward to mi picnic :)) lol...thats it reli...lol

    Does it bother you when someone lies to you?
    Yeah i reli hate it, y cant u just tell me the fuckin truth?? Save us all a bitta hasstle lol. Mi friends no better than to lie to me lol

    Has anyone ever spread a rumor about you?
    I dno, im sure they have its wat girls are good for

    Have you ever worked in a food place?
    No, i dont think i cud, im too stuck up mi own arse lol

    Do you think you're mature?
    Hell no lol

    Anything annoying you right now?
    I'm hungry and cant sleep

    Where was your default picture

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  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    xXx WaT A kIsS mEaNs xXx

    kiss on the stomach-----"lets have sex"

    *Kiss on the Forehead ----"Forever you will be mine"

    *Kiss on the Ear ---"I'm horny"

    *Kiss on the Cheek ---"We're friends"

    *Kiss on the Hand ---"I adore you"

    *Kiss on the Neck ---"We belong together"

    *Kiss on the Shoulder ---"I want you"

    *Kiss on the Lips ---"I love you"

    *Holding Hands ---"We can learn to love each other"

    *A wink ---"Let's get it on"

    *Slap on the Butt ---"That's mine"

    *Playing with the Ear ---"I can't live without you"

    *Holding on tight ---"Don't let go"

    *Looking into each other's Eyes ---"Kiss me"

    *Playing with Hair ---"Tell me you love me"

    *Arms around the Waist ---"I love you too much to let go"

    *Laughing while Kissing ---"I am completley Comfortable with you"

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  • Stolen from Meghan (wif the nicest ass)

    ● Full Name - Deboragh Sinead Grainne Curley

    ● Nickname - oh fuck here we go lol - Debz, Chip, chip-a-lip, Chip a runaí, Mighty Midget lol, short stuff, etc etc etc

    ● Taken - and lovin it :D

    ● Birthplace - Royal Vic

    ● Languages I speak - English & Irish & Gibberish

    ● Nationality - Is Eirnach go smior mé :D :D

    ● Religion - Catholic

    ● Star Sign - Taurus

    ● Male or Female - Female

    ● School - St Dominic's

    ● iPod - Mp3 Player? iPod Nano

    ● Hair Color - blondie dirty fairish

    ● Hair Long or Short - Short but when my layers grow out I am SO gettin it cut short again, it was hot that way :D :D lol

    ● Eye Color - blue

    ● Height - *cough* 4 foot 11 *cough*

    ● Do you have a crush on someone - Only mi colm :D :D

    ● Piercings - My Ears jst

    ● Tattoo - Ew no i hate the fings

    ● Righty or Lefty - well that depends on wat we'r talkin about lol ;) ;)


    ● First piercing - i onli gots ma ears pierced

    ● First best friend - mi cuzzie Stephen

    ● First Sport You Joined - Irish Dancin n i rocked at it too :L :L

    ● First pet - Dog Scruffy was a ledge !!

    ● First vacation - the 1st one i can remember was Blackpool when i was 3

    ● First Concert - Steps !! yeoo !!

    ● First love - ... mi first REAL love is Colm i fink i dno .. d onli boi hu hasnt made me cry is colm lol


    ● Movie - ANCHORMAN !! no Blades of Glory !! Or i dno eeemmm possibly Enchanted .. or Shrek .. or Peter Pan .. MOULAIN ROUGE !! Awk fuck it i dno lol ..

    ● Tv - The Suite Life of Zac and Cody

    ● Color - baby blue

    ● Song - Shayne Ward Breathless

    ● Drink - Smirnoff Ice me finks .. i dno it changes lol

    ● Sport To Play - Gaelic or rugby dno

    ● Favorite piece of clothing - shorties

    ● Brand Of Clothing? - Calvin Kleine :D :D :D :D

    ● What do you sleep with - Squirt :D :D

    ● Favorite Books - i cant read lol


    ● I'm eating - a Galaxy :D :D the absoloute shizzle :D :D

    ● I'm drinking - nofink

    ● I'm about to - go and get ready for a party

    ● Listening to - mi ma complainin *snore*

    ● Waiting For - mi ma to stop talkin to i can go get a shower lol

    ● Watching - 2 wee ppl race up a pole on the left hand side of my screen on one of those pop up thingies .. its fun lol

    ● Wearing - i love NY pyjammies bottoms ryan's tshirt and mi grey hoodie :) :)

    ● Loving - choclate lol .. i love galaxys .. the onli fing better than a galaxy is a magical elf :D :D

    ● Talking to - the mothership

    ● Hating - nofink i dont fink lifes cool as these days :D :D


    ● Want Kids? - In the future :D :D

    ● Want to Get Married? - Yeah

    ● Careers in Mind: a social worker type thing in a detention centre workin wi kids


    ● Lips or Eyes - eyes

    ● Hugs or Kisses - well it depends reli .. altho u can never beat a slow kiss

    ● Shorter or Taller - wen ur this small u dont ever have a choice lol

    ● Romantic Or Spontaneous - romantic

    ● Sensitive or Loud - sensitive

    ● Hook-up or Relationship - Relationship

    ● Sweet or Caring - well one sorta follows the other lol

    ● Trouble Maker or Hesitant? - trouble maker - hesitant ppl make me make decisions lol


    ● Kissed a Stranger - Yeah

    ● Drank bubbles - Yeah bi accident .. threw up after man it wasnt an experience id like to b repeatin lol

    ● Lost glasses/contacts - Yeah I loose mi contacts all the bloody time lol .. best time was wen the dog licked me in the eye and swallowed it haha

    ● Ran Away From Home - yea

    ● Broken a bone - nopsies .. am the onli one in the family that hasnt lol

    ● Got an X-ray - Yeah for wen i had appendicitus

    ● Broken Someone's Heart - apparantly so

    ● Turned Someone Down - Yeah wen ur this hot it becomes a natural occurance :L :L om

    ● Cried When

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FIRST SCHOOL: St John the Baptist

FIRST CELL PHONE: a BT Celnet brick haha

FIRST FUNERAL: my uncle Peter

FIRST PET: Scruffy our doggie !!

FIRST BIG TRIP: to the farm in nursery school!

FIRST FIGHT: i was fightin wif sum wee girl n told her to fuk off n cried coz used the f word lol

FIRST CELEBRITY CRUSH: omg gareth gates lol

FIRST TIME OUT OF THE COUNTRY?: blackpool wen i was 3

FIRST JOB: shop manager in st michael youth club llf

FIRST BEBO FRIEND: fuk ni theres a question lol



LAST CAR RIDE: Orlaith bringin me home from uni ol

LAST TIME I CRIED?: earlier on wen colm was here

LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: 2 weeks notice

LAST FOOD I ATE: beans on toast - 2 tins n 7 rounds GR8NESS

LAST ITEM BOUGHT: Primark underwear lol

LAST SHIRT WORN: Abercrombie & Fitch tshirt colms dad brought me home



LAST THING I TOUCHED: the keyboard ?? lol

LAST FUNERAL: Vyishnu, mi best friend

LAST TIME AT THE MALL: the day b4 the formal

LAST TIME I WERE EXCITED FOR SOMETHING: im excited to go c pink ??


LAST THING I DRANK: can of coke

LAST PERSON THAT BROKE MY HEART: ryan kerr grr lol, wer buddies now tho =)


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