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Órla Mcginty

Ran into a wall 2day in PE........ my knee is swollen and sore :( !!!!!!!

10/6/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 22, Luv 547
  • from Achill
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Me, Myself, and I
hey i'm orla, ! i live in achill in a place called saula!!!! am in college at the moment.am studyin 2 b a primary skol teacher in mary i....i Luv goin ot wit my mates and meetin new people...i play trad music and play da fiddle....av met so many lovely ppl through music....hello 2 all my scoil acla mates if ur readin dis...cnt wait 2 c ye nxt year im missin ye already..

leave me a comment and ill get back 2 ya...

add me on MSN-orlaxx@live.ie

love trad:lunana, de dannan, Frankie Gavin, michael mc Goldrick, flook, jesse smith, the tap room trio. I also like: the kooks, greenday, orson, fall out boy, artic monkeys, the killers, AC/DC, artic monkeys, snow patrol, dance music, bon jovi, take that, bryan adams, kaiser chiefs, the fratlies, the blizzards, mika, the fray, my chemical romance, kelly clarkson........a bit of everything really!!!!!!!!
i love films and av been watchin dem loadz lately...here are sum or my favs...blood diamond, employee of the month, music and lyrics, because i said so, the departed, man on fire, hot fuzz, borat, shreik 1 2 and 3, and all the pirates of the carabein movies....
used 2 run an play football but in the last couple of yrs i've grown lazier and lazier and...
Scared Of
wasps and balloons (don't ask!)
Happiest When
Lettin my hair down when out wit da girls...listenin 2 and playin music, meetin new people, shopping....am happiest when im playin my fiddle in a session..........
The Other Half Of Me
Tommy Collins

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    O: Because im the koolest person ever
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