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Beth Loaker

winning............um........  ...i dont know.................winning?  !

12/14/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 146
  • from Norwich......................­...Golden triangle!
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I




My brothers a song writer, listen to his songs

I miss Wymondham College......................
 ...and loads!


Krissy krissy krissy..........do you have a red pen?.......... whats up your butt......your head?..............Bane her!......
Oh my word im gonna miss you............more than you know!

Luv you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The Other Half Of Me
Abi Chaney

Abi Chaney

Shes a bit funny!.....HAT!

I dont like
SMOKING, Lying, Liquorice, Cinamon Jelly beans, people who judge others, waking up to realise its a monday, running (unless im running away from someone coz thats fun) my hair being near a fan, people being to clingy, Celery, feeling alone, poverty, being around stupidly loud people
I like................
Jelly beans, jelly babies, fudge, people who make smile, Zac Efron (in hairspray......) dancing, singing, drama, Ice Age, waking up to realise its the weekend, 8 simple rules! Hattie Fry, Disney Land, Banoffee Pie, Road To Eldarado (you know it Freddie!) boys in brown chords, CYFA, Inner Moment, Church, Apple Juice, Freddie Goymer, Caramel Frappachino (thankyou sam) being with my family and friends, gigs, parties (when in the mood) trampolines, fair trade chocolate, Joop jump, Ghost fragrance, Christmas
Scared Of
My hair being caught in a fan!
And i have a fear of failure
Happiest When
Im with my best friends or having a nice chat with someone! Singing, dancing, Acting............being with Krissy (but she comes under Best friends but i thought id give her a special mention!) xxxxxxxx
DTC! IM GONNA MISS YOU GUYS MORE THAN YOU KNOW! YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME AND I CANT BELIEVE IV SPENT 5 YEARS WITH YOU! YOUV BEEN AMAZING TO ME! THANKYOU! Love you guys! There are soooooooo many people who i love others aswell Hattie, Freddie, Becca, Abi, Lottie, Jess, Kerri, Philippa, College people etc.
Hattie Fy
I have found my twin! She never fails to make me laugh and is such a joy to be with! The amazing times we have had with tents and raisins and rabbits etc. Im so proud to call her my friend! Thank you for always making me smile.............:D
Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    When you buy a bar of chocolate from cadbury or nestle please know that children have been tortured, beaten and in lots of cases killed whilst making that for you. They are made to work in incredibly bad conditions and paid close to nothing for what they do. They are kept as slaves and should they try to escape they would be beaten to near death. The children that work there are children that have been stolen from families around the world, these children are then sold on and never to see their parents again.

    Please think next time you are going to buy a chocolate bar and maybe pay that little bit more and buy fairtrade chocolate where the workers are paid a fair amount, treated like real people, not over-worked and able to smile.

    Just think. - Support fairtrade - www.fairtrade.org.uk tells more about fairtrade


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  • Alice Robinson
    Alice Robinson

    I scored $422 in my spare time being online! I got it from - http://x.co/KTDP Dont say I never help anyone!

  • Smile Like You Mean It
    luv Smile Like You Mean It

    LOVE YOUUU :D :D <3

  • Hattie Fry
    Hattie Fry

    i L-O-V-E you ssssssooooooooo much more chicken!!!!!!!!! i loooove you, you know that dont you? i love you.........bum budum dum dum.....aahhhh! what do yo mean we're online, i don't get you there lovie? love you have fun tonightwith out me! :( she weeps she weeps! i have crazy am about to goi insane!!!!

  • Smile Like You Mean It
    luv Smile Like You Mean It

    HarrHarrr I Cant Imagine You Having A Teenage Strop But Lovee It :L Ermmm... While I Was Away.. I SunBathed Lots Of Swimming Horse Riding Shopping Water Park Lots Of Food & Drink... Was Good But I Was Glad To Come Home After 2Weeks. Awwww ASS IFF You Saw Wicked! Didn't You See It When You Were In London? I Well Want To See It Everyone Says Its Amazing. Who Did You Go With? Yehh I Sure Am Going To Jazzy's Are You Coming? :D Lovee Youuu Miss Youuu <3 xxxxx

  • Smile Like You Mean It
    Smile Like You Mean It

    Awwww well im glad that you had a good time :) Yehh i had some pretty damn good tan lines... Well... Red lines :L :L Was it hot in France? How long did you go for? Yeh true true... So even if you DID fly.. I proberly wouldnt of saw you in the airport hehe You got much planned for the rest of the holidays then? Love you lotsss xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hattie Fry
    luv Hattie Fry

    its fine, my parents weren't that crazy! thankies for la lift, say danke to sam for me. Hopefully i'll see you when you go and see wicked but if Not have ana amzing birthday sweetie! i'll be thinking and praying for you loads. Thanks for today it was loverly to see you and your friends (there all really sweet) :) love you more than zillions xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Smile Like You Mean It
    luv Smile Like You Mean It

    BETHANY BOO BABY Im Hommmeeee :D :D I Hada lovely holiday thankyou but glad to be home 2Weeks was definitly enough :) Did you have a good holiday babe? I Know..DAMN IT I was keeping an eye out for you in the airport but never came across ya HAAA HAAA Hopefully see you soon Love you loads <3 <3

  • Hattie Fry
    luv Hattie Fry

    My Busy Beee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one thing and one thing only..............................  ............ I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know you come back today but i'm not sure when aboutsm, i hope you had a hugely, amazingly, better than chocolate raisans time!!!!!!!! what are you doing monday, no actuallly i shall phone you i love you so much, and right now i want to hug you so tight that you fart, lol. missing, loving and praying for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hattie Fry
    luv Hattie Fry

    hello miss. unhygienic! lol i have no credit so i will have to send a message via la intenet :( Have an amazing tiome on holiday!! i can't believe your going to be out of my life for a so long :( she weeps she weeps. I want to hear all about when you get back,( in 'deet' lol) Thinking and loving you always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xx

  • Smile Like You Mean It
    luv Smile Like You Mean It

    Ohhhh Bethany I Cant Believe We Didnt Say Bye Either Im Upset Now :( :( :( :( :( Might Not See You Until September!!! :O :O :O Awwww ThankYouuu Baby :) :) && You Did Absolutly Brilliant Too Little Twinny HeHe! Ohhh Yehh... You Have A Good Holiday Too Sweeheart Have Funnn && Make The Most of It... Oh... Where You Flying From Again? BAHHHHH Your So Funny LOVE YOU LOTS AND LOTS <3

  • Hattie Fry
    luv Hattie Fry

    i miss you loads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she weeps, she weeps :( xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hattie Fry
    Hattie Fry

    your skin is so dreamy!

  • Hattie Fry
    luv Hattie Fry

    Aww, Bee i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i do, i really do miss you!!!! What are you doing friday???? Do you have any spare moments??? Anyway i shall phone you, woop woop Love you more than the universe! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxx a thousand more kisses than i could ever write.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx