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Lekah Mefroz

i love you mOm!!!

6/21/09 | me too! | Reply

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Rest in Paradice mOm!
Me, Myself, and I
<-------me and mOm bringing it live for you!:P :L

---->>:D GOD IS GOOD!!!:D <<-----
The Other Half Of Me


&lt;------mis my chikah!!!

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  • Funga Namaa Lata
    Funga Namaa Lata

    Hey leka ofa ki ho kii mata pehe ki ho dad moe all the brother eee ofa atu kia hiva lahi leka ke foi talavou ange pe koe ofa atu ee

    11/8/12 via Mobile
  • Funga Namaa Lata
    Funga Namaa Lata

    Leka fefe a hivalahi ofa atu

    9/1/12 via Mobile
  • Funga Namaa Lata
    luv Funga Namaa Lata

    Hey leka mou fefe hake ke size fiha ke ai atu hao foi mini hehe ofa atu ee

    6/24/12 via Mobile
  • E L L Z
    luv E L L Z

    long live bebo haha

    5/13/12 via Mobile
  • Funga Namaa Lata
    luv Funga Namaa Lata

    Hey leka ke fefe hake koe tuku hoo ai ke loloa eku mahalo ee ke foi talavou ange koe oku I ai ha moa eee oua teke ai moa teke hau o eva mai ki heni pe mate hoo dad aau talaange keke kii eva mai ki heni .Fefe hoo dad mo hoo mum fefe fanga kii bro ofa atu eee

    5/1/12 via Mobile
  • Tongan Teddy Bear
    luv Tongan Teddy Bear

    Yeah that's me lol tou still going church?lol

  • Tongan Teddy Bear
    luv Tongan Teddy Bear

    remember me lol

  • Funga Namaa Lata
    luv Funga Namaa Lata

    Happy birthday Hiva leka ofa atu ki ho kii mata sii moui mai hoo sio mum ke sii kau he fiefia ho aho ofa pea tapuekina koe ehe otua kae uma fanga kii bro moho dad ee ofa atu

    12/27/11 via Mobile
  • Funga Namaa Lata
    luv Funga Namaa Lata

    Hi leka fefe hake .Fefe hake ho Dad and Lisa .Hows the kids sent them my love .Ofa kia Hiva lahi

    11/29/11 via Mobile
  • E L L Z
    luv E L L Z

    Jus mkn use of beboz free luv :Z lolz hope yuz b algudz xx

    4/5/11 via Mobile
  • BAby Kulaea
    luv BAby Kulaea

    hey gurl hw use bein jst fort il drop by nd say hi lols hws da bois nd ur dad im glad ur hapi 4 ur dad well miss use nd i myte kum visit sumtymes nextweek since i aint workin nemre, wel heas a hart jst send it bk wen u kn lols love yous

    2/14/11 via Mobile
  • E L L Z
    E L L Z

    Sup sup toko hapi valentines day;) lolz hope yuz algudz out dose wayz.! Nt sho if vili tol yuz but him n bex b getn married in octobr ds yr dey hvn it hia in oz yu shld cum ovr fo it:)) neheyz hows dads nu missez.? Sh btr b nyc 2yu guys othr wyz d sistrz wil hv 2cum dwn n pay her a lil visit:L well me luv holla wen yur free miss yuz xx

    2/14/11 via Mobile
  • TaiSia Mefroz
    luv TaiSia Mefroz

    Hey !! . :)

    2/12/11 via Mobile
  • TaiSia Mefroz
    luv TaiSia Mefroz

    Hey heart u an fams !! . :)

    2/12/11 via Mobile
  • luv Lavinia Manu

    Hey leka koe mooni you have a new mom faita leka ho new mom ho page keu sio atu pe talavou tala mai e nolisi oku ngeli hehe ok leka take a picture of her on page eee

    2/9/11 via Mobile
  • E L L Z
    luv E L L Z

    lolz aww shotz dox.! :)) Yes yes married n dnt wori im BOSS lolz:L damn str8 its ben ages man.! Hows evry1 out dere.? Yu knw wats d hapz wif yu n sanaz 21st.? Let us knw cz i wna cum.! N so duz ma othr hlf :L i warned him ahaa told him "r yu sho yu wna cum.? Cz ma uncles r ALL scary" haha hes lyk YUP i cn handle im lyk "booootz as soon as yu meet uncle sekonaia yur gna drop yur nutz" :L :L i told him bout line n hw dad almost smashd her hoiii gud tymz gud tymz.! Wat hv yu been up2.?stil wrkn.? Neheyz send ma luv 2ever1 n HAPI NU YR xx

    1/20/11 via Mobile
  • luv MS F I N E

    sis ha mea fai ai 'a tuapo ??:L foi mea ena !xx

    1/19/11 via Mobile
  • E L L Z
    luv E L L Z

    Hapi bday atu ka dad ffrom us out hia.! Muj ofaz 2yuz all.! :) :*

    12/4/10 via Mobile
  • Jahlee Tongastyle
    luv Jahlee Tongastyle

    hi leka jst drop by ta share the luv muj luv jahlee

    11/1/10 via Mobile
  • - Mamoe And Vaitoa
    luv - Mamoe And Vaitoa

    Heyy sis how are you? longtime! well anyways hows dad and your lil brothers? you on facebook? if not do a page k hehe. Hope everything is alguds with ya and i caught up with ardmore on facebook lol shes getting married soon and looking good. Get at me when its good take care love ya xx