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Lisa Mac Auley

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  • Female, 23, Luv 87
  • from Corbet
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
School finished! :) :(
Got a job! :) ...Sacrificed a social life! :(

Seems we're hitting Barcelona!
The Other Half Of Me
Billy Macauley
The gym - have every intention of being a regular attender! ;) Despite our best efforts, hip-hop classes were cancelled, not enought interest apparantly! Squeeze in the odd bit of sailing and, really scraping the barrel, Jan's aerobics!
Potential life motos
If it's for you...it won't go past you.
Greatly appreciate
Study, Unexpected nights out, cake in maths class, surprise texts, super chips (Country Fried Chicken is gone)!, a new pair of tights, Hollyoaks, photographs, snow days, the odd 'Heat' mag, Christmas and all associated, the BEACH, an enlightening conversation and obviously friends and family! :)
Strongly Dislike
Airports, DVLNI, Neighbours (spiralled downhill)!!! lack of ABC1 on Freeview, the sound of people biting their nails, heating systems of any kind, no 15s or sausages rolls in Cantine, rain in the mornings, methylated spirits, magpies, ear-phones, alarm clocks, ear-popping, persistent 'driving' chat.
Get Matthew in the store
Go to the Banville
Do the Belfast Marathon (relay)
Get Oxegen tickets
Go skinny-dipping - despite various attempts, still can't tick it off the list!
Attend pool-aerobics
Sail a Pico
Keep a diary
Sleep on a trampoline
List is getting gradually shorter, am currently reviewing future ambitions!

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  • Marty Grant
    Marty Grant

    hey lisa! thats no bother willy has already said that it is easy enough to do the powerboat 1&2 anytime. so if u want to get it done just ask sometime ur down :D thanks yea all should b grand il try and keep u informed as best i can!

  • David McCullough
    David McCullough

    aye nt too bad at all. :D scrape.lol...80's then.haha. no wont be making it out this week, was at the eg last wed, and then thurs was brutal in work, so il giv it miss for while. where you for? gota live for the weekend these days...:( x

  • David McCullough
    David McCullough

    hey stranger...so hows u? Howd the exams go...ace them ayeee?? :P fineeee flasgbox...avnt heard that in ages!!! x

  • Marty Grant
    Marty Grant

    Hey everyone, It's Marty here, just writing to inform everyone about the last weekend of the 24th and 25th of Janurary we did the 1st aid and started to do training for the powerboating stage 1&2... both which have to be up to date in order to do instructors. We basically went over 1st aid in things such as, cpr, safety before anything else, bandages, normal pulse and breathing rates, etc. as well as the power boating which consisted of launching and returning to shore, picking up a mooring, plaining the rib up and downwind, reversing figure of 8 and where all the contents for the ribs are kept. it was a really good weekend! and im sure all who attended agree! the next date is the 28th of February it is the powerboat assessment. but it can also be more practise for people who are not yet confident in the rib. it is really important that people try to get down to K.O.E.C because willy is looking to get an instructors course in the centre in august and this will hopefully be half subsidized by selb. so if everyone gets the powerboating up to date there is a good likelyhood that the instructors will go ahead. remember though if you got first aid it is only valid for 3 years! also remember just because you havnt sailed in a year or maybe a few you mught think that you shouldnt come down DO because your still a v.i so get down these weekends, they are practise. Willy wants to thank everybody for there years of service by getting them their instructors! so if everyone can try and get back to me asap to tell me if they can attend the 28th of February!! .. the deadline for replies is the 19th of Feb as i have to inform Peter on the 20th which is the friday! thanks all , hope to see you all soon! Marty grant!

  • Robin Thompson
    Robin Thompson

    Alrite lisa! hows accounting going? got ur exams done with no problems i hope!! lol

  • Kelly McGuigan
    Kelly McGuigan

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyy!! ..I kno its me im online..and yes im posting ya a comment!!!lol Send me sum love...i need to make up some time!!lol x x x

  • Lucy
    luv Lucy

    :O lisa's on! im home satrday...shall be seeing you during th week..i reassure you of that! My last exam is in morn..grr!! xx

  • Marty Grant
    Marty Grant

    Willie and Peter have been having a discussion about our meeting and this is what they have come up with. 24th Jan and 25th Jan – First Aid and Powerboat training. 28th Feb Powerboat assessment 28th Mar sailing day 15th 16th 17th April (Easter week) Sailing training including race training. The proposal would be to open these days up to people who were on last years Level 3 and Seamanship courses. These will all be self catered. The Centre will cover the cost of the First aid books and the powerboat log books.\ ok so if everyone replys asap then we can confirm all these dates! the dates are soo far away so that people who do want to come can have alot of time in advance to know if they can make it! remember you need both of them for instructors! oh also if u did not recieve an e-mail from me please send me ur email address and fone number as well! thanks marty!

  • Beautifulwomen Ofbebo

    Hey gorgeous, How are you? Good week so far? You look great in your pics, seriously amazing in fact :-) Add me and become a member of bebos most beautiful women :-)

  • Marty Grant
    Marty Grant

    am just off the phone with thee peter wells. he has agreed to have a meeting with all vi's who want to do winter sailing, first aid, power boating and with the possibility of bringing up the instructors! the meeting is on at 6.15 at the centre on wednesday the 12th of november! if u cannot make 6.15pm or 6.30pm tell me and i will arrange with peter to make it at 7 pm! currently the agreed day for winter training is on saturdays, you may also have your imput here and tell me saturday and sunday. Arn't us vi's becoming very democratic these days! one last point if you cannot make the meeting for whatever reason, at college in england or some lame excuse like that lol and you still want to be part of the winter training programme please email me with your name and say i would like to participate in the winter training although i could not make this meeting, therefore i can foward that on to willy and peter as a sign of who all wants this to happen!

  • Lucy

    leavin u a msg simply because u threatened to shut down ur page due to lack of comments lol....11 days until we meet again..tell richard he can kiss goodbye to ya that weekend :L xx

  • Rachel Armstrong
    Rachel Armstrong

    hey hey lisa hows you and the big smoke?i heard you guys are like off 2 days a week??grr!hardcore accountancy over here...in every day.lol.xo

  • Chloe-MacA

    strongly dislike : neighbours ?!?!?!?!?! lisa get it sorted. u were once the number one fan of neighbours. don't desert it.

  • Lucy
    luv Lucy

    lisa i must say ur a cool dude in that pic wit ur wee fanta ;) ur card takes pride and joy on my shelf here! good nite at th bel? bet it was empty cuz i wasnt there lol im tellin ya u shuda come to edinburgh...ull lovee it when ya come over! il mail ya durin week..let ya no th scandle...love....xxx

  • Marty Grant
    Marty Grant

    sailin on saturday is cancelled sorry

  • Marty Grant
    Marty Grant

    lisa there is goin 2 b sailin racin on saturday at 9.30 in the centre if u want to come u are very welcome! it is from 9.30 until 4.30 5ish and bring a packed lunch! if u can reply tellin me yes or no as soon as possible thanks!