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About Me

The gate of tomorrow is not the light of heaven, but the darkness in the depths of the Earth.
Me, Myself, and I
I'm 19
I like Writing, alot.
Resident Evil..... My love.
Linkin Park..... My band.

The Other Half Of Me
Admiral BryMan

Admiral BryMan

He loves Sheva really ;)

Current Listenings
Linkin Park, A Perfect Circle, Default, Red Hot Chili Peppers, KoRn, Nickelback, A Day To Remember, Good Charlotte, Evanescence, Limp Bizkit, (slowly getting into) The Misfits (I wonder why? xD), Red, Placebo, Lamb of God, Scooter..... I'll add more when I have time.
Special Thanks
Euan, Ian, Loli, Blair, Midget, Smithy, Rachael, Robert, Bob, Isabel, Sarah
Ian Campbell
One of my main men! Eight years homeslice, eight years we've been as close as we have been. An extremely funny guy who definitely manages to keep me laughing in almost every situation. Still can't get over that we've been mates for eight years without a single problem. Thanks Ian :D
Oh last thing
Wesker > Irvine

and Midget's a prick ;D

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  • Brena

    "Are you 100% over the last person you kissed?
    No! I'm still with her! I don't wanna get over her ;P

    Have you ever had a best friend?
    I do :)

    Are you currently looking forward to anything?
    Seeing Loli again
    This Friday
    Christmas :P

    Are you wearing something that belongs to someone else?
    My S.T.A.R.S T-shirt is my own

    Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?

    Did you have a good day yesterday?
    Aye t'was alright

    Who was the last person that left you a comment?
    On this? Midget

    What are you doing tomorrow?
    Sweet f'all
    by the looks of things :L

    Will this weekend be a good one?
    Fingers crossed

    Are you keeping a big secret right now?

    Are you a fan of iced coffee?
    Nah I don't like Coffee in general

    Least favorite Jonas brother?
    Their existence is lame

    Have you ever been called a bitch?
    Yep at some points

    Who was the last baby you held?
    Kaitlyn I think ;P

    Do you like pancakes?
    Sure why not

    Do you currently have a hickey?
    Nope not today ;D

    Have you ever kissed anyone whose name started with a A?

    Who is in your house right now?
    My Mum and my sister, as far as I know. I ain't even in my house.

    What does your 3rd text message say and who's it from?
    "Linkin Park at Download" - Craig Leyland :P

    What is the last thing you did before bed last night?
    Listen to tunes

    How are you feeling RIGHT now?
    Ah I',m not doing too bad

    Do you look at the keyboard when you type?
    Not usually

    Think back five months ago, were you single?
    Yes I was

    Hold hands with anyone this week?
    I sure did :) (L)

    What's running through your mind right now?
    Not seeing Loli very much this week :(

    This time last year, can you remember who you liked?
    Yes I can

    Are you easily amused?

    When was the last time you cried?
    Haha Sunday night!
    While reading Megatokyo (lame I know, but it was really guttingfor Piro at points)

    Where is your mobile phone ?
    sitting next to me.

    Have you done any thing embarrassing lately?
    Yeah xD
    I love hanging out with Ian and Euan

    Have you kissed anyone whose name started with a J?

    Are you mean?
    Maybe sometimes ;P

    Have you ever had a girl best friend?
    I do :D

    Do you hate being alone?
    Very much so

    How late did you stay up last night?

    Last three things you had to drink?
    Irn Bru, Vodka, Vimto

    Is there anyone that you care more about than yourself?
    I care about tons of folk more than myself.

    Do you and your last ex hate each other?
    Don't talk to her,don't really consider that a bad thing xD

    Ever made anyone cry when you were mad?
    I think so.

    Ever really cried your heart out?
    Maybe once

    Do you like to cuddle?
    Damn right I do.

    Have you ever given up on someone, but then went back to them?

    What is your favorite board game?
    I loved the Jurassic Park boardgame my brother used to have ;P

    Are you someone who worries too often?
    Nah, I don't worry too often, but sometimes I overworry.

    Have you ever lived with your girlfriend/ boyfrend?
    Well..... four days was close enough ;P

    Are your nails painted?
    No thank you

    Can you recall the last time you liked someone a lot?
    Loli :D

    Are you cheating on someone right now?

    Will you be in a relationship next month?
    I'm hoping so!

    Who was the first person you talked to this morning?
    My Mum

    When was the last time you wanted to punch someone in the face?

    Do you like Subway

    Have you ever had an Oreo with peanut butter?

    Do you talk in your sleep?
    Apparently so!

    Are you trying to avoid liking somebody at the moment?
    No! I don't wanna avoid liking my girlfriend

    Do you think you've changed over the past year?
    Maybe a little.

    Do you care if people talk badly about you?
    Sure I care to the point of wanting to know why
    but I don't care to the point where it bothers me.

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  • Renholder.

    1. Full Name: Anthony Stuart Lovelock

    2. Nicknames: Tony, Mr Megamunch :D , TonyToots, Shadowrion

    3. Birthday: 17th of June

    4. Place of Birth: Rinteln

    5. Star Sign: Gemini

    6. Best Feature: Apparently my eyes

    7. Brothers/sisters: 2 brothers and a sister

    8. School: nah college. Anniesland ;)

    9. Occupation: Student

    10. Residence : House I guess.

    11. Hair Color: Black :)

    12. Eye color: Blue

    13. Weight: Meh, could do with a little less me thinks.

    14. Height: average height :)

    15. Braces?: No.

    16. Glasses?: Nope

    17. Piercings: nooooooooooooo

    18. Tattoos: Soon!

    19. Righty or Lefty: righty

    20. Shoe Size: 11 or something.

    ** My Firsts **

    21. First Best friend: Glen Douglas

    22. First Award: Writing I think ;P

    23. First Kiss: Pssssht.

    24. First Pet: Tizzy </3 :(

    25. First Holiday: Germany

    26. First Concert: Alter Bridge

    27. First Love: =)

    28. First Fag: Like..... a year ago

    29. First School Trip: Edinburgh zoo I think :L

    30. First Drink: BUCKY XD

    ** Favorites ! **

    31. Fave Movie: Never Back Down

    32. Fave TV programme: House at the moment :P

    33. Fave Color: Black, Blue

    34. Fave Celeb: Sienna Guillory

    35. Fave Song: At the moment it seems to be The Outsider - A Perfect Circle, Imagine - A Perfect Circle and Snow - Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    36. Fave Food: Pizza ;P

    37. Fave Drink: Relentless, Irn Bru (with or without Vodka) and Apple Juice :D

    38. Fave Restuarant: Pffffft not a clue

    39. Fave Brand: S.T.A.R.S

    40. Fave Shop: Gamestation or Forbidden Planet

    ** Right Now **

    41. Feeling: Truly happy

    42. Single or Taken?: Gladly taken! :) (L)

    43. Have a crush: A mad one!

    44. Eating: Grated Cheese

    45. Drinking: Coke

    46. Typing: This and to my Miss Bitesize :D

    47. Online?: Aye, tunes and facebook.

    48. Listening To: Dissidia Soundtrack - Cosmos

    49. Thinking About: My weekend ahead!
    Saturday - Time with Ian and Euan, my lads :D
    Sunday - Family comes back and I get to see my girl :3 <3

    50. Wearing: Jeans, S.T.A.R.S t-shirt, Umbrella hoody :D

    **The Opposite Sex**

    51. Hair color: I don't really mind :D

    52. Hair style: Just not too short :P

    53. Eye color: Something that draws me into them really.

    54. Cute or Sexy: Bit of both

    55. Lips or Eyes: Eyes.

    56. Hugs or Kisses: Mix and match xD

    57. Short or Tall: Shorter is cute :D

    58. Fatty Or Skinny: It doesn't overly bother me, it's whats inside that counts right?

    59. Romantic or Spontaneous: Mix it up!

    60. Hook-up or Relationship?: Relationship, always.

    62. Easy goin or Serious?: Both as long as they can get the timings right >___<

    63. Trouble Maker or Hesitant one?: Not a goody two shoes but not a gun wielding thief aight?

    **Have you ever**

    64. Kissed a Stranger: No

    65. Had Alcohol: On many occassion

    66. Smoked:Yep

    67. Ran Away From Home: Yeah, not very far, but yeah.

    68. Broken a bone: Knocked one out of place

    69. Got an X-ray: Yup.

    70. Broke Someones Heart: Not that I know of

    71. Broke Up With Someone: They broke with me to be fair

    72. Cried When Someone Died: Yeah

    73. Cried At School: Yep

    **Do You Believe In**

    74. God: Not at all.

    75. Miracles: I saw three shooting stars within two weeks with the girl I love. So I'm going with yes.

    76. Love At First sight: Not witnessed it.

    77. Ghosts: Ayep

    78. Loch Ness Monster: hahahahaha can't say I do. Maybe it's cause I'm English though.

    79. Soul Mates: Yup.

    80. Heaven: Not really

    81. Hell: Nope

    82. Kissing on The First Date: Sure if the moments right

    83. Horoscopes: Sometimes

    **Hopes for the Future**

    84. Want Kids: Either or

    85. How many: No more than two

    86. Want Marriage: eventually I guess

    87. Want a big wedding: *shrugs*

    88. Location: I'm not fussed as long as I'm near the ones I love!

    89. Caree

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  • Freedom of Choice

    Ready for new random questions?
    Sure whatever

    Okay so, your last ex turns around and kisses you, what do you do?
    Get the fuck off of me.

    What would you do if your boyfriend/girlfriend dumped you right now?
    Be extremely upset! :/

    If you had to choose either your friends OR family to live with for the rest of your life, who would it be?

    If you could have a dinner party with any 3 people in the world, who would you invite?
    Johnny Knoxville, Sienna Guillory, Owen Wilson :D

    If you could rob a bank, and you knew there was absolutely no way you would get caught/punished, would you do it?
    Damn fucking right.

    You can press a button that will make any one person explode. Who would you blow up?
    Hmmmmm..... that would take some thought.

    This time yesterday, what were you doing?
    Sitting watching House with Loli and my Granddad :P

    If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
    Not too keen on my legs :P

    How many piercings do you have and what are they?

    If you could get a tattoo right now, what would you get?
    S.T.A.R.S badge on my right shoulder.

    Are you currently wanting any piercings, if so what?
    No thanks :)

    What was your first thought this morning?

    If you could erase a type of genre of music, what would it be?
    I wouldn't.
    Each to their own right, plus I guess I can say I like at least a little of every genre.

    What do you currently hear right now?
    Eminem - Criminal ;D

    Whats cuter; a kiss on the forehead on your hand?
    hand xD

    Congrats! You've won a free holiday to anywhere in the world, where do you go?
    Fuck....... I actually don't know :L

    What/Who made you laugh the most today?
    Probably Harman
    or Bob when he walked up and spoke to a random ;P

    What is the worst pain you have ever felt?
    Hmmmm.... either being shot in the leg by my brother with his high powered bb gun.
    Orrrrr Ian kicking the lucozade bottle at me in high school

    Any songs make you cry, if so what ones?
    No song makes me cry without fail, just depends on my mood :P

    Would you ever get back with any of your exes?
    No thanks

    Whats your favourite accent, can you speak it?
    I like my accent, more often than not ;P

    Do you have plans today?
    Get a munch
    sit online for most of the night

    Will you be in a relationship next month?
    I believe so :D (L)

    Have you ever been punched by the opposite sex?

    How often do you hold back from saying what you are thinking?
    30% of the time.
    For the sake of others usually :P

    Have you ever met someone who is amazing?
    Oh god yes, I have plenty of folks who I see as amazing
    Especially: Loli, Ian, Euan, Ashley, Smithy and Midget!

    Is anything on your body currently hurting?
    My toes are cold but thats about it ;D

    Are you happy with the way things are going?
    You know what.... I am :)

    How far away is the last person you kissed?
    Glasgow I think D:

    Do you find yourself funny?

    Has anyone ever said they wanted to marry you?
    As a joke :L

    Were you single on your last birthday?
    Ayep ;P

    You're locked in an empty room with the person who hurt you most, any problems?
    No problems..... for me anyway ;P

    Did your last kiss take place on a bed?
    Nopeeee train station

    Do you think flirting is cheating?
    Not really, unless its extremely serious flirting.

    How did your day start off?

    Do you hate the last girl, other than family, you had a conversation with?
    Loli!? Of course not!

    Do you believe in love at first sight?
    Not really.

    Ever been cheated on?

    Do you believe that it is best to have a friendship first then love?
    Usually yeah

    When was the last time you threw up?
    A while back

    What are you wearing right now?
    Jeans, S.T.A.R.S t-shirt, chequered shirt over that and my Umbrella hoody :D

    What was the last thing you ate?
    Packet of Nik Naks :L

    Have you bought any new clothing items this week?

    When was the last tim

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