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The Boosh <3 :D

11/18/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Jazz in your face ; ]
Me, Myself, and I
You're the only one,
I'd be with till the end,
When I come undone,
You bring me back again,
Back under the stars,
Back into your arms.

I love you Ben

"It's raaaaininggggg!"
The Other Half Of Me


Granny Toucher

is a cl.........

Practically my big brother XD...but also my future husband to counter bad luck :S It's not incest (;
Best Friendddddddddd
Jenny is my wifey and i love her very much ^^

and we're having sexy, straight-haired kids ; ]
Special Marriage things:
"It's raaaaaaaining!", Bondage equiptment!, I wish he did that to my ass ;) , Unhygenic beast!, Allan the diabetic gnome ^^, straightners in sex, David Jr., Face sex, GNOMEY GNOMES!!!, Deal or No Deal audience, Real raindrops, Random trivia bringing us closer together (:, Nate ;) , Strange phobias, Gnomophobia, Gothic Gnomes, Gnome hats, Gnomes in general XD, I'm coming up behind you Jenny! Homemade Valentines day cards, Beautiful Waterstones man, Glazed doughnuts (Y), Kankles, Beige woman, I like PIIIIIIE, FOTC, Depressed cup of coffee, Mr Pig, French people called Natasha, Doctor Who obviously, Paedophile corner, stubs
You're so amazing and I am so lucky to have you. I really don't deserve you but I'm grateful for the fact you're with me. I never ever want to lose you, you're my everything. I love you.

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  • Amazing poem by some guy called Adam XD

    Dear Anthology, I pull you out the drawer
    And say to myself, I don't need to take this shit anymore
    I walk outside and lay you on the grass
    Take a shit on your cover, and rub it in with my ass
    Jizz on your Carol Ann Duffy pages
    Not very horny, so it took me ages
    Pour on the petrol and get the matches
    Strike one, throw it on and the fire catches
    I rip off my clothes and dance around you

    ...I think everyone who has done Literature GCSE will empathise

    1 Comment 223 weeks

  • Jason wrote a rhyme for me (:

    they dont see it like a gay man could,
    that inner beauty thats misunderstood,
    with enough ass to give anyone cheek,
    and the melodic voice when you speak,
    your prettied eyed both outwardly and inside,
    and you make them want more then what they had before,
    because its you they adore,
    from the grace in your stance to the garden you keep in your pants,
    your inward thoughts and your emotional contotions.

    It's very touching I do say :')

    0 Comments 225 weeks

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Oh I'm gonna jump on you boy, gonna jump on you and suck your head like a chupa chup lolly


Jean Claude Jaquettie, with his jacket on. Jean Claude Jaquettie, with his jacket off. Jean Claude Jaquettie, with his jacket on. Jean Claude Jaquettie, with his jacket off. Jacket on, jacket off, jacket on, jacket off. Oh, stylish. Oh, Wokkaman. Running round Paris with a tiny haversack. Look into the future with a telescope. Drawing on the past with an eagle claw, eagle claw. Why? Eagle claw, eagle claw. Bobaboingboing. Take a fashion coin, slot it in the pocket of your bumbag. Take it to Milan, take it to Japan, take it to the man with a fashion plan. Jaquettie.


So I asked the moon. I took a chance, how was I to know he's an alabaster retard?

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  • the worst moment in history.
    the worst moment in history.

    incase you can't read it (which lets be honest is very likely ) ;D

    Mr Doctor: you should keep your baby Miss Hitler!
    Miss Hitler: OK (:

    the best piece of art ever made maybe?

    Jenny 1 Reply

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  • Ginge.
    luv Ginge.

    hello ;) i love you (:

  • Ginge.


  • Jenny
    luv Jenny

    i'm sure it does ;) do you know what i really fancy right now.. a threesome in a tardis with David ;) ohh yess xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jenny
    luv Jenny

    I david clone child molest you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  x ;)

  • Ginge.
    luv Ginge.

    Life is abit of a willydribble tbqh.

  • Runny Babbit And The OtherOne
    luv Runny Babbit And The OtherOne

    Smile. :) xxx ly xxx

  • Paarty Haard.
    luv Paarty Haard.

    i disagree tbh :) only joking. you know i love you really :L X.

  • Paarty Haard.
    luv Paarty Haard.

    "You What? You what? you what? you Twat You What? X.

  • Paarty Haard.
    luv Paarty Haard.

    look at my hair straighteners! X.

  • Paarty Haard.
    luv Paarty Haard.

    well one of us has too :)

  • Jenny
    luv Jenny

    immensly gay cause we never went :( but i was ill anyway so i couldn't have gone to oceana even if i had a ticket because my mum would have barricaded me in D: GAYY XX

  • Jenny
    luv Jenny

    haha thank you ;) how was oceanna? i love youuuuu tooooo :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Paarty Haard.
    luv Paarty Haard.

    Have Fun Tonight. remember to have fun, but not do anything stupid ;) and i expect updaes :L Love You. x.

  • Paarty Haard.
    luv Paarty Haard.

    well science was kinda fun tbh. nice catch up. we should do it agian soon. tho we kinda diint get round to talking about you. it was more about robyn, and kay and people :) and yes, but so are you. two parties this weekend. geddon. X.

  • Paarty Haard.
    luv Paarty Haard.

    Jas commens everywhere :) why were you pissed off yesterday btw? and i dont have that many parties, i just go out abit. and drama was alright thanks. how was your day? X.

  • Jenny
    luv Jenny

    haha murray is s the best as very well demonstrated by your profile "GO FUCK YOURSELF BRET" hahaha "we shouldn't be argueing in front of the map, its not right."

  • Paarty Haard.
    luv Paarty Haard.

    no we havent. but facebook we have :) and how am i an alcoholic? aha. however im good thanks. been an easiy ish day tbh. you okay? btw may get you outta lessons :D X