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6/23/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 22, Luv 198
  • from Burnfoot
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: June 2005
  • Last active: 11/3/10
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Me, Myself, and I
Hi im Tanya, My m8s all call me Tan. I am 19, I am finally off my R'S and 206 is away lol. I am now driving a silver toledo. I finished lvady tech last yr -studying child care- yes screaming weans, at derry tech now 4 2yrs doin HND. going steady now 3yrs and half years. couldn't be happier - when i say steady we lyk an old married couple. im with him 24/ 7! living with inlaws - proper serious ha. my m8s r always complaining they neva c me lol but I do love him loads, he is the best fing to ever happen 2me, i would b lost without him nw. xxx

m8s now wer i start, hanz is the best m8 eva, lynzd is my bitch i love her loads best craic ona nite out lol x Lynz is brill she knows everything about me everything lol
tori and wee rach from lvady tech r g8 craic we hav gud chats alrgt lol. they are all brill don't have enough space to write bot them all. i would be lost without them. They always there 4 me when
dance has to be the best!! Although love pop too lol
love glee don't stop believing x
lady gaga is amazing too lol
scary 1s and comedy have to be the best.
p.s. i love you.! brill
superbad and mall cop was class lol
andy has to get seeing the saw and ones with people chopping ppl up x
not into sports. My sport is cen andy and my m8s lol.
going cruising in the lil blue pug lol
vodka and red bull, smirniff ice, peach snapps & wkd is wicked!!!!
Happiest When
partying, when im with andy and having a laugh with my m8s.
inlove with
Andrew James Reilly, my wee sexy!! xx
Han Han, Vicki, rach, lynz she is now tech buddy i had lost her 4 a while she 2 busy with the bf lol , britney is a nutter but love her really lol, Lisa, ali, kerri, jenny, karla and whoever else i 4got 2 mention lol. xx there all fantastic m8s and always there when u need them x
The Other Half Of Me
Lyndsey Neill

Lyndsey Neill

hiya babes love ya loads. been best m8s 4eva x

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August 18, 2009 09:18 AMTan said
April 18, 2009 02:23 PMJulie said

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  • Lyndsey Neill
    Lyndsey Neill

    hey wee huni hows you xx

  • Emma Brolly
    Emma Brolly

    well hello there chicken!!!!!!!! well wots the craic????? :) :) :) :) where just bk from rally reali tired :( :( :( :( xxxx

  • Lyndsey Neill
    Lyndsey Neill

    felt so good getting a lie on this morn lol

  • Danielle Kearney

    How's you x

    6/8/10 via Mobile
  • Lyndsey Neill
    Lyndsey Neill

    last day today woooohooooooooo lol........so glad to c the back of that shit hole for over two months lol

  • Lyndsey Neill
    luv Lyndsey Neill

    aww dreadng fr pet..wat will i write lol.have you looked at anything for it .xx

  • Lyndsey Neill
    luv Lyndsey Neill

    aww ano it will be a nightmare.i no nufin bout the next two exams.oh well il be back in august knowing me lol

  • Lyndsey Neill
    luv Lyndsey Neill

    soo glad we got home early today :L ......such a waste of my time going up to get you(even tho you were up at SIX o clock :L )....then magpies are bad luck :L :L :L :L :L Some love pet x

  • Lyndsey Neill
    Lyndsey Neill

    soooooo badly sunburnt.but well worth the mad craic with my babe lee xx

  • Lyndsey Neill
    Lyndsey Neill

    lisa was a total bitch xx

  • Lyndsey Neill
    Lyndsey Neill

    bitch is all i can say

  • Lyndsey Neill
    Lyndsey Neill

    i hate exams lol.....at least you got urs finished babe lol.sineads is gona be a nightmare cos she so picky.xx..oh well roll on aug.......the repeat exams are calling me lol

  • Carol Lynch

    Aw wait til u finish tech then get a good job u'll be buying ur very own house Aye still in Derry, u at tech on Strand Road??? xx

  • Lyndsey Neill
    Lyndsey Neill

    sooo stressed lol

  • Lyndsey Neill
    Lyndsey Neill

    aww shameless was sooooo gud last nite cant believe it was the last one for a while xx

  • Lyndsey Neill
    Lyndsey Neill

    aww i know needy get my finger out and do some.soooo hard to concentrate...haha dreading these exams hi.we better pass them lol. wat you doing 2nite then....we dont know what we are doing yet.xx

  • Lyndsey Neill
    Lyndsey Neill

    hellooooo wee chicky.so proud we stayed all day today.i want a gold star and i want it to sparkle for everyone to see :L :L :L :L :L :L

  • Carol Lynch

    Naw I bought it on my own, and I'm in moving in myself, wouldnt be bothered with others...xx

  • Carol Lynch

    Nope no nites out, just bought one of the houses in ballykelly, so def no outings for a wile, lol......

  • Lyndsey Neill
    Lyndsey Neill

    aww dreading monday....dont even wana think about it got my pics of westlife up.wish i was there this monday instead of being in that shitehole ...