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7/23/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 99
  • from Massey 833 rep west aucks
  • I am In a Relationship
  • www.bebo.com/HuLahOOsi
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About Me

chi-chi ° k0ko ° chi-chi
Me, Myself, and I
Heyy yaaz! Im 21yrz..live in nz..southAukz..say hello!!!
Many genres..always gon love hip hop, R'n'B, gangstarr rap..also into rock, pop rock...nirvana, p!nk, system, limpbiz etc etc
deDicaTi0n 2 MoM0
Those who love moi! Been thru hella struggles in past few years..thanks fwends n fams that been there when I needed you the mostest!!! Xoxoxoxo

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  • Life!

    When your young and people tell you life can be hard and it is what you make it, honestly you should listen!! Life can make a full 180* turn when you least expect it and it could throw you off course a little, dont let it brake you, go with it, even the worst things that happen to you in life can once again turn around and you find your in a better place than you were in the beginning! Make the most of what you have, forget anybody else..its your life, so make it yours!

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    this next song is dedicated to all whack rappers
    and all the whack people who like and buy their whack music
    i think you crazy if you like Jay-z
    dont change clothes change the cd
    Murphy Lee what the hook gonna be
    cause you do need a hook and another beat
    Jermaine Dupree, you know you wrong
    fucked up Chingy's song
    Afro-m**her f**kin-M-A-N cant stand no mother f**kin Ying-Yang Twins
    i think Lil John and the Eastside Boys is an ignorant, irritating bunch of noise
    if you dont give a damn gon throw it out (2X) (what)
    the window, up against the wall ,up against the wall
    laugh when the m**herf**ker falls
    these fools cant rap at all
    i'll never buy a tune
    from the Neptunes
    when they beat come on
    i hope it go off soon
    Fabolous, whats Fabolous about?
    i think he terrible, music unbearable
    rippin off Mase with that look on his face (oh man)
    i rest my case
    Kelis, wow, i hate her so much right now
    my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
    who gave her a record deal, oh my god!
    Nas is in the video with Kelis
    Jay-z's in the video with Beyonce
    both of these rappers are whack
    yet people talk smack about 40 Delefante
    the music industry is usin the slang
    and trying to play it off like they doing their thing
    cmon Cameron, oh boy (oh boy), Dipset (Dipset), oh boy
    how can you be from a city so black
    and bust shiTy lyrics thats whick whick whack(get back on Kelis)
    oh yeah Kelis, this is what i want you to do
    get on your knees, face me,
    i got a milkshake for you and its tasty (licking noise)
    just like your album
    Puff Daddy, enough already
    now its P. Diddy still sound shi*y
    how can your group be called Da Band
    no body plays an instrument man
    i dont play B2K
    R&B singers B2Gay (you know they broke up over money)
    oh yeah, thats too bad, i dont care
    i think its good, no doubt
    they can stop putting all that bullshit out
    like "what a girl want what a girl need
    a f**kin job and a brand new hair weave (2X)
    a bump bump bump
    that is all i wanna do
    a bump bump bump
    thats my song thats thats what i wrote down on the piece of paper
    a bump bump bump
    call up Puff Daddy ask him if he wants to do a verse with me
    real pimps get down on the flow
    but i dont see a hoe in the video
    why is David Banner runnin from the clan
    what happened to the b*t*hes man
    Cadillac on 22's why is David Banner takin off his shoes
    its supposed to be about Cadillacs
    not David Banner bringin dead people back
    even though its all good
    it might get misunderstood
    damn skippy, mississippi is the hood
    raps im writing up, i cant lighten up
    until these whack a** rappers tightin up
    Missy Elliot,thinks she looks like Halle Berry, thats scary
    (beat comes on)
    her cd aint worth it put you money in your pocket and reverse it (2X)
    Missy Elliot makes a bunch of b*lls*it (4X)
    Missy Elliot makes a bunch of hey check this out
    i cant stand her music going in my ear
    if you like Missy Elliot get the f**k out of here
    i cant stand her music going in my ear
    if you like Missy Elliot get the f**k out of here
    most rappers are whack just like the people they attract (4X)
    hey man, hey, look Trina's on tv
    oh yeah, ooh she fine
    hey homie, Trinas on tv, she cute
    not when she rappin, press mute
    and now we gonna play a single from the album weaveolution
    even with a weave (even with a weave)(4X)
    even with a weave, i cant stand Eve (2X)
    i cant stand Eve
    thats what i said
    she got a pin head
    most peoples head is round
    hers go up and down,
    like a peanut
    she could be pretty
    if her attitude wasnt so shi*y
    talkin 'bout "you tryin to come through the back door"
    she aint got no back door
    what she talkin smack fo'
    male bashin with Mary J
    like queen latifah she must be gay
    in my radio you gets no play, not today
    what the fuck happened to MTV
    why these whack people get to make a cd
    i dont know man look at 50 Cent
    he dont move his mouth when he

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  • MiiKah-Gal

    hey sis hw r u? hey hav u herd frm luke?

    6/3/10 via Mobile
  • luv Fiddy.

    sis, txt me. new number x.

  • Leeaah
    luv Leeaah

    heyaaaaah i heart you baby love you heaps hope your thinkn of me when you get wastd off that alize' hahahahaha muwah love sis...check out my profile pic hehehehe havf shum xoxoxoxoxo

  • luv Nela Kata

    heya, im in nz now, :) hope all is well ..ofa atu..

  • Éñvïoso 1/19/10
  • Mele Klavenes

    hey cindy, good that you are here.how are you? hows work? write back when you can and take good care....

  • Paula Farrar

    Dear darling daughter, Kiss and hug from mum

  • Éñvïoso

    sup thanks for the support gurl neat alryt yo wots ur facebook? addus ENVIOSO peace

  • luv Mele Klavenes

    hey Cindy. whats your add on facebook? i got Cindy Raquel but it doesnt have any photo on it is that your one??? pls let me know.thanks and talk to you soon ofa atu Mele

  • Jen
    luv Jen

    Heya cuz long time no see hehe drop me a txt wen ya free for a catch up ofa atu mwahhh xoxo

  • BeksYayo-
    luv BeksYayo-


  • Nela Kata

    howdy do roe? hope all is well and dandy:) im good .. just sayin wasup.. take good care.. ofa lahi atu. whoopz, my heart is gone, i just noticed:) mmmwah theres some love.. take care.

  • Ricardo Fernandez
    Ricardo Fernandez

    Haeey Cindy ! we need to qo for another drive :L thadt ws honestly really funny ! ;o Remember next time yu qoe to America ; ao have to come ! L A W L ; x XD

  • Olivia
    luv Olivia

    hay hun it was gud 2 c ya again!!!! lng tym no c..... u look aftr ya self... keep n touch...

  • Paula Farrar

    Raquel dear, looking through the Bebo....and sure you have placed me on a restricted limited review..... Love you bub Mum

  • Fiddy.

    uce txtme! love yuuu x.

  • E

    Where you Cindy? :L Out Southside yet?? :D

  • BeksYayo-
    luv BeksYayo-


  • Jaym Welsh
    luv Jaym Welsh

    Hey Cindy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its Jaymee!!! Lol sorry that other bebo you wrote on was sarahs! lol this is my page so how are you? man its been so long aye? havent seen you in ages! what you been up to? hope to hear form you take care love lots.xo

  • Nela Kata

    heya, honest to who ma phone still not found, im sure fia pond it,lol.. anyhow i hope you are fine, fia says hello with his big smile,,:) :) much luv and wel see you soon..mmwah