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Butterflies and Hurricanes

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10/22/09 | me too! | Reply

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19/02/09- Kaiser Chiefs
01/03/09- Franz Ferdinand
14/10/09- Pete Doherty
06/11/09- Muse

26/11/09- Arctic Monkeys!!!! :DD
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  • (:

    Music, Alex Turner, Talking, Partying, Memories, Laughing so much it hurts, Biology Class with the girls, Ballet, Ice Cream, Days spent doing nothing with my friends, Summer, Proper Dublin People, My Granda, Topshop, H&M, Clares New House, My mp3, Pete Doherty, o2 free texts, Getting ready to go out, E4, Family Guy, The randomness that comes out when me & Ciara are together, Aaron <3, Skins, unsigned gigs, My Piano, Kate Moss, Photos, Song covers, Private Jokes, Concerts, Gok Won, Swords Park, Watching Gaa & Rugby, My cousins, Ice Tea, My Odessas, Fashion, England and English people, Song Lyrics, Drums, Our Locker Room, Rimmel, My GHD, Skinny Jeans, The Gaeltacht, Russel Brand, My Phone, CDs (not downloads!!), Music Class, Maple Syrup, Walking home from school when its sunny, Secret notes, Msn, Old 90s programmes, Me & Clares adventures of Peter & Niall, Big Sunglasses, People who can play guitar, Tights, Boys with nice hair, Jewellery, Chocolate, Boys hoodies, Tattoos that mean something to someone, Wrapping Presents, Butterflies, Stargazer make-up, Matt Bellamy, Zumo, Dresses, MOD, Irish, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Penneys, Perfume, Markwins Professional Nail Care, Charley Farley, Random People, TY Massifs, Songs that everyone sings along to, Starsigns, Night time, Colours, Aoifes random acts of kindness, T-Shirts, Biographies, Names, Beads, French Class, Snow and of course… My friends & Mark They are the most amazing people in the world… ly xXx

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  • ):

    Flies, Exams, Maths, Liars, Drama, Assholes, Ballet 5th Position, When you cant trust people, Having no credit, Smudged nail varnish, Stupid techno dance and rave with baby chipmunk voices, When people drink and smoke in front of kids, When you get on the bus because its raining and the rain has made everyones clothes damp and because of that the whole bus smells like a giant foot.... I really hate that....

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  • UrBaN DiCtOnArY: Orlaith->

    The word Orlaith is a popular name. It's defination is "golden princess." It is a burden to have a magnificent name like Orlaith. Because it is commonly mis-pronounced as Or-Lith. And no, no, no!!! It's not Or-Lith!!! It is pronounced Orla, but it must never be spelt Orla, as it is spelt Orlaith.
    Ok so lets recap:
    Never Spelt:Orla
    Never Pronounced: Orlith

    <Orlaith> Hiii! I'm Orlaith!
    <Random Retard> Why do you spell your name like that? Is your name not Orla?!
    <Orlaith> No, it's Orlaith, but pronounced Orla.
    <Random Retard> Then why do you have to spell it like that? GOSH Or-Lith! Can you not just be normal and spell it Orla.
    <Orlaith> I am anything but normal, my "ith" makes me who i am.
    <Random Retard> Whatever Or-Lith...


    8 Comments 242 weeks

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  • Stephen J.M Scott 5/3/12
  • 8/24/11 via Mobile
  • Celeste Wunsch

    You have to check this out http://is.gd/DvFBQM

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Logan
    luv Logan

    Lol ...

    5/5/11 via Mobile
  • Ryan O'Malley
    luv Ryan O'Malley

    Im in yur top 16 wooooo

  • Sam
    luv Sam

    iv been creepin yur page. LUFFFFF

  • Aoifs
    luv Aoifs

    OMG luff hewwww babezzz!!! Bezzie M8z 2kaii4eva!!! xxx

  • Clare O' Connell
    Clare O' Connell

    OMG... this girl is wearing nothing but her panties on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on AvrilBerneriswaam@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Clare O' Connell
    Clare O' Connell

    I pulled in $537 in 2 days using the internet! It came from - http://bit.ly/ceR0zR Your going to be so happy!

  • CatrionaKennedy.
    luv CatrionaKennedy.

    Thanks Orlaith Awhh cool :DD sounds fun.. anywhere near colaiste mayo ? hahh :) :L omg hows all the leavin study goin .. im freakin out already even tho its only the jc :o :L :L :L Wat are you gonna do after the leavin as in what do you want to be ? :)) Im goin back gaelo this yr wit some friends frm school but not to colaiste mayo :( that DEFO wont be the same witout you and ciaras crazyness :P :L :L Miss you MORE :P xxxX

  • luv Louise-May

    heya! long time no see! just wonderin wat ur doin for new years? open invite to mine for ur family! tell ur dd to ring mine anyways as my dad is protestin bout da whole "ringin frm da same concert 3 times to tell him how good it was" thing! i donno? anyways hope to see u on thursday night! love louise!

  • luv Dawn-Not Dusk

    Hola Orlaith!

  • Pierre M

    Ha yea i suppose you wouldnt want to be partyin too much this year!!!:L ...Yea dcu would be handy for u youd only have a short time to go there in the mornin!!!....unlike my 1 and a half hour voyage every mornin on the bus!!!!>:( :( ....yea ucd is good craic!!!...is there much of a points difference?:) xxx

  • luv Pierre M

    Aw thats deadly nursing would be good!!!...lotta points though!!...whereabouts you want to do that DCU?:) ....still goin to loads of concerts yea??:D xxx

  • luv Pierre M

    Ha thats a really good view of it all good for you!!!...ha i wish i was that sure as early as this last year!!!:L ...what do u want to do??:) ....cool yea social lifes goin pretty well for me too!!!...goin out pretty much every weekend and we're giggin alot with the band too!!:D ....cool!!...em im gettin a new jacket and a guitar pedal but i duno what else!!xxx

  • Markasm
    luv Markasm

    haha..fail ly xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Pierre M

    Im good thanks!!!:) ...oh yea how you gettin on in 6th year?...college is good my christmas exams are on atm but then we get a month off for the holidays so its deadly!!!:D ...santa bringin you anything nice??:P :L xxx

  • Pierre M

    Hey orlaith!!!:D ...hows things?...havent been talkin to ya in a while!!!....whatve you been doin with yourself these days??:) xxx

  • luv Ciara Shannon

    You're gonna hate me for this BUT.. It had to be done :L

  • Ami Costello
    luv Ami Costello

    ahh orlaa u did grand!! (: itll be grand shittingggg getting the results thought :S hahaha xxxxxx