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Townsite That Is All Ahaha Long Time Its Been 2 Many Check Days Ago

11/4/12 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 23, Luv 369
  • from ЙOrth of B-ТΘŴΝ³º6
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: January 2006
  • Last active: Jun 11
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
<~№20♠J-Centric♠ thats whats up thats me aka J-Мέ from Red Phez SK in Йβ-ТΘŴΝ³º6 @ the moment I have 3 sisters, 2 brothaz but yeah i'm a cool guy, like playin basket ball N like otha sports, like 2 chill wit all my homies,i'm a hummorious guy, like meetin new people, I beatbox I check out freestylin, sing pow wow N roundance...

I dont know what else 2 say but just dont forget about me thats about it...

I'm like pikachu cute, loveable,
I'm like crack, one taste u addicted
N like McDicks U B Luvin It lol
2pac, Underground, Youny Money, The Game, TIP, Akon, Nas, Luda N Idk Muzik That Iz All G...
Happiest When
Wit the Fam, broz, my sexy share bear, drinkin or not N chillin wit her...
Movies N Shows
Family guy, Simpsons, Soulth park, Jay N silent bob strike back, Mostly funny movies N Funny shows
Scared Of
ur face
My Family, Broz N my sexy share bear
N8ive====*███████████████] 100%
Loved====*███████████████] 100%
True=====*███████████████] 100%
Respected*███████████████] 100%
Real=====*███████████████] 100%
Ballin'===*███████████████] 100%
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  • New Shit

    (1st Verse)

    My luv 4 you is like a fake rose never dies
    sometimes it feels like you fell from the skys
    like a shootin star reminds me of your eyes
    so beautiful its like im lookin at a sunrise
    what a beautiful sight like we in paradice
    & when Im with you its feels so good inside
    In my heart & mind your so hot you can ignite
    but if you ever get cold I can hold you tight
    By myside all night it'll be such a delight
    I apoligize sorry if we ever had a strife
    All I care bout is havin you always in my mind
    long as I got you 2 always be in my life
    You are like my eyes without you I'll be so blind
    You take my breath away cuz you so divine
    You so fly so fine both at the sametime combined
    Girl your my whole world & you mine

    (2nd Verse)

    I can be your fantasy
    I can be whatever u want me 2 be
    all u gotta do is tell me
    close your eyes all u gotta do is dream
    Now lookin at u what do i see
    Whats a king without a queen
    whats me without u is what I mean
    Im feelin like some way we connectin
    what kind of love we got u & me
    Its like candy its so damn sweet
    Taste u once your so addictin
    those lips of yours got me goin crazy
    I've been thinkin of u lately
    Maybe on the daily but hey B
    My love 4 u I cant explain
    I see u I run out of words 2 say
    When Im with you my world is changin
    those day im never erasin
    & it gots me pacin & i just cant take it
    When Im with u I'll be aimin
    Straight 2 the top Im the one u got
    U mean the world 2 me girl u mean lots

    (3rd Verse)

    1 day me N u should float away
    A clean get away makin our escape
    Jump up on a cloud what do u say?
    Destination idk which way 2 take
    Take me away cuz Im here 2 stay
    When Im wit u Im feelin so dazed
    Make me feel betta every single day
    By my side u take my breath away
    Its like I cant breathe like up in space
    I jus wanna be wit u luv how u taste
    Addicted 2 ur luvin its what I crave
    Ur runnin thru my mind like every day
    Plus even when the skies r gray
    On rainy days u make em go away
    N ur luvin will neva eva go 2 waste
    Im gon luv u untill the end of days

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  • Idk


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  • what the truth is

    Listen Im wishin I can keep UR scent, But I 4got 2 ask U B4 U left, Now Im Still up lookin at UR pic beside my bed, The 1 of U lookin sexy & at the sametime fresh, I dont know what 2 do without my chick, Cuz she lift me up like an angel thats been heavenly sent, Like on days when Im feelin down & sick, She makes me feel mo betta inside luvin the way she lives, Plus I luv her 4life yes thats what the truth is...

    0 Comments 175 weeks

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  • Iesha Zoll

    They are giving away mac book air's http://is.gd/XSKyhO

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • J-Centric

    The Fact That My Crazy Is Mixed With Complicated Just Makes Me A Little More Lovable Than Most :) But Sometimes I Feel Like Standing Up And Giving The Whole World The Middle Finger ....................../´&mac  r;/) ....................,/¯../ .................../..../ ............./´¯/'...'/  ´¯¯`·¸  ; ........../'/.../..../......./¨  ;¯\ ........('(...´...´...  . ¯~/'...') .........\.................'...../ ..........''...\.......... _.·´ ............\..............( ..............\.............\...

  • Jessica Raeanne
    luv Jessica Raeanne

    Heree`ss a heart , cause yuh ma hommie Forever *& Always, ii love yuh and Sexy Share Bear to the fullest! hope yuhr doing okai , take care *

  • Geena Skeenum
    luv Geena Skeenum

    hey jus stoppin by to share the love :p.

    1/18/10 via Mobile
  • luv Justin Paskemin

    Yoo Yoo check it im writing to my best man hope he understand that i whoop any ass fo yah cuz i got mad love fo so here it is a fat bebo fo yah enjoy as i know ill get it bak pce homie g slice

  • luv Justin Paskemin

    hey wats up bro miss u lots bro ill come see u sometime okaii cuz i gotmad love bro im goin bak to skewl bro comp or sakee wat ever but i just showing u some lubb give it bak dawg

  • Eriin
    luv Eriin

    Maan that was tripped out :L ... Well here's The Love Back Bro!.. Love'z Ya :D

  • D'Liila'S Momma
    luv D'Liila'S Momma

    some loviin juss 4 yu :) & ii hope yur knowiin that thats whuts whut ...whut.!! :L lotta love bro [b] :D

    12/13/09 via Mobile
  • C.D.M.A
    luv C.D.M.A

    Hey JiZz Bang!! Whats Up?? :P But Yeah Me in School Just Chillin Juss Got Back From Wally World Sweart Gave Me And Erin Fifty And We Went Bought Pantes :P For Work Haha :L Your Prolly Just Sleepin Like You Always Do Till Three Haha But Yeah Maybe After School We Can Get A "G" Ram!! :L !!!

  • Eriin
    luv Eriin

    nOThiing Man Just Exitied It's A Friday!! Yo...:P Yeaa man i was like wondering what happened to Jamie Arcand Lol'z!!**:P Here's A Love Back Bro! .. Love'z Yaa Much..:P

  • Tash Babe
    luv Tash Babe

    suup faace ? :L juuust caame bu tO giiive yuu aa heaart. ♥ there` haha. jkn nO buut herez thaa lOve !

  • Ur Share Bear
    luv Ur Share Bear

    Hey muh sexy hun. ur da only 1 dat has had my heart. jus promise me 1 thing... don't break it.I LOVE YOU so much wuldnt eva wanna lose u. Ur my evrythn n da only 1 dat keeps me happy n laff'n day by day...much more luv... muahhz...

  • Truee Lovee
    Truee Lovee

    :L :L yeah true i only drink when i feel the need to party and this feels like a good weekend with the girls but yeah other than that just finishing up my work and stuff :)