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Dj Jonny Mac

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8/31/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 21, Luv 93
  • from Melton Mowbray
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 6,997
  • Member since: June 2005
  • Last active: 7/4/12
  • www.bebo.com/jonnymacDJ

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  • ....

    1.State Yur Name?

    2.Hw Do Yu Feel Bout Me Seriously?

    3.Why Do Yu Feel This Way Bowt Meh?

    4.Do Yuh Eva Fink We Can Be 2Geva?

    5.Wt Stands Out Most About Me?

    6.Wud U Kiss Me?

    7.Wud U hold Me?

    8.What Would Yuh Do If Yuh Had Me 4 30 Mins?

    9.Where Would Prefer 2 Kiss Me?

    10.Could Yuh Eva Love Me?

    11.Describe Me In THREE Words?

    12.Would Yuh Be My gal If I Asked Yuh?

    13.Whats Yur Number?

    14.Are Yuh Going 2 Put This On Yur Blog N See What I Put?

    15.Leave Me Sum Luv B4 Yuh Leave Plz?

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  • The Weekend!

    Glad it's here!!!

    Quite a good show today - Looking forward to tomorow

    BBC Tour in London all day then Sky+ing Grease Is The Word.


    Speak Soon


    1 Comment 323 weeks

  • First For A while...

    Had the best weekend of my life chillin with Ed, Lizzy & Alice on Alice's Trampoline lol

    Monday: Got sent home ill today - now i cant go out tonite and im very bored!

    Quite looking forward forward to tomorow get to see the lunchtime possy and i got double lessons which i do bugger all work in

    speak to you lot tomorow



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  • H'M'W
    luv H'M'W

    Heyah...x Well i jst promiced i wud give you some love on tht quiz fing lol :) So i have Hope your okaii ScribbleBack Loves Hannah xxx

  • luv Lauren

    Heyy:D i havnt spoke to you in a while, you alright.? been up to much? have some love Love;you x

  • Mrs Bella Muerta
    Mrs Bella Muerta


  • Stephanie McQuillan
    luv Stephanie McQuillan

    jonny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when u next coming to maccys did u have fun on friday? work was hell ended up having the front door smashed i didnt get in til 2 well speak to u soon xxx

  • L'M
    luv L'M

    hey hun uk ent spock 2 u in fucking tme w/b ly xox

  • Green Tea
    Green Tea

    :D hey monster munch! i have not spoke 2 you since..today :P nice seein you even tho u probably were not so happy 2 see me... just poppin by ;) i was in a bit of a state :/ but yarrr twas gurrrd you should come schoool more often that could sound really bad like your skippin or summin :) hehe well i have not left a long comment on sum1s bebo in ages! so here i am your the lucky person hu is goanna have to hear me ramble yep thats me sian the rambler hu likes appples :) i rememeber when we first met i was eatin an apple ahhhh that was so cute u were lovely n then cum1 sed it was daylight robbery 4 the prices..... u make me pee but not literally (HEY THAT RYHMES) ohh jonny u r a shinin star n dnt u ever dare fall out wid me else u no the rain when its fallin that my tears yer so it will be your fault if there is a thunderstorm because if u fell out wid me then i would cry loadss and loadss lets just say it would be a CALAMITY!! oh no ran out :( ilu bebo kiss 4 u xx

  • Mrs Bella Muerta
    Mrs Bella Muerta

    heya johnny sians sister here! THE LIFE OF THE PARTY IS HERE, but lets not talk bout her! lets talk bout me! i wud giv u luv but i sortof dont have many! :( :) iwasted it on my chem hompage + fall out boy+ nickelback+.... ly shanna :P

  • Sabrina
    luv Sabrina

    heyyya lovely its ok ..... yehh im all gd thanks n u ?? x x

  • Ali

    okay then (: and i'm not bad thankyou yourself? xx

  • Ali

    hey, erm i used to go ferneley in year 7 when you were in year 9, you probably don't remember (: i've seen you out and about a few times aswell... sorry, was a random add i hope you don't mind ali, x

  • Xxx. Beth .Xxx
    Xxx. Beth .Xxx

    Thank you for everything xx

  • Sophie

    heyaa thnx for da comment u good nahh i dnt think so hows you ?? x

  • Green Tea
    Green Tea

    hey babes x this friday, friday the...24th we are havin a camp out woooo YOUR INVITED! because it is a friend of brendons field u may not no where to find it so it is best if we all meet at brendons house n then go out 2 the field together then we cant get lost it is startin at about 8 o clock that is when it officially starts :P so meet us all at brendons house which is ... 11 CHAPEL STREET BARKESTONE is u need 2 ring us u can ring : brendon- 01949 844552 or moi-07956609870 it gonna be a bit cold so dnt die on us of the cold n wrap up :P i sound like a friggin teacher!!! ALCOHOL<< yes please!!! if u can bring it go for it bring a sleepin bag or summin as it is a camp out :P n anything else u want ;) invite people :) :P n i hope u can come tap back to tell me if u can come or not :) ly XO

  • Mrs Bella Muerta
    Mrs Bella Muerta

    jonny mi man! u alrite i am better than usual how did the "incident" go with da police don't worry, im not a stalker, i read sians txts, and listen 2 her calls xoxo luv u

  • Lauren

    im gd tnx owz u bn up 2 much l8ly loveyuu xxxx

  • Poppy
    luv Poppy

    you say i never leave you comments. haaaa! :L x

    10/16/08 via Mobile
  • Wadorules - X
    luv Wadorules - X

    Helloo Darliin wass veryy nice too see you today :D good plan ;; rach and sam ;) :D ly x

  • Sam H
    Sam H

    how are ya mate:) hope you enjoy london lol:) what u up to next wed mate ?? fancy doing something for ur big ONE SEVEN lol wb sam x